NZ and Canadian Medics Suffer Tragic Parallels

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Canadian medics have been leading from the front lately in the pushback against public health overreach and the jab fatalities and injuries. We have already just reviewed the truly power-packed Citizens Inquiry, with some very compelling and informative presentations.

The Canadian Medics’ Equivalent of NZDSOS: CCCA

Now, in the latest newsletter from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, two articles caught our attention.

Canadian Medics CCCA

First, Dr Matthew Evans-Cockle writes on the attacks against ethical doctors by their own Brithish Columbia regulators: Paragons of Ethical Medicine Attacked by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, BC.

This article exactly pertains to our own situation with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

Some 26 doctors here have been variously driven from medicine; suspended (unlawfully, according to the courts so far); investigated; coerced into “voluntary” undertakings; had conditions placed on their licenses; or politically re-educated for being “disrespectful” and upsetting colleagues. As we all know by now, the overarching crime is the political one of “encouraging vaccine hesitancy”. No evidence of harm is shown to us, nor references to support the authorities’ statements against either New Zealand or Canadian medics. 

There are remarkable similarities in the conduct of the two countries’ medical regulators against traditional ethics, the weakness of constitutional protections for fundamental rights and freedoms, and the trashed obligations to international treaties, codes and declarations that were all designed to ensure “Never again”.

But here we are again

Meanwhile, as a crucial counterpoint, Dr Byram Bridle corrects the nonsensical untruths coming from BC’s Public Health Officer. 

Again, it is as if all public health figureheads around the vaccinated world received the same playbook of talking points to repeat ad nauseam et absurdio which they did, seemingly ignoring any nudges from their consciences.

All the legal trickery and dismantling of ethical protections that were needed to push the “safe and effective” narrative are being disclosed, and also here.   It is only a matter of time before the stream becomes a torrent. We will continue to push against the dam until truth flows freely. 

And in a final ironic twist, Canadian medics are being doubly punished…

Those jabbed doctors who caved into the obscene pressure and deception used against them are suffering extraordinary fatality rates. Since the booster program kicked off, dozens and dozens of Canadian medics have died suddenly. This is especially obvious in the under 30s, who are dying at 8 times the rate that is normal (i.e. pre mRNA jab).

Oncologist Dr William Makis has been following this story, as have we. He also chronicles the police officers, pilots, children and sports people who continue to die suddenly, as well as suffer a seeming explosion of rare and turbo cancers. As an oncologist he is well placed to recognise deviations from normal patterns.

We first commented after a handful of Canadian docs had died who were employed in the same Toronto hospital system, all shortly following their jabs. Look at the numbers now.

New Zealand has its own sorry list of just-jabbed health care and allied health workers who have died suspiciously before their times, around 70 at last count.

Other groups of fatalities appearing to be over represented in our all-time high mortality rates (as acknowledged even by mainstream media, but lied about by Dr Bloomfield and MP David Seymour) include teachers, farmers, young adult males, children of course, and healthy older people.

When widespread public awareness finally arrives, the shock, then anger and demands for accountability are going to be dreadful to behold. What other way forward is there, though? We can get through this together, but not if the same few tired voices have to keep screaming alone into the wind.

If you know that what is going on is evil, then please speak up. Tell your peers, write to the press, MPs, Medical Council, HDC, post links, and join NZRising. Each person is affected by this whether a medical doctor or not.

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  1. Hi there NZDSOS.
    I have tried to find on Google any reference to politicians world wide who have suffered adverse effects from the mRNA shots. Google can’t seem to find any. But statistically there must be some somewhere. If there are not that cannot be accidental. It has to mean that they did not get the same stuff injected into them that everyone else did. And that means that the disaster to those who have had adverse effects was not an accident , and that the people who knew it was not had to include all those selecting the vials that were to be given to politicians and those not to be used for them.
    What think NZDSOS?
    Cheers DJS

  2. you are doing great work, great that you now have the options below to share all this. So many people are left totally in the dark, just had another flyer in my Postbox from TE WHATU ORA – they are flogging the Maori Language, I hope a lot of Maori realise they are being conned – this leaflet urges us again to take our Vaxx and boosters, and test for Covid (the test is useless but they hope to boost the Covid numbers). This is the 3rd year we, the “conspiracy theorists” have to watch this, you think any time now this charade will collapse, keeping all fingers and toes crossed –

  3. This huge crime has to be punished!
    What a relief to see people like you fighting for sanity and justice.
    All power to you!
    Jenny James,
    South America

  4. The public must be informed about the lethality,of the experimental drug, used for treating covid19. This drug is a lethal poison!, and should be withdrawn immediately from the pharma market.This drug is being used extensively, and it is experimental, thousands may die. The DRUG is called PAX LOVIC, made by Pfizer….. it KILLS!

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