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Officials lied. People died. 

5 billion people have received over 13 billion doses of a genetic device, fraudulently promoted as a vaccine.

The Pfizer version is now known to contain the nasty bits of a cancer virus called SV-40, and grossly large amounts of bacterial DNA that can turn your gut bacteria into a forever spike protein factory. This does not seem like an accident and regulators are completely silent. 

Why should we believe this? What is going on?

There are increasing public forums to choose from where jab experts and other whistleblowers are educating on the truths of the horrendous ‘vaccine’ response to ‘COVID-19’. We have posted on lots of them already. Here, we present four such recent panels with truthful, evidence-backed presentations that together, or individually, demonstrate a number of inarguable, but  very distressing, truths that we summarise towards the end of this article. 

We have written on the Canadian Citizen’s Initiative already, here.​​​​

Some particularly compelling presentations from it included those of Dr Jessica Rose, here and Drs Laura Braden and the ever-credible Peter McCullough, here.​​​​​​​

Next, the recent important session at the European Parliament, had brave MEPs, led by Christine Anderson, taking testimony from experts at at the International Covid Summit in Brussels. This can be viewed separately as Part 1, Part 2 and the press conference.​​​​​​​ Dr David Martin’s intro is especially powerful.

Thirdly, here is an example of what is most likely to break centralised control of public heath policy as a weapon for global power. It is a direct appeal to LOCAL politicians of a single state, Idaho, with the capacity to protect their residents. Councillors are presented with a series of short, punchy statements from acknowledged experts.​​​​​​​

Finally, GP Melissa McCann’s speech at a United Australia medical forum lays out her proof that Australian regulators covered up the vaccine deaths of children in order to keep the campaign going amongst a weary public. This gross neglect and willful suppression should surely be a nail in the TGA’s coffin.

Any of these presentations of sworn testimony by credentialled experts and ‘on the ground’ whistleblowers stand up to scrutiny…

… and all pass the science ‘sniff test’ with references and a highly consistent message from many different sources. In particular, however, uncertainties and gaps in our understanding are acknowledged, and the importance of proceeding from the inarguable facts of high deaths and even higher injuries to an immediate recall and cessation of the jabs, pending proper unbiased examination. 

It is looking less likely that federal, or national, courts are allowed the independence to intervene and stop the harm.

In NZ’s case, this means we have to lobby our MPs, councils, regulators, police, school boards, employers, hospitals, GPs, pharmacies and vax centres. Court actions should still be brought, ‘just in case’ our judges come to their senses in our disappearing democracy, and find correctly on criminal wrong-doing and the neglect of public safety. 

With the multi-pronged proofs presented here, surely criminal charges of key responsible players, by the people or the police on their behalf, will begin in the many countries similarly damaged by negligence, recklessness and perhaps worse. NZ must do it’s part to contribute to the international effort to punish those responsible.

Summary Points from Expert Panels

To save time, here are some common themes and takeaways from these hearings, almost every single one of which NZDSOS has been trying to warn the public and officials about, since over 2 years ago.

This is not to aggrandise ourselves but to show unison on the malfeasance and ongoing recklessness by supposed public servants.

(Please note: For the unaware this list will be truly shocking and difficult to believe, but we urge you to listen to these experts above and try to decide for yourself which side has the most to gain or lose from the official narratives and actual truths presented here. There are many other enquiries and presentations, but the 3 we have profiled are recent and comprehensive).

The mRNA jabs are the most harmful pharmaceutical products in modern history.  (Pfizer knew that 1223 people died following the first injection before our rollout started here in NZ. Officials knew this too, and of the harms in pregnancy.)

They are very inconsistent in composition, highly contaminated, and adulterated by large amounts of bacterial DNA, amongst other substances.

Several declared ingredients are classified NOT for use in humans or animals. Other components are still secret.

The vaccine injured and dead are being ignored, gaslit and denied. The sheer numbers are being disguised.

The jab’s justification was a made-up story about an apocalyptically awful natural virus that had “jumped species”.

Almost every excuse and basis for the jabs supposed emergency development and urgent rollout was a lie.

The PCR test knowingly over-diagnosed the numbers actually ill or infectious, and asymptomatic people were never a threat.

Many people never at risk from the covid-19 illness have died due to the shots, possibly as many as 1 per 1000 doses.

In the jabbed, long covid is actually “long vaccine”, with multiple different mechanisms of harm.

CDC, FDA, NIH, TGA and equivalent bodies around the vaccinated world were told to rubber stamp the jabs, and they would have liability protection.

The jab contents and the resulting spike protein are NOT quickly cleared and may be permanent in many people, hard coding into DNA.

Fake studies paid for by vaccine investors were used to discredit real treatments, like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Governments have lied to their people over and over, and withheld critical safety information, causing needless deaths.

Professional medical organisations have been bribed and roped into contracts that prevent them reversing course.

Children, babies and teens have died, with resulting cover-ups, lies, denial and some secret pay-offs.

Most government experts, public officials, regulators and many health professionals have been tricked and manipulated by state-of-the-art nudging, including payments. There is mass denial, guilt, overwhelm, fear and silence.

The “vaccine” is owned and rolled out under military law in the US, which requires no safety testing, informed consent nor good manufacturing practice.

US military doctors were ordered NOT to report incidents of vaccine harm and deaths in the thousands of service people affected.

Medical journals have been retracting or refusing articles that undermine the narrative. Media and officials ignore those that do get published.

The many jab harms are mostly explained/predictable by knowledge of cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. The mystery is that they were rolled-out at all.

The jabs do not work to prevent disease and there is no evidence of reduced severe illness from Covid-19.

 All ‘Pfizered’ governments knew about unprecedented harms occurring immediately at the start of mass vaccination. They have ploughed on regardless in full knowledge of further deaths to come, as unbelievable as this seems.

Round the world, people are dying in record numbers, many in younger age groups that would not normally just drop dead, or have strokes or “turbo cancers”. Clearly the jabs are responsible, if only because of official silence.

High levels of harm in pregnancy, fertility, gene damage and cancer are being seen in vaccine recipients.

The shots cause COVID-19 symptoms, repeated infections and positive test results.

Media organisations have been instructed to follow political messaging, and funded accordingly. They ignore jab injuries but report many sudden death ” mysteries”.

Professionals who speak out are treated with aggressive censorship, threats, fines and regulatory action. The few brave MPs also are ignored, attacked or expelled.

Courts, coroners and pathologists are unwilling to challenge the establishment by finding truthfully.

Patents, journal articles, screen shots, pandemic exercises and OIA responses all prove that weaponisation and financialisation of bioweaponised coronavirus and vaccines go back at least 10 years, and potentially several decades.

All around the world, the majority of previously well-meaning health professionals have ditched their professional ethics and thrown their lot in psychologically with their ‘captors’ – their regulators and governments. The explanation for this is clear, the consequences catastrophic, and the remedy is uncertain at this stage.

Life-saving treatments were deliberately suppressed, to protect profits and maintain the experimental jabs as somehow ‘legal’. Prescribing doctors were punished.

Many more brand new jabs, using this same platform, are planned for humanity, with stringent dictates from the WHO overriding our human rights to choose or decline, and removing national decision-making. 

Universally, the experts featured here all call for an immediate cessation.

We agree, and we must wrest back a positive future for humanity – if that is still possible, given the many yet unknowns for heavily vaccinated people. It is seems impossible for mid-level officials and many doctors to say they don’t know there is a problem, but a majority must still be in denial.

Added to the other assaults on our old way of life – water, energy, food farming, medical choices, financial privacy – pattern recognition tells us our country seems to have been invaded.

So must the rest of us take charge? And how?

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  1. I thank God there are Dr’s & lots of Awake people who are getting this Info out to those of Us who want to listen.
    I have Family who are blindly going along with these vaccines & don’t want to hear what I have to say. It breaks my heart they believe the Corupt over me.
    Keep up the good work & have Faith that Good will outweigh Evil.

    1. Well said Lynette.
      Little by little the asleep are waking, but oh it’s so painful waiting for them.

    2. I had exactly the same as an anti- covid vaxer: was even excluded from the family Messenger chat group and treated like I had been infected by the Black Plague! More so: authorities were very successfull in brainwashing & dividing the sheeples!

      1. Lost quite a few family members & friends: either pre-maturely due to the vaxes or by differences in opinion in due process, which could have all been avoided: nevertheless, I came out stronger then ever and convinced about the authorities ongoing genocidal population reduction plans! It’s George Orwell’s book 1984 all over again!

        1. After more then 3 yrs of continuous personal exclusion , discrimination & harassment; I’ve by now given up on trying to further re-educate any of my surviving & seemingly intelligent immediate family members and friends and subside in the fact to let natural selection take its course!

  2. Thank you for being so diligent in sourcing truthful facts however disturbing. We need to know the truth at all times.

  3. We the hesitant are still regarded as cranks and conspiracy theorists despite your efforts and those of many others. I fear the Covid battle is lost but the war goes on – and it is a war – recent and ongoing transgender controversy is diverting attention from the next phase which may well be the WHO being granted sovereignty over our future and that might be the end game for those behind all this. It might not either but how to stop it in the face of abject apathy even in those whose nearest and dearest have been destroyed by the pseudo vaccine?

  4. David Seymour of Act Party 100% endorses the ‘vaccine’ death shots. ‘Dr.’ Shane Reti of the National Party does too as well as deride any,(including highly qualified toxicologists),who call out the poison Sodium Fluoride in the water supply and the death dealer ‘Dr.’ Ashley Bloomfield of Labour Party has just been knighted for his services to mass genocide for the United Nations for Global Communism.
    Labour, National, Act, Maori racist anti-White party and the insane greenie eco-terrorists ALL 100% endorse the W.H.O. planned ‘Pandemic Treaty’.
    Have a very long hard think before you vote in October.

  5. Excellent article, and a good summary of the harm the so called vaccine is doing. Thank you for your courage in standing up and speaking. My heart sinks when I read of the corruption that money and power has brought to our country and world, but rises when I see the stand some are making. May God bless you in all your endeavors.

  6. It astonishes me how many apparently intelligent people are still simply refusing to look at any evidence that goes against what the legacy media tell them. They have a seemingly religious level of faith that their government (read mummy and daddy, perhaps) simply COULDN’T lie to them in such a stonkingly huge way. No. No, I haven’t — and won’t — read anything you’ve sent me. You must just stop talking about this. Lalalalalala (fingers in ears).

    There seems to be no way through to these people. I seriously doubt that they will ever allow themselves to understand what has been and is happening. They much prefer to live in a fairy-tale. And I have to tell you, there are WAY more of these people than we realise. I don’t know if NZ I grew up in is going to survive.

    Oh well, whatcanya do? Out to work in the veggie garden …. But hmmm, wait a minute … Come to think of it … approximately 40% of the population (2 million instead of 5 million people — but 60 million sheep!) — and all of the people with a veggie garden — WAS the NZ I grew up in. It was the 1950s. Fixing things with number eight wire. Sewing clothes. Baking biscuits instead of buying them from the other side of the world. Bottling home grown fruit for the winter. Never throwing anything out, because new stuff cost a fortune and everyone was broke. No tourists. No cheap imported STUFF. No cell phones. It was different, for sure. But overall, it was nice. Hmmmm. Maybe this is not so bad after all.

  7. I have never had the jab & I have never been sick.I an 70+ years old & still actively working in the engineering machining trade. I have customers that have been jabbed & have had C-19 more than once.I tell people all the time this is planned to do us harm & they look at me like I am an idiot.
    All my friends that have not been jabbed are all doing well.
    The sheeple of the world need to stop listening to bribed media & wake up & do some research.
    I am glad we have Doctors like you doing the hard research & informing the people,please keep up
    the great service you are doing for humanity. I hope we will be able to hold these people in power accountable & punished.

    1. Good to see you’re still around, alive & kicking like me and still likeminded in this battle, which we hopefully will continue to be able to fight for several more decades to come; all the best from your old trade mate, who moved to Canada some 18 yrs ago!

  8. Thank you for this very sombre, yet eminently sensible report, and all the great work you do raising awareness on jab and jab related issues.

  9. Bless you for standing for righteousness and speaking truth.
    Thank you!

  10. Great news as always from NZDSOS its such a pity that a lot of Kiwis have been sucked in by this Government over the Vaccine and the so called good that it will do
    i have never had the Vaccine and have been around people who have or had Covid and i have never to this date had Covid since the first so called outbreak i take specific Vitamins as per A Doctor Mercolas advice and they work extremely well.
    I am amazed how many Kiwis have been sucked into believing all the Govt B/S about the vaccine & covid and the Stuff news that spreads so called truths about it all they are just as bad as the Govt.

  11. Keep up the good work and let’s all share the knowledge of how corrupt the country has become.
    We need to help people wake up.

  12. Thank you for your integrity and steadfastness.

    May God bless you and protect you all.

  13. I have been told by a friend that as a side note/ by accident, the vaccines are useful in treating some cancers??
    Not sure if anyone cares to comment on this finding? Don’t really believe it myself.

    1. mRNA was first developed as a potential cancer treatment. However, the current products serve no such purpose, and may in fact be linked to the increase in turbo and immune cancers being seen. They silence the P53 and BRCA genes which protect against cancer, and increase IgG4 synthesis, which can promote cancer growth.

  14. Reading your article, it is obvious that NZ also has it’s gene therapy injured and drs and nurses who are cancelled. To my knowledge the injection injured have nowhere to go for treatment and long Covid/injection harmed are not treated. Can your organisation or individual drs provide access to the FLCCC long Covid recovery protocol. Who can prescribed these drugs and who can manage these tragic cases, i.e. who cares for the NZ injection injured, and how?

  15. I have written to all MP’s in parliament over the past year and a half or more, and sent various articles and videos showing the fallacy of the so called covid MRNA jabs on many occasions. To date I have not had one reply back. Yet these very so called politicians tell us that they have the integrity to guide this country safely and carefully for their term in office. Unfortunately with our voting system there is no safety net for the voters to bring corrupt and incompetent MP’s to justice for their misdeeds. Unfortunately presently we have a useless 120 of them in parliament. The only way to beat them is at their own game — more people need to join and vote for parties who actually hove honest people with a moral conscience. Let’s be careful with our vote at the next election. If you look hard enough we may yet find one person who is worthy to be voted into office at the next election ( we desperately need statesmen and stateswomen to represent the people of New Zealand ).

  16. Our country (NZ) has been invaded by the WHO, WEF and UN. The Govt. is following their demands. When election time comes only vote for those parties who will exit from them. Freedoms NZ said they would.

  17. I did not get the jab because in my quest for informed consent information I could not get straight answers from my GP but instead got slogans and non answers that made them sound like a slippery politician. I also discovered some of the lies told to me by the medical profession and that the majority of doctors went along with these lies. Even though a minority of doctors remained honest and ethical I don’t know who they are therefore I have to assume that any doctor I see is not trustworthy and caution is necessary. If there was a list of doctors endorsed as honest and ethical then I would seek to become one of their patients.

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