Concerned Scientists at South Carolina Senate Hearing, September 2023

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South Carolina senators recently held a meeting to hear from health and scientific professionals highly concerned about significant problems with covid injections.  Below we mention three of the presentations.

Plasmid: Small circular, double-stranded DNA molecules able to replicate independently of the DNA in chromosomes, usually found in bacteria.  Used in the manufacturing process of the mass distributed Pfizer vaccine but not the clinical trial vaccine.  Found as contamination in Pfizer vaccine vials as not adequately removed after production of mRNA.

Dr Karen DeVore (13.30 mins)

This short presentation from an experienced doctor might be one to share with your GP.  It is clear and concise and spoken with deep concern for what is happening.  Dr Karen de Vore, a US doctor practicing dermatology for over 30 years, briefly discusses her experience with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin during the pandemic.  Both of these were medicines she had used off-label her whole career for skin conditions without any issues or concerns.  She noticed that her patients on HCQ or IVM were not getting covid during 2020.

As the ‘pandemic’ progressed, prescribing restrictions appeared and some pharmacists refused to fill prescriptions, began interrogating patients and overrode the recommendations of doctors.  However, the patients treated with these two medications did very well and recovered quickly.

Both of these medicines were restricted in NZ with no legal or medical reason for doing so.

Then when describing her current practice since covid injections became available, she recounts hearing patient descriptions such as ‘itching from my bones out’, or ‘on fire from my insides’ which she has never heard before, as people described their disabling symptoms. 

She is seeing previously well-managed autoimmune conditions (psoriasis, eczema, lupus) out of control, aggressive severe shingles even in those vaccinated against shingles, unusual melanomas that are hard to diagnose, rapidly progressive basal cell carcinomas (BCC) which are usually very slow growing.

Other conditions outside her field of dermatology but occurring in her regular patients include rapid aging, aggressive new onset cancers, heart attacks, strokes, pacemakers, miscarriages, nerve palsies, tremors, blood clots, unhealthy weight loss, poor balance causing falling etc etc.  She is very disturbed by what she is noticing.

Her experience aligns with what we see and hear is happening in NZ.  Until such issues as the tsunami of illness and cancers can be discussed freely, patients will be treated sub-optimally, if at all.

Dr Janci Lindsey (14.28 mins)

Dr Lindsey is a scientist (degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology), toxicologist and professional expert witness based in South Carolina.  She remarked that the vaccines in the clinical trials were different from the mass-produced ones which were distributed worldwide.  In order to scale up manufacturing to the required level, following the clinical trial, different processes needed to be used.

She noted that despite being tested and developed for 40 years, gene therapies (which is what the covid injections are) have not been brought to market because they have caused latent cancers 2-4 years after administration as well as lethal autoimmune reactions.

She discussed the SV40 genetic sequences present in the plasmids which were not needed in the manufacturing process nor were they disclosed to the regulator.  SV40 is known to contribute to cancer and has contaminated previous polio vaccines.

She also noted that it is possible that intact genetic sequences in plasmids could get into E coli in the gut and allow a person to become a permanent spike protein factory.

As a toxicologist she could confirm that HCQ and IVM are not toxic and are some of the safest drugs on the market.  There was no reason for them to be restricted.

Dr Lindsey stated that something was amiss.  Usual processes were not followed eg. ‘we don’t [normally] give experimental products to pregnant women and babies’.

She concluded that the vaccines are contaminated, dangerous, lethal products, likely created with nefarious intent and at the end of her presentation her heartfelt plea to the senators was: “Please protect your citizens, I am begging you to protect your citizens.

Professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults (34.32 mins)

Professor Buckhaults is a scientist doing cancer genomic research (PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology).  He is well used to conducting genetic analysis and sequencing.  When analysing vaccine vials (Pfizer in particular) he discovered that there were a significant number of short pieces of DNA present which pose a serious risk as far as potential integration into the human genome is concerned.  He is calling for vaccinated people to have their stem cell DNA sequenced. “We should check a bunch of vaccinated people to check if plasmid DNA has integrated into their genome.”

He stated he was alarmed about the possible consequences of DNA in the vaccines both from a human health and biology point of view and the fact that regulatory authorities have failed in their duties by allowing DNA to be in the vaccines injected into citizens.  DNA is different from RNA and can be permanently integrated into the human genome, particularly when it is encased within lipid nanoparticles which deliver the DNA directly into the cell.

The significant human health ramifications of the DNA include sudden death, sustained auto immune attack and cancer (due to activation of oncogenes or deactivation of tumour suppressor genes).

He described the difference between how the mRNA was made for the clinical trial versus how it was made for mass production. 

He offered his services to the Senators of South Carolina to do testing of the bivalent booster vaccines looking for DNA contamination and stated that the federal regulators needed to be held to account.

From South Carolina to New Zealand

All three of these presentations reinforce the concerns we have regarding the use of this novel technology on the whole population.

As we have stated before, the covid injections need to be stopped immediately and a thorough wide-ranging assessment of the whole covid response with a particular focus on vaccine harms and avenues for potential treatment must be conducted.

It is clear that a number of our politicians do not want to address this issue and will avoid answering questions on this topic at political meetings.

We urge you to keep asking the questions.

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