The Rise of Totalitarianism?

Open Letter To All New Zealanders about impeding totalitarianism.

You may have heard of NZDSOS. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science. We are a growing group of physicians, dentists and medical scientists standing up for human rights, fully informed consent and the freedom to choose, including the right to refuse medical and scientific experimentation.  We are in contact with numerous other like-minded groups of health professionals around the world as this is a global event. You can learn more about us and view the documents posted on our website.

We are writing to you today because our country is facing an unprecedented situation that may completely shatter your perception of the ongoing pandemic, unless you are well acquainted with information lying outside the relentless narrative of the mainstream media and government sources.

For over 18 months now we have all been bombarded with news about a deadly and highly infectious novel coronavirus that justified unprecedented restrictions and expenses in order to saves lives at all costs. We have been told that the only solution to this deadly pandemic is the mass injection of a novel experimental type of gene therapy based on artificial mRNA and that this double injection is “safe and very effective”. Accepting this double injection will then allow everyone and everything to return to normalcy, including the ability to travel and congregate freely…. You may have chosen to get the injection(s), trusting in the information given to you, or you may have been coerced in accepting these injection(s), told of the dire consequences to you, to your precious others, to your life, occupation, freedom and prosperity should you not comply. After all it is happening all over the world, and it is all over the media that we listen to everyday…. Except that something is not right…

  • You many have noticed that in NZ there is rarely any good news about the so-called pandemic.
  • You may have noticed that countries with high vaccination rates are still undergoing restrictions, mask mandates and ongoing travel and work disruptions.
  • You may have noticed that new “variants” keep appearing to cause more fear and more (alleged) deaths.
  • You may have noticed that more injections will likely now be recommended.
  • You may have noticed that there is always something that comes up to keep the fear going.

So, what is really happening? There is indeed a very serious crisis. However it is not what you have been led to believe… We understand that this will come as a shock to many of you. What if we told you that we have all been lied to? A look at what is happening in Israel will give you an idea of what may be coming to New Zealand in the near future, if we allow it to happen. “Israeli officials, however, have recently been caught admitting that in many situations the pass system is not “medically justified,” but exists to pressure more citizens into getting vaccinated.”

The harsh truth is there is a crime of unprecedented proportion currently unfolding. A crime that, at its core, has nothing to do with our health. A very serious crisis that has been unleashed upon humanity. It is entirely man-made and driven by a fear-based narrative designed to gradually take away our freedoms and prosperity.  This crisis has been planned carefully over decades by private corporations and supranational organisations to which our governments, knowingly or not, have become subservient.

Part of the reason that the crisis has been able to be perpetuated is that “COVID-19” is not even a definable clinical condition by usually accepted medical practice. Although we were initially warned of a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome illness being spread it has become patently obvious that a typical “case” is far removed from this picture. Reading the WHO’s case definition document makes it clear that a confirmed “case” is simply, “a person with a positive Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT)” (i.e. a positive PCR test). The other test used is the SARS-CoV-2 Antigen-RDT,  is tied to the PCR and has zero established diagnostic specificity regarding a clinical condition known as “COVID-19. It must be kept in mind that indirect molecular detection tests do not require the presence of a virus or any infectious agent to be “positive”.”

A Cochrane Review published on 7 July 2020 concluded that: “Based on currently available data, neither absence nor presence of signs or symptoms are accurate enough to rule in or rule out disease.” [1] Additionally, because there are no confirmatory investigations outside of the PCR to diagnose “COVID-19”, it means that “cases” (and deaths) are being classified in this manner irrespective of the clinical picture. The situation gets worse because the PCR protocols have only been developed with regards to analytical specificity i.e. how specifically they amplify a target sequence in the laboratory.[2] They have no established diagnostic specificity, so are meaningless tests with regards to clinical use.[3] The NZ Ministry of Health is either unaware of this crucial problem or has been disingenuous with their responses to requests for clarification.

NZDSOS member and author Dr. Samantha Bailey has produced several videos outlining the problems of using the PCR for diagnostics and the problematic case definition of “COVID-19”. The response from NZ medical authorities has included attempts to have her videos removed through coercion, including threats against her practicing certificate. Similarly, when NZDSOS first went public with our concerns about the Pfizer Comirnaty injection, the response from the Medical Council was a thinly veiled threat.  Whatever your personal opinions about “COVID-19” might be, we urge you to think carefully about such unprecedented measures being taken by the authorities to push a single narrative. Does it seem we are in an open society when health practitioners carrying out their own research are being threatened after questioning the decisions coming from a chosen few?

Even if the policy makers in NZ are oblivious to many of the factors that have led to this current crisis it does not explain why some of these factors have been dismissed as “conspiracy theories” when many of them are easily verified. A U.S. legal action filed on 19 July 2021 is a must read.[4] In a detailed report titled “The Fauci-COVID-19 Dossier” Dr. David Martin outlines the various industry participants who were setting themselves up to benefit from an engineered pandemic.  Dr. Martin’s report reveals thousands of patents that were taken out with regards to SARS-coronaviruses and ways to commercialise a coronavirus “pandemic”. It includes evidence of the planning of the “novel” mRNA injections for profit, years before the public had ever heard of “COVID-19”. On April 19, 2021 Dr. Martin provided a deposition to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s team as part of the collation of evidence regarding a criminal conspiracy.    Dr. Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has deposed over 110 experts from every relevant field of science. They have collected undeniable evidence that the Covid pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation. The evidence is irrefutable and mounting. The day of reckoning is coming.

Dr. Fuellmich stated in an interview with France-Soir that they are 100% certain that they can prove in courts of law that there is no real pandemic (NB: begins at 13 minutes of the interview) and he further explains what is happening in a speech he made on the 24 July 2021. (NB: In this video Dr Fuellmich state that Singapore has removed coronavirus restrictions.  Singapore did re-introduce restrictions on 22 July 2021.) The New Zealand government would not want you to know that some countries and states are now admitting the futility and damage caused by the COVID responses and the needless vaccination roll-outs.[5] [6]

Depending on how much you already know, it will take time for you to digest this information.

It may trigger a phenomena referred to as cognitive dissonance, and you may choose to reject completely or in part this information, and continue to believe what the government and its propaganda is telling you. You may instead choose to open your mind to any new information and seek the truth. The first path is easier. However, the consequences are dire for your future. The second path is a tentative start in a journey of discovery. What will follow may be initially more difficult and requires research, introspection, intuition, and courage…. It is the path to freedom, happiness and prosperity.

To find it you will need to accept that the government and the mainstream media are not your friends. Both of these groups, either through naïveté or complicit behaviour have failed the people catastrophically and are engaged in ongoing propaganda campaigns against the citizens of New Zealand. There are effective solutions, and they are NOT the mass injection of a novel experimental gene therapy vector.  Fear is borne out of ignorance and lack of awareness. Become aware and do not fear. All of us, together, we are the sovereign people of New Zealand. We are the collective owners of this country, and we will prevail against those who wish to exert control over us. Now is the time – either to be part of those who are perpetrating harms (following orders has never been an acceptable excuse) or to join those who are standing up and speaking out. Which side of history do you want to be on?

None of all this surprises students of 20th century history, where at least a hundred million people where murdered by their own marxist governments. The instinct for murderous totalitarian repression is part of the makeup of a small group of humans, best recent examples being Trotsky, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao. Common factors that gain their population’s initial buy-in involve demonising a small group of people who would be ideologically resistant to loss of freedom, and blaming them for the ills of society: the greedy royals, the filthy jews, intellectuals, landowners and professional farmers, and now the selfished unvaxxed.

In all cases, the complicit populations realise too late they are duped and the promised utopia is trampled by terror, paranoia, deprivation and division. Behind every regime mentioned, investing in the death camps and gulags and perhaps now vaccines, have been sociopathic banking and corporate interests, as immune to the suffering of others as their chosen front men and women. As Mark Twain said ” History may not repeat but it sure does rhyme ” and we for one do not want to be just another eye roll for future chroniclers of of humanity’s adolescence. It’s time now for Aotearoa/New Zealand to prove our species has an instinct for a golden future, as did Rosa Parkes, Ghandi, MLK, Mandela and many nameless others whose simple acts of resistance inspired whole nations and elevated history. Together we are unstoppable, no matter how much money is behind the curtain.

At NZDSOS we have become aware of what is happening, and we welcome you to join us by:

  1. Signing the NZDSOS declaration:
  2. Confidentially emailing our dentist and doctor hotline: so we can all stand together to protect open discussion, and defense of our rights and freedoms.


NZDSOS – Steering Committee





[5]President of Croatia: ‘We will not be vaccinated anymore’:

[6]‘Florida will completely reject fear,’ new surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo says:

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