The Whole Truth about Molnupiravir?

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State funded media market “The Whole Truth”, but when does it become half the truth?

Today’s NZ media headlines assert Pharmac have committed to a new pharmaceutical treatment for Covid e.g. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/300427219/covid19-pharmac-signs-deal-for-experimental-treatment-pill-molnupiravir

However looking at Reuters with respect to effectiveness, it appears the treatment may only be useful prior to hospitalization.

Two Indian drugmakers to end trials of generic Merck pill for moderate COVID-19 | Reuters

If the manufacturer is in effect self-certifying (which didn’t go that well for Boeing), a question arises as to the scale of the financial incentive being shared around?


What about the “abundance of caution” public health mantra?


Are NZ media behaving as one might expect of a decline stage industry?

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