The Sly Disappearance of The Transmission Question

Disappearing Transmission Question FI
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Medsafe’s website has a Q and A page about Covid vaccines.  One question previously on the page was about whether the Pfizer vaccine prevented transmission of Covid 19.

Does the vaccine prevent or reduce transmission of COVID-19?

At this stage, we do not know if vaccination prevents or reduces transmission of COVID-19.

This issue was discussed in detail in our 29 March 2023 article Medsafe vs NZDSOS: Who Are the Lying Anti-Vaxxers?

The page was first published on 27 Nov 2020 (before the vaccine had been approved for use in NZ) and it was revised on 15 Mar 2021, 7 May 2021 and 15 July 2021.  The Q and A about the uncertainty of the vaccine preventing transmission remained in place during these revisions.  Then on 30 Sept 2021 just before the mandates for many more New Zealanders were put in place, the page was updated and the question suddenly disappeared.  Poof and it was gone!

This is what the webpage looked like before and after the disappearing act.   

Before 30 Sept 2021 [here and here]

Transmission 01

After 30 Sept 2021 [here]

Transmission 02

Presumably it wouldn’t have been a good look for employees to be showing their bosses that even Medsafe did not know whether the vaccine stopped transmission.  The whole basis of the mandates centred around this issue.

We know of course that it didn’t and that prevention of transmission was never one of the endpoints of the clinical trial.

How many other crucial bits of information have been tweaked?

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