NZDSOS’ Response to Complaints From Critical Colleagues

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Below are two letters of complaint from doctors that were sent to various officials (Bloomfield, Ardern, Hipkins) in Sept 2021 referencing an Open Letter written by Mary Hobbs about NZDSOS and posted on our (NZDSOS) website.  They have perhaps been written by two colleagues from the same team as one describes a peer meeting in which the concerns were discussed, they both refer to the same letter from Mary Hobbs rather than our articles or letters specifically and were sent within days of each other.

These NZ doctors were concerned about the content of Mary’s letter but more importantly appear to be concerned about the questioning and distrust they were seeing from patients. “Our patients are getting confused, some quite agitated and angry.”

The blame seems to be laid squarely at our feet for upsetting their patients.  Have they considered that their patients were intelligent enough to be concerned, sceptical or asking questions long before NZDSOS got together and were desperately looking for doctors who they could trust and believe since their own doctors were not providing the answers, support or respect they expected.

Did they pause to wonder why patients might consider the “hard working and well-educated medical community as muzzled and controlled by governmentor “gagged and mis-informed”?Maybe these patients were aware that the government had stepped into the consultation room and had told doctors that they could not prescribe hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin and were aware that doctors had never been so constrained previously.  Doctors have always been allowed to prescribe off-label medications as long as fully informed consent is adhered to.  The agitated and angry patients probably knew the backstory to Ivermectin.

Could it be that these patients knew that MCNZ had given Guidance to doctors telling them to discuss benefits of vaccination only with no mention of risks or alternatives?  Perhaps they knew that the MCNZ had threatened doctors with sanctions if they said or did anything that might be construed as ‘anti-vaccination’, and that not discussing risks of pharmaceuticals was breaking the Medicines Act.

Patients were aware that there were financial incentives to swab and to vaccinate – financial incentives that did not necessarily align with a patient’s clinical need or want.

They were also aware of the campaign of fear (well documented in Laura Dodsworth’s book A State of Fear) and the millions of dollars spent on ‘influencers’ and 24/7 saturation advertising.  They knew the government controlled the mainstream media.

They were looking to their doctors to stand firm and shield them from all this.  In many cases, those confused, agitated and angry patients knew much more than their doctors and the doctors could have learned from them if they had employed the finest tool in medicine – the art of LISTENING. 

People read this and question the entire ethics of the medical care systems.

Yes, people are indeed questioning the ethics of health professionals because never before have so many ethical principles been disregarded. 

  • The sanctity of pregnancy
  • Informed consent
  • First  Do No Harm
  • Right to Decline Medical Treatment

Let us consider some of the other points made in these letters.

Although the doctors acknowledge that they have not been ‘given a mandate’ to represent all doctors, they imply that their view is the majority view and that they speak on behalf of most doctors and that ‘almost all doctors are supportive of the aims of elimination, cluster mitigation and vaccination‘.

How do they know this?  NZDSOS may have a limited number of faces and names publicly visible or even members who have joined but how many doctors are quietly cheering us on from the sidelines?  How many doctors have tormented souls, trying to make peace between the part of them that knows what has happened is wrong and flies in the face of ethical medicine, and that part of them that knows they will be ridiculed, attacked, cast out and may be unable to earn an income if they speak up?

We are not aware of any poll or questionnaire that canvassed the opinion of doctors on the various measures implemented during the covid response.  In fact, doctors were deliberately encouraged to follow orders and not ask questions.  There were no opportunities to discuss and debate.  We were given guidelines from on high and told what to do, and how and when to do it.  We were never asked for our opinions.  We had to listen to the ‘experts’ (who generally were not clinicians on the frontlines of patient care) without being able to advise or challenge them.

As far as we are aware, no-one has asked doctors if they support forcing patients to have unwanted medical procedures.

In the absence of evidence of what the majority of doctors think, we have to look for proxies elsewhere.  We have noted that only 6500 doctors signed the Stand Up for Vaccination letter.  There are over 19,000 registered practicing doctors in NZ and over 33,000 doctors on the MCNZ register.  Can anything be inferred from this?  Who knows.

As seems to be par for the course in this covid era, there are many pejorative terms bandied about in these letters without substance to back them up.

  • quite bizarre and potentially harmful contrarian philosophy
  • details of the arguments are spurious and vexatious
  • this growing aberrant message
  • influential renegade group of medics/doctors
  • views which are on the edge of sanity
  • unprofessional doctors
  • views do not carry evidence or credibility

What specifically was spurious and vexatious, or bizarre or aberrant?  Why is it unprofessional to have a different point of view, to ask questions or to advocate for patients?  Many of our letters are referenced to published science.

Similar to Francis Collins of the NIH (National Institute of Health) writing to Anthony Fauci in October 2020 calling for ‘a quick and devastating published takedown’ of the Great Barrington Declaration, they called for a response which needed to be swift, researched, fact- and peer-checked for release within a couple of days. One of them said they did not want “to be increasing their [NZDSOS] profile and popularity by engaging in a public campaign against them”.  That sounds very much like what we discussed in our commentary on engaging with the pro-vaxxers.  No debate, only censorship allowed.  Why would those on the fence – their vaccine-hesitant patients – choose to follow the side unwilling to prove or defend their position in a discussion?  Why would those on the fence side with the censors?  If these doctors were so certain of their position, why were they not comfortable defending it?

The authors could have talked with us.  They could still talk to us, whoever they are.  We’d be interested in a discussion.

One doctor mentioned the ‘proven and extremely safe Pfizer vaccine’.  We would disagree, even more so now than when the letters of complaint were written.

The original clinical trial supposedly proved that the vaccine was 95% effective.  A read of the first page showed that this was the relative risk reduction (RRR) based on the outcome of 170 patients and the absolute risk reduction (ARR) could be calculated at 0.84%.  Doctors know that ARR is the number that should be used whereas pharmaceutical marketing companies like to use the RRR as it sounds better.

The injection was not tested for its ability to prevent transmission.  This was not one of the endpoints of the trial and the government knew that they had no evidence that vaccination prevented transmission.

Even in the lead up to vaccine mandates, the Medsafe ‘COVID-19 Therapeutic Products – Questions and Answers’ asked the question, “Does the vaccine prevent or reduce transmission of COVID-19?” The answer stated, “At this stage, we do not know if vaccination prevents or reduces transmission of COVID19”. This answer remained here until 30 September 2021, when the question and answer were removed.

With regards to safety, even the most pro-vax doctor must by now be aware of the significant level of harm being suffered by New Zealanders.  We have written many times about the harms being caused.

One of the more disturbing comments in the letters is the suggestion that a Nuremberg Code breach was ‘laughable’. We have written about the Nuremberg Code several times including here.  This Code was written in 1947 in the wake of WWII following inhumane experimentation on human subjects by the Nazis. 

It provides a series of guidelines or rules to be followed in relation to medical experimentation.  In our opinion the Pfizer covid vaccine meets the definition of experimentation.  Never before have healthy humans been injected with synthetic genetic material and lipid nanoparticles.  Never before have the majority of inhabitants of planet Earth been injected with a substance while the clinical trial was still ongoing.  Of course it should be subject to the 10 points of the Code. What is laughable about that?

Agreements, codes and declarations in medicine have come about because doctors as a group can be led by unscrupulous leaders to do things that history later despises. The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight. All the way through the 1930s, doctors led the German people down a path of seeing certain groups as subhuman, and to accept euthanasing those that didn’t fit the Aryan ideal.  In addition the American psychiatrist Walter Freeman led a craze for crippling psychiatric patients with prefrontal lobotomy up until it was banned in 1977. The procedure was already outlawed by soviet doctors by 1950, declaring it “contrary to the principles of humanity”.  There are also the Tuskagee experiment, and our own “Unfortunate Experiment” at Greenlane Hospital.  Both involved deliberately not treating a group of patients to see what would happen.  **Please see the comment by LRB Mann below, and our reply regarding the Unfortunate Experiment**

These are two examples of letters that people have written about us as a group.  Some other doctors and members of the public have written complaints about us as individuals.  But no-one has spoken to us in a professional manner to understand our position or to discuss their concerns about our communications or to explain why we are so wrong.

The letter writers have in common that they plainly trusted government information, and thought themselves well-educated and informed, claiming an ethical high ground because they are part of a majority. But what of injecting pregnant women, and children, and discriminating against people for exercising their rights under the HDC code and Bill of Rghts and, yes, the ‘laughable’ Nuremberg Declaration?

We know that many doctors are obedient workers rather than original thinkers, and that some worry a lot about the collective power of medicine being undermined by heretics who go against group think. However, our allegiance is to the truth, and the efforts to discern it are hard won and humanitarian. 

Oddly enough, no real patients have complained about NZDSOS as a group (though there have been fake patients trying to get stories or ‘evidence’ of our supposed wrongdoing) and we have yet to see any proof of the harm perceived by the MCNZ.  We have received many, many more messages of thanks and appreciation which keep us inspired to carry on. 

Thank you to those who support us.

Letters of Complaint

From: [redacted]

Sent: Thursday, 23 September 2021 11:59 am

To: Ashley Bloomfield <[email protected]>

Subject: NZDSOS Letter

Dear Ashley,

I hope that you remain well during this rare time.

I am writing to you today regarding the open letter that I include below, attributed to the group NZDSOS.

This morning in peer discussion, many of us voiced our concerns regarding the power of this letter in spreading vaccine dis-information. Many of our patients are vaccine hesitant and the power of this letter being “penned” by an “award winning New Zealander” has us extremely concerned.

Everyday in our work we are presented by our patients, with links to NZDSOS website and links to videos of the group leaders speaking about their concerns to welcoming supportive public gatherings. Some GP’s have had “cease and desist” letters delivered to their place of work by patients concerned that their GP is gagged and mis-informed.

I have not been given the mandate to speak on GP’s behalf, but many of us have voiced the opinion that MOH should take the lead in writing an open answer to their letter. The response we feel needs to be swift, should be researched and collated today, fact and peer checked immediately for release within the next couple of days. The response needs to be non-defensive easy to understand but a comprehensive answer to each of their claims.

Those in discussion this morning feel a single accord, gentle but open answer could then be used by all of us in any media space to refute these claims. Discussion today showed we believed that this is essential in support of our vaccine roll out.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nga Mihi


From: [redacted]

Sent: Sunday, 26 September 2021 11:26 am

To: Ashley Bloomfield <[email protected]>

Cc: [email protected]; [email protected] nz

Subject: GP concerns regarding Open Letter NZDSOS to government.

26 September 2021

Tena koe Dr Bloomfield, Prime Minister Ardern and Minister Hipkins,

I am a GP and palliative doctor, and as with all other medical practitioners, am taking an active role in combating SarsCoV2/ Covid-19. I like most doctors are taking an evidence based and collective approach in keeping with our aims to minimize disease by early diagnosis, prevention with mask wearing and in practice risk management and vaccination with the proven and extremely safe Pfizer BioNTech BNT 162b2 mRNA vaccination

I thank you all for the efforts you are making to help protect New Zealanders from the worst case scenario of COVID pandemic. I am very keen to draw your attention to (although no doubt you are well aware) a small group of doctors who are subscribing to quite bizarre and potentially harmful contrarian philosophy.

Regarding NZDSOS and the recent open letter to the government from Mary Hobbs.

Ashley, Jacinda and Chris I speak not just from my own perspective, but from almost all colleagues in General practice, that we are appreciative of your ongoing efforts in managing this COVID pandemic response and the quest for elimination until we are at threshold of community vaccination so that when we do develop endemic, and epidemic SARS CoV 2 transmission in Aotearoa, we will be healthier, more resistant and as a community and health care community, will be able to manage what will be still a challenge, but with reduced mortality and severity.

To this end rest assured almost all doctors in NZ are supportive of the aims of elimination, cluster mitigation and vaccination. I am humbled that most of our patients are also supportive and follow the best advice.

It is therefore with huge concern that I keep hearing about a renegade group of doctors who are spreading disinformation and fear and are attacking the very basis of our best evidenced approaches to COVID pandemic. I refer to NZDSOS, and their recent open letter which was forwarded to me by a concerned patient some days ago.

I was forwarded this latest open letter from NZDSOS, written by a Mary Hobbs, apparently an award winning new Zealander (for writing books about mountains) who literally ranted for pages in opposition to the entire approach to COVID, creating a platform of selfless bravery for the very few and many would contest unprofessional doctors who make up this group, whist patronizing the hard working and well educated medical community as muzzled and controlled by government. (i) Thie content and tone of the letter is patently incorrect. The details of the arguments are spurious and vexatious. To cap it off the Nuremburg code breach and cease and desist demands are laughable if not actually so concerning as people in the community read this and question the entire ethics of the medical care systems, we have that have evolved and serve us as well in the times we are in.

I am now being asked by some members of the public why is it that we as doctors who practice medicine for the benefit of humanity could be practicing such harmful medicine on the basis of this organization and other usually social media led contrarian and conspiracy groups who they are increasingly believing know more than we do. I am doing my best to put things straight using a non-threatening knowledge based and evidence based informative and educative approach. I am concerned however that doctors in this group are fanning these flames and am absolutely bewildered that any doctor with a medical education and ongoing responsibility for patients, as well as a platform of respect, are espousing views which are on the edge of sanity, and certainly do not carry evidence or credibility.

On one hand I feel we need to counter this growing aberrant message, but on the other hand I and many of my colleagues feel that we do not want to be increasing their profile and popularity by engaging in a public campaign against them. This is a difficult impasse; however, I do feel a measured response will be needed. Our patients are getting confused, some quite agitated and angry. As said, most of our patients can see through this and are doing a wonderful job in supporting our community aims for disease prevention and control.

I very much appreciate your attention and guidance with this problem. I understand this is not new information to you, however I hope to express on behalf of many of my GP ad Palliative colleagues the concern we have regarding contrarian interests that could jeopardize the health of many. Myself, and a significant number of my GP colleagues I know are committed to the aims of COVID control and are extremely concerned about this seemingly small but influential renegade group of medics.

Kindest regards

Naku iti noa, na


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  1. I no longer trust most of the GPs in NZ. I have documented allergies to one of the adjuncts in the “injection” PEG – and was told that I MUST get it regardless. This GP would not do anything to help me due to the fact that he was given a “directive.” Most of these GP’s were “just following orders” given to them by whatever organization runs their doctors’ groups. I have huge respect for NZDSOS as these doctors are the ones standing up for humanity on every level – putting themselves and their careers at risk to speak out and tell the TRUTH. Something these other GPs are not strong enough to do.

    1. yes, my doctor was pleased to pass the buck on who should get a vaccine exemption and that Dr. Bloomfield should decide which he rarely did!

  2. I think if the authors of these letters are not willing to be identified then their views and derogatory comments lack substance. Some of the online comments from medical professionals when faced with differing views were truely appalling and perhaps they require condemnation rather than NZDSOS for doing their job properly. At one point a doctor described those questioning vaccines as “lunatics” to me and suggested I needed crayons and paper to understand the discussion. I hope many of the GP’s dealing with the explosion of ill health and excess mortality are thinking long and hard about the role they played in this disastrous experimental exercise. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  3. Disgusting gutless doctors who have let politicians rule their Hypocratic oath to do no harm.
    I do not trust my doctor anymore. Tried to import some ivermectin and customs would not release without his approval. I seeked approval which he refused to give . Excuse is not approved by PHARMAC !!! But look what they approved the CCP VIRUS JAB . Pure evil ……. Proven time and time again
    Greg Cuttance

    1. I am sorry for all the SHEEP following the orders. ( doctors and other Sheeple)
      I also read a lot of mis-information coming from American ( real scientists) .
      Fortunately my GP has not tried to force me to get this deadly shot.
      Even the flu shot I have refused for the last 40 something years and have felt only one or two days a year a bit of key.

  4. I was left completely disenchanted by my doctors approach here in Christchurch. Back in 2021 I wasnt aloud in the surgery as I refuse to wear a mask. My doctor came out in the full pantomime outfit, mask, face Visa, gloves, gown etc and wished to perform a pcr , I refused this as I was already fully aware that these tests were not fit for diagnosis. Then came the hard sell on the injection. Sadly for this poor guy I had been following information from that disinformation specialist del bigtree and ican at the highwire with lots of great science to back me up. Every point he put forward I countered it with fact and it was teaching a little school boy.. he was literally just spewing government propaganda….it got extremely heated with each further point I destroyed, and in a last ditch attempt in total frustration he parroted out..” at least just do it yo protect the community ” and that my friends says it all

  5. In my experience you are correct in assuming there are a majority of medical professionals who agree with you but can’t say so.
    I think their compromised integrity, (going along with nzmc orders and governments untrue proclamations), will be a significant destructive mental force for many of them.

  6. that second letter sounds very much like a bought and paid for doctor or a troll or someone who is so mired in the world of pharmaceuticals that they cannot see the woods for the trees

  7. These two doctors should be disciplined for their lack of debate, their closed-mindedness, their inability to read evidence, their lack of ethics, their abandonment of the Hippocratic oath and their criminal eagerness to take money for harming patients. Why can you not publish their names? After-all we have been openly slandered and defamed in MSM for our views.

  8. I have read the two letters that were sent to Ashley Bloomfield and Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkits and having just read the Guy Hatchard Reports on the information from Wellington Hospital plus now the report on RCR and Guy Hatchard regarding the 20 minute video on the Pfizer report regarding the mRNA injection being given to expecting woman.
    I afraid these NZ doctors are going to be in for a very hard time in regard to them advising their patients to get a booster mRNA injection.
    As more and more of the Pfizer inside technical information on their mRNA injections is released i believe the situation for doctors who supported the mRNA injection program and going to have lots of nightmare’s.

  9. Thank you NZDSOS for the strength and perseverance you are showing in this fight that many of us are engaged in, against the lies and deceit of our government pertaining to the ***cine. It is wonderful to see that there are still medical personnel that want to live up to their oath – first do no harm. You all have my highest admiration.

  10. Good stuff guys. Keep up the great work. Most countries seem to be reducing cvd requirements, while NZ is almost increasing there’s.
    Even Australia have recently removed their ban in prescribing ivermectin – apparently it is now safe for Oz doctors to prescribe it.
    Thank you.

  11. Those letters haven’t aged well. And it’s a shame that the names were redacted. It’d be informative to know who writes such letters, especially the irrational, pompous, and grammatically incorrect latter one.

  12. The scepticism you desire is absent in your
    >There are also the Tuskagee experiment, and our own “Unfortunate Experiment” at Greenlane Hospital. Both involved deliberately not treating a group of patients to see what would happen.
    This narrative is refuted by Dr Helen Overton’s new book. I suggest you at least withdraw this assertion pending your reading that book.

    1. Thank you for your important comment, we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. The book ‘Demonising a Good Doctor’ about the Inquiry into cervical screening at National Women’s Hospital, has been bought and is currently being read by one of our team members. We may comment further in due course.

  13. In my humble opinion, the first letter could be construed to have some, albeit mistaken, credibility but the second, however, smacks of a fully indoctrinated socialist bigot. I will understand if you don’t want to publish this opinion.

  14. Oooooo wish I’d seen these letters before, in Dec 2021 when we were sitting in front of OUR GP describing the debilitating exhaustion and brain fog my husband had experienced from his 1st mRNA injection 3 months before!! His inability to discuss or help this once active man at all was stunning!! And every idea we suggested (from our research) was met with silence. We haven’t been back! Had I seen these letters then I think I was angry enough then to visit EVERY Dr in the country and confront them with what they were colluding in!!
    Luckily I was hesitant and didn’t follow suit, but 18 months later he’s only 60% better.
    And thanks NZDSOS you are a godsend – for STILL standing up against the wall of pretend ignorance and fear as you do! It is such a relief to have found another ‘version’ of the truth in your measured and scientific posts (along with Dr John Campbell UK). I’ve donated from the first and will continue to do so.

  15. Anything for a shekel for some. Having gone from a Heavy Engineering background to work in a public hospital any shred of respect I had for doctors and nurses in general was quickly fragmented. O went from a high pressure job where if I mucked up I would be held accountable to an environment where so-called ‘professionals’ ignored basic health & safety standards and moved at a glacial pace, any slower and they would have gone backwards and yet they claimed of stress and overwork!
    Few have a care for patients aptly calling them clients. A PC woke world that boggled my mind.
    I support NZDSOS because they disseminate verifiable facts and advocate for freedom of speech and information.
    It is sad to read the closed mind arrogance in the letters from alleged ‘Doctors’.





  17. “extremely concerned about this seemingly small but influential renegade group of medics.”

    It indicates you are having an impact beyond what they are prepared to acknowledge, and the reason why is you are following the science and speaking the truth.

    Keep chipping away!

  18. Here is my story, I was a medic in the NZ Army, most of my training was preventative /cross contamination , Trained at DEMU biological hazard suits , and trained staff for pandemics hyperbaric chamber etc, so warning bells went off for me when the Govt never activated DEMU.
    Logic was telling me that I needed to find a medical Corp outside NZ that had PRE and POST covid health records of fit healthy defence personnal , The US ARMY MEDICAL CORP >>>>>>>>>>.Lt COL Theresa Long has a medical team she is responsable to lead, they assess young fit applicants for flight training as pilots in the US Services, they have some 4000 young fit people to medically assess . This is how they assess them General Military Medical StandardsThe standards for fitness for flying duty may be even more restrictive than these general military medical standards. Check here, then check the specific standards for your class.Abdominal and GI ConditionsBlood and Blood-Forming Tissue DiseasesDentalEars and HearingEndocrine and Metabolic DisordersUpper ExtremitiesLower ExtremitiesMiscellaneous Conditions of the ExtremitiesMental HealthEyes and visionGeneral and Miscellaneous Conditions and DefectsGenitalia and Reproductive OrgansHeadHeart and Vascular SystemHeight and WeightLungs, Chest Wall, Pleura, and MediastinumNeurological DisordersNose, Sinuses, and LarynxSkin and Cellular TissuesSpine and Sacroiliac JointsSystemic DiseasesUrinary SystemSo in testing potential pilots they are pre covid MRI, Chest X rays scanned , etc and all that info is on their medical records .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Now they are compared to post experimental jabbed MRI scans and they are finding clots in the pilots cardiovascular systems .39. The subject matter of this Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and its devastating effects on
    members of the military compel me to conclude and conduct accordingly as follows:
    1. a) None of the ordered Emergency Use Covid 19 vaccines can or will provide better
    immunity than an infection-recovered person;
    2. b) All three of the EUA Covid 19 vaccines (Comirnaty is not available), in the age group
    and fitness level of my patients, are more risky, harmful and dangerous than having no
    vaccine at all, whether a person is Covid recovered or facing a Covid 19 infection;
    3. c) Direct evidence exists and suggests that all persons who have received a Covid 19
    Vaccine are damaged in their cardiovascular system in an irreparable and irrevocable
    4. d) Due to the Spike protein production that is engineered into the user’s genome, each
    such recipient of the Covid 19 Vaccines already has micro clots in their cardiovascular
    system that present a danger to their health and safety;
    5. e) That such micro clots over time will become bigger clots by the very nature of the
    shape and composition of the Spike proteins being produced and said proteins are
    found throughout the user’s body, including the brain;
    5. f) That at the initial stage this damage can only be discovered by a biopsy or Magnetic
    Resonance Image (“MRI”) scan;
    6. g) That due to the fact that there is no functional myocardial screening currently being
    conducted, it is my professional opinion that substantial foreseen risks currently exist,
    which require proper screening of all flight crews.
    7. h) That, by virtue of their occupations, said flight crews present extraordinary risks to
    themselves and others given the equipment they operate, munitions carried thereon
    and areas of operation in close proximity to populated areas

  19. Democracy is gone, we are now living in a genuine tyranny. The direction the entire western world is being directed is one of oppression and the complete loss of individual freedom. The Nuremberg Code has been clearly breached and this is a genocide programme instigated by organisation like and literally the WEF, Klaus Schwab believes the world is over populated, which is completely false. Another thing the WEF claim is the science is settled on climate global warming, there is no such thing as settled science, this idea is the literal antithesis of science. The WEF are putting their people into all western Governments globally. It is completely illegal for any Government to be engaged with a third party of unelected people. Everything is a giant lie for a political agenda, like these unwanted 15 minute cities based on a lie about climate, these policies which are not law are only for enslavement of everyone on earth except those making this future happen to us. The meetings at Davos are help by psychopaths who are lying about everything and they are the very source of all misinformation and disinformation about, medicine, science and society. I for one will resist completely and not just resist but I will fight back in the pursuit of human freedom. Magna Carta or common law is the actual law, policy can never be law, real laws can never be altered or repealed. Our Government need to be dissolved and we need our democratic rights back to put a Govt. in that do what we want on our behalf. What free human person would agree to this evil anti human dictatorship which is the antithesis of democracy. The second censorship has taken root we are no longer free. Speech and thought are the natural rights of a human being and cannot be manipulated away or designed to punish people for critical thinking. As a 50 year old musician and very well read person, I am utterly disgusted with our evil and totally corrupt and illegally operating Govt. I no longer regard our Government as any entity that is legal or representative of me or anyone I know. There won’t be protests, there will be bloody riots and this is most likely going to lead to a civil war where our legal tyrannical Govt. will get the police and army to start shooting at us the people who are standing up for our human rights and freedom. They have breached the bill of rights, they have breached the privacy act and they have breached the Nuremberg Code. They are on the wrong side of history and it is no different than fascist Germany during the 2nd world war and we must remove the Government asap. Civil war is inevitable, we will have to take back the future we want.

  20. Good on you NZDSOS for speaking up and going against the so called “flow” or main-stream narrative. Not just for the sake of it but because you believe your position is right and worthy of defending. Any group of people who will put their careers, livelihoods and reputations at risk are deserving of an audience and hearing at least. You have my and many others full support. Let’s hear these nay-sayers defend their positions and cases in open debate with you, our defenders in so many ways! God bless.

  21. If the self appointed omnipotent complainants wish to face reality, they should be tabling the relevant science in their support. Haven’t seen any!
    The second letter was mere sycophantic drivel….. stay strong

  22. The enemies of science and truth usually give themselves away.
    In this instance, the form of greeting and sign-off from both the complaining letter writers tells us all we need to know.

  23. Abandonment of the covid injections
    Acknowledgement by the NZ government of harms
    A Truth & Reconciliation type investigation into the covid response
    Freedom of doctors to practice and speak out
    Regain control of our national health strategy
    Restoring national sovereignty.

    Great goals. So I wonder why the government is not listening? So much more evidence is being collected. When is the rubber band going to break. I want to see those that have gone along with this charade punished.

  24. I enjoyed the amusement, thank you for showing their letters: It does appear that some if not most doctors are, blinded by pharmaceutical industry puppets, most interested in lining their own pockets by promoting drug sales and maintaining status quo: Highly intellectually intelligent and so able to enjoy the financial rewards of their drug promoting indoctrination. But where is their common sense and personal dignity? God bless the more real and most caring doctors in NZDSOS.

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