The staffing crisis in New Zealand’s hospitals

A whistle-blower in Hawkes Bay recently spoke to Alex Spence from the New Zealand Herald about significant issues with the Radiology Department in Hawkes Bay Hospital

The Herald will continue reporting on the impact of the staffing crisis in New Zealand’s hospitals and we need your help. Do you have information on this topic? Have you or someone you know missed out on treatment because of these problems? Are you a hospital employee working under difficult conditions? Do you have documents that can help us shed light on these issues?

We want to speak to as many people as possible who have experience in the system, to ensure our reporting is thorough and accurate. You can reach the Investigations Editor Alex Spence by email ([email protected]), secure Signal messaging (0272358834), or post (The New Zealand Herald, Private Bag 92198, Victoria St West, Auckland CBD 1142). We can’t reply to all submissions because of the volume we receive. We will not publish your name or identify you as a source unless you want us to.

NZDSOS’s response to this request for information about the staffing crisis.

Hello Alex,

We have read your article about the whistleblower radiologist in Hawkes Bay and the comment at the bottom regarding continuing to report on the impact of the staffing crisis in NZ’s hospitals.

Below is what we know from healthcare workers speaking to us. 

We have had numerous healthcare workers email us with their stories. Please have a look through our Truth Project Posts which are regularly updated and kept entirely anonymous, if you want to get some idea of what is being reported to us.

The staffing crisis predated the pandemic but due to vaccine mandates, it has been badly exacerbated.  A significant number of staff (particularly midwives and nurses) left their roles rather than be injected.  A portion of those who submitted to the injections (either willingly or under duress) have been injured and are now unable to work, including General Practitioners and other specialists.  This crisis – of mandated-out workers and sickness among the injected – is affecting the ambulance service as well. 

In addition to the reduced number of healthy and able staff, there has been a significant increase in the workload due to adverse events from the injections.  Members of the public are experiencing unprecedented rates of heart attacks, cardiac arrest, stroke, neurological conditions, premature labour, autoimmune conditions and other illnesses.  The Herald itself has reported on the all-time high mortality rates, numerous ‘died suddenlies’  and its death notices are full of ” taken too soon”, and “sudden and unexpected”. Cancers – especially widespread, late stage – perhaps due to the immune suppressive nature of the vaccine are now impacting our hospitals and health services.  The need for treatment of these people is putting our health system into crisis mode.

Because the underlying cause of these conditions shall not be mentioned, appropriate research into how best to manage the illnesses is not taking place. The doctors are not aware of, or are unable to talk about, what they are treating and so patients are not getting proper care. The health (sick care) system appears to be collapsing and may soon be irretrievably broken. Although an acute disaster in the short term, this may offer a golden opportunity to rebuild from the ground up, with a focus on health and prevention rather than mainly corporate pharmaceuticals.

Kind regards,

The team at NZDSOS

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  1. From personal experience with a hospital;
    Filthy toilets for public use.
    It seems the hospitals have been infected with some form of brain malfunction with some staff – but theyre just leaving these max vaxxed professional staff in their former (prejabbed) positions pretending everythings alright – when its not alright at all.
    One specialist I went to see was more interested in his handwaving and hip wiggling diversity when he walked than he was about the reason I was there – after realising he was yet another of these obviously brain injuried idiots I walked out of the appointment – after telling him he has an obvious brain injury from the vaxx. So I walk out and the idiot followed me all the way down the corridor saying “thats alright” and me telling him to “stop following me.” And “Its not alright!” And “Ive left my appointment with you coz your brain malfunction is causing you to be so abusive to me. Stop following me!.”
    But he kept following me and saying “thats alright” and me saying “No its not alright at all for a patient to walk out of an urgent appointment – its not alright at all.” And still he kept following me. So glad Id recorded this encounter. It enabled me to send back the bill they sent me.
    This was over a year ago now and I still have the urgent need.
    The hospitals are staffed by the fully vaxxed – it can only get worse.
    Theres a need to recognise this problem. Make all the vaxxed staff redundant – coz they are – and replace ALL of them with unvaxxed staff – coz the unvaxxed ones are still functioning properly.
    Lord have mercy.

  2. WOW! That is so pathetic but at the same time straight out of Benny Hill or Monty Python. You need to report this person to the Medical Council of NZ.

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