Responding to Controversial Claims About NZDSOS Doctors

NZDSOS Controversial Claims
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Allegations vs What NZDSOS Doctors Actually Said

NZDSOS Controversial Claims

We wish to clarify some claims being made in the public arena about comments NZDSOS doctors have allegedly made.


No-one at NZDSOS has definitively stated that the vaccines cause magnetism.  We have commented that patients and members of the public have reported this.  As doctors, we know that much of the diagnostic information comes from the patient’s history, so we actually listen to our patients.  We don’t automatically dismiss what they say.

Patients have reported being magnetic, even at hospital, and some of us have directly experienced it for ourselves, and in friends, clients or family. (We know of at least one GP who was horrifed to find herself magnetic at a recent injection site when confronted with an upset seemingly magnetised patient). So our job is to consider this.  A true scientist would be curious and want to discover more, rather than just dismiss the phenomenon as imaginary. Progress in science often starts with observation of an interesting or unusual phenomenon.  What we have been saying is that people are reporting this, and it needs to be investigated further.

Read more at our September 2021 article, Magnetism? Say What?

Vitamins and Minerals

NZDSOS have not said vitamins or minerals will stop you getting covid, nor are they ‘alternative’ treatments.  An underlying tenet of medicine is that good nutrition is fundamental to health.  Vitamins and minerals and their cofactors from natural sources are not complementary or alternative.  They are foundational, and not optional. 

Many people are deficient in basic nutrients, either due to poor intake or increased demand for them.  A well-nourished person is less likely to be harmed by covid 19 infection, which holds true for infectious diseases in general.

When a person is unwell or injured the demand for some nutrients increases and so taking additional vitamins and minerals can speed recovery e.g. vitamin C and zinc.  Modern humans can no longer manufacture our own vitamin C, unlike distant ancestors and most other animals, so it needs to be obtained from food and/or supplementation.

NZDSOS doctors have said that a healthy human, with adequate vitamin levels, will be able to cope with most infections and there are many things people can do to create a resilient body.

An excellent resource to learn more is available at From A to Zinc: The FLCCC Nutrient Guide.


Perhaps the most controversial issue is NZDSOS’ call for urgent investigation into what appears to be micro-technology in some vials of mRNA products. Four New Zealand teams of scientists have collaborated with international  peers, and Dr Matt Shelton put his head above the parapet again to alert New Zealand authorities of our concerns. Shockingly, our calls have been met with total silence from them, and some scorn from the mainstream media.

In the absence of police or Medsafe interest in receiving the evidence, a vacuum of explanation developed and the imperative to explain all the post-vaccine deaths and injuries strengthened.  Remember, some ingredients are kept secret by Pfizer and also our government has not examined the vials itself.

In an email from Ashley Bloomfield’s office on 12 February 2021, it was claimed:

NZDSOS Controversial Claims Bloomfield Feb 21

Yet by May 2022 Medsafe stated that there was no facility in New Zealand to conduct such testing.

NZDSOS Controversial Claims May 22 Medsafe

Hence, it was concerned scientists and doctors who were looking to reduce further harm from the shots, and to protect health workers from possible complicity in a crime. And ourselves, by making possible evidence public. We took legal advice every step of the way.

NZDSOS members and many colleagues around the world have spent collectively thousands of hours researching the state of the art in nano electronics, carbon quantum dot and graphene science, and biosensing and control technologies in living species. There is little doubt of contaminants that require explanation and several possibilities which could constitute evidence of criminality. See section 5.4 “Appendix: Evidence of substandard manufacturing Quality of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines” in mRNA Vaccine Toxicity for more information about contaminants in the vaccines.

For instance, we know a senior MoH staffer told his team that our photos were fake line drawings. We swore an affidavit as to their truthfulness. Someone is lying.

Meanwhile more and more groups are reporting bizarre appearances and behaviours under testing, not just of the jabs but in the blood of the vaccinated, and now increasingly of the unvaccinated over recent months as well. Clinical papers have already proven ‘shedding’ is real, as is the marked variation in batch quality and contents.

No-one has refuted the work proving bacterial DNA and random micro RNA fragments are contaminating the vials. Some of this was already known to regulators before approval! We call on all media to join us in demanding that our regulators, including Medsafe and Worksafe, as well as the Police, investigate the risks that employers and the government thrust upon their staff and the people of New Zealand.

To finish, if these media pundits focused on truthful reporting they might note that all 3 vocal doctors who were suspended by the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) have won their appeals in front of a judge. Have no doubt: MCNZ poured every accusation of us spouting nonsense it could find in front of the judges who found no reason to doubt our sanity.

Nor did the Medical Council provide its own proof to refute us. Perhaps this is why it has just recruited a third lawyer to sit on its board. We do wonder what these lawyers must think about the ‘new normal’ of medical ethics being promulgated by the MCNZ. It makes some of our statements look ordinary. 

In contrast to NZDSOS,  which states frequently that we hope we are wrong, the commentators who suggest that we have made unscientific claims have either not actually listened to what we said, or they do not understand the scientific process.

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