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Do Not Mask or Vaccinate to Protect Others Against C-19: From the Horses’ Mouths

Quietly, the experts are changing their opinions. Children do not need to vaccinate to protect their community. We applaud the recently reported opinions of Professor Peter McIntyre and Dr Nikki Turner, published in the New Zealand Doctor Magazine, an online publication, aimed at doctors.

We think this information should be headline news.

Screenshots of the report. Read it for yourself:

Effectiveness of Vaccinate to Protect

While Professor McIntyre’s words are carefully chosen around booster vaccination of children, it is becoming increasingly evident that the C-19 injections do not:

  • prevent anyone, including children from catching covid
  • prevent the transmission of covid
  • significantly decrease hospitalisation or severe disease, particularly in children who are at a very low risk of severe disease. In fact, the opposite may be true.

Herd Immunity vs Vaccinate to Protect

For a century up until two years ago, herd immunity was said to be reached when enough people in a group were immunised to a disease to stop its spread. This could be via natural infection or immunisation. It is just since C-19 that herd immunity is now said to be achieved only when there is sufficient vaccination given to the community, oddly enough. Vaccination coverage, as we have so painfully learnt in the last year, does not equate to immunity, with many vaccinated people getting covid multiple times. Remember Waterford, in Ireland? With near 100% vaccine coverage it still had the highest “infection rates” in Ireland (whatever that actually meant though). 

Getting a largely non-lethal disease naturally and recovering from it is the best way to protect against a further bout, with the added bonus of improving herd immunity. This is because the body does a much better job than even the best scientists and vaccinologists can hope to come close to. Yes, sadly, not everyone recovers from an infectious disease but life comes with risks and the risks for children dying from covid are minuscule. So, the more children who recover naturally from covid, which for the vast majority will be barely noticeable, the more likely herd immunity develops for the community.

Safety of Vaccinate to Protect

NZDSOS has continually called out warnings about safety signals both in New Zealand and Internationally. The list of adverse events is a continuing horror unfolding before our eyes. It is not normal for children to die suddenly.

What about the long-term effects? This is particularly worrying for per-pubertal children, who have yet to develop secondary sex characteristics. Vaccine products have been found in ovaries and in the testes, raising concerns about reduced fertility. Even more horrifying is Pfizer’s own report indicating that testosterone production itself could be damaged.

One could say that physical masculinity itself is damaged. This is especially urgent to consider when we reflect on the fact that small boys and teenagers, who have not reached or completed puberty, are being injected…

Amy Kelly –

The World is Awakening to the Scam of Mask and Vaccinate to Protect

While, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden are officially restricting vaccinate to protect programs involving the young, the New Zealand government and its ministries remains mute.

However, experts once touted as “the science”, are slowly changing their advise, hoping no one will notice. Even the god of “masks must continue indefinitely”, Dr Michael Baker, has stated that they may no longer be required. Dr Nikki Turner, director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre, was reported to agree with Professor McIntyre about the futility of masking children to protect the community.

Overseas, the European Medicines Agency and ‘Godfather of vaccines’ Dr Paul Offit has warned that the human immune system may not tolerate endless boosters, and we lack safety data for Covid-19 bivalent vaccines, respectively.

Over a year ago, NZDSOS wrote to Professor McIntyre and to Dr Ian Town, Chief Science Advisor to the Ministry of Health, pointing to scientific evidence of the in-effectiveness of the vaccines, the robust immune system of children and the potential effect on fertility. We agreed to have a discussion with them about the state of the evidence, after which they went quiet.

While we are all wrong at times and yes, the science does change, we were raising serious concerns over a year ago but were ignored. What has changed to make the experts quietly retreat? We don’t think it is just the science, as the evidence was there before, though it has grown since to completely overwhelm the narrative, in our view. We think it is rather the court of public opinion and the growing distrust of government and mainstream medicine and media.

Masking to Protect Does Not Work and Causes Harm Particularly in Children

For evidence on the harms and ineffectiveness of masks to prevent transmission, NZDSOS has compiled multiple articles, that can be accessed here.

A Safer More Reliable Way to Build Protection

Viruses have been with us since the beginning of time. A large portion of our DNA comes from viruses. Why are we suddenly so fearful, when we have been around for ten thousand years without vaccines? Vaccines are not “the answer”, a healthy body and environment are. While many argue that vaccines and modern medicine are the reason for our current longevity, our increase in good health can be mainly ascribed to access to sanitation, clean water and good food. How great is it that we can build on this basis of health by optimising our lifestyle to boost our immunity.

Covid has always been a potentially serious disease of the elderly and those with co-morbidities. Would it not be more effective to concentrate on the underlying factors of these co-morbidities, thus not only improving resistance to covid-19 but lessening the risk of living with chronic disease and the costs associated with this? This is to say nothing of the lives lost needlessly from criminalising known treatments in order to maintain the legal basis for authorising emergency vaccines. 

Supporting the body’s natural defenses is much safer and more effective than the vaccinate to protect mantra.

Protecting Tamariki and Others

Covid was never a disease of children. It was mainly a worry for the frail and elderly and many have argued for targeted protection of the vulnerable. What sort of society attempts to use its children to vaccinate to protect those at the end of life? Should we not protect those just starting out in life by avoiding risky experimental treatments? Is that not our role as parents, doctors and adults?

Yes, protecting tamariki does protect the whanua but not through the vaccine. Protecting kids by providing open faces and facial expression, supporting them to hug, laugh and play and providing the knowledge that their bodies are wonderfully made, will set them on the path to health. The virus does not need to be feared when they eat well, get sunshine and fresh air and exercise.

When our tamariki are healthy, the virus is stopped from spreading by their immune systems. It is not the vaccines that stop the viruses – that is obvious to all by now – it is good health. Actually the endless parade of “variants” is predictably the product of the mass vaccination campaign. Even if we were malignant enough to use children to protect us, we would be better off if we kept them healthy than if we kept them fearful and jabbed.

A Better Way

Let’s look beyond the fast-declining message of vaccinate to protect. We applaud Dr Nikki Turner and Professor Peter McIntyre for their guarded views and invite them to engage and discuss how we can build a better way in health and discard the single narrative of mask and vaccinate to protect.

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