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Myocarditis, Sudden Deaths and Near Misses – A Critical Notification

Sudden Deaths
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The obvious and alarming rates of myocarditis, sudden deaths and near misses is becoming uncomfortably commonplace in our country. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) remains at the bleeding edge of both the academic science proving the covid jab is a cull, and its real world consequences for lives and deaths.

We are obliged (and sorry) to publish together 3 intersecting posts that cover especially the topic of myocarditis: a tricksy coroner’s report; a near death experience for a mainstream journalist; and a discussion of the new (since 2021) awful phenomenon of children dying in their sleep. 

This tragic topic is covered in Yet More Coroner Contortions, as the Palmerston North coroner Robin Kay finds that the vaccine could not be ruled out at least, as the cause of sudden death in a 13 year-old boy who was found dead in his bed by his horrified parents. 

A spokesperson for NZDSOS comments:

“The elephant in the room remains alive and well, unlike this poor lad who had his 2nd jab 10 days before dying in his sleep. At least the injection got a mention this time, but serpentine contortions were used to take it no further. Remember, coroners no longer have to search for the precise cause, merely find for a “presumed natural cause”. Neither do they have to consider the circumstances, which in October 2021 included immense psychological pressure on adolescents to receive a novel genetic technology injection.  Convenient for everyone investigating, except the family – and the entire country who are subjected to missing information that could help inch them towards truer understanding and informed consent. And very unusually, possibly with no legal basis, the coroner suppressed the child’s name, flying in the face of the long-standing – and lawful – right of the community to know what is happening within it”.

Our commentary of New Zealand’s sudden death epidemic in Young, Fit and Dead in Bed looks more broadly at the topic of myocarditis, focusing on the reasons behind dying in sleep or sudden death on the sports field.  Our spokesperson again comments:

“It is very straightforward. The jab inflames the heart in many, if not most people – and we presented the evidence for this again and again – and some suffer a cardiac arrest and die. Our article explores the varieties and reasons for harm, but hones in on younger people who are found dead in bed or die during physical exertion. We list some names, in memoriam, but also in an effort to get conversations going in our small, well-connected country.” 

Recently, a well-known journalist woke up and died, but fortunately his wife and paramedics were able to revive him. We discuss, again, how clearly the evidence demonstrates, if you care to look at it, the jab as a very likely factor in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. There is proof that must not be ignored. Our spokesperson comments:

“In summary, you can deny, scorn and belittle this information as much as you like, but the dead don’t care. They’re dead.”

Please read, test, learn and share this information and references. They are unrefuted and don’t care about your cognitive distress. That’s science, take it or leave it, but the consequences for the vaccinated will continue until the message to stop jabbing gets through.

Myocarditis, Sudden Deaths and Near Misses – Post Links:

Myocarditis, Sudden Deaths and Near Misses – Further References:

In Conclusion

The disregard for the health of New Zealanders and for those who have suffered and died due to the effects of this injection must be exposed and we ask you to think, is this normal and is this acceptable? If you think no, speak out and share, for it is the cumulative effect of our actions that call greater attention to the crimes being committed and the enormity of the covid jab cull.

The horrendous rise in all-cause mortality and sudden deaths can no longer be ignored and the pressure to address this immediately is at critical level. This public website notification serves as another urgent request to the authorities to act.

We welcome any discussion.


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  1. Hi I believe I have had a reaction to vaccine I’ve been in public health system for over two years now and am still without any answers to what is going on with my body my heart has been cleared as the issue and I have come across a doctor who was releaving and who finally at least gave me hope but he has moved on how do I find a doctor who has at least a open mind to my health issues the symptoms are getting worse and I’m so tired off the it’s unlikely to be vaccine related crap I collapsed within 48 hrs of receiving the vaccine and it has steadily got worse over the time period if it’s not vaccine related cool but I can’t get whateva the issue is under control if it can’t even be considered I just want a doctor who has a open mind to look at my file and give a second opinion help please I don’t know what or where to turn to frustration level is max and I’m sick of hearing it’s unlikely unlikely is still possible so consider it not rule it out help me please I’m being lost within the system northland based

    1. Dear Jason,
      We are sorry to hear of your treatment in the public healthcare system. Patients are not being listened to by the medical professionals, their symptoms are not being adequately addressed and many times they are being fobbed off with no professional duty of care to help diagnose or offer further medical investigations into the root cause of the issues.
      The NZ Doctors Holistic Healthcare Collective (our NZDSOS clinic) is available to help and has been supporting the vaccine injured for the last few years. Our clinical team are well versed in the adverse effects of the injection and will listen to you, respect you and offer full inform consent on treatment options and protocols to help.
      Please get in touch with us on the NZDSOS Clinic button at the top of our website home page, or follow this link here: https://health-helpline.co.nz/contact-us/#book-appointment
      In peace, health and freedom,
      The NZDSOS Team

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