Once More With Feeling: SADS Again – A 2nd Round

Mainstream media is at it again, the NZ Herald promoting ABV (Anything But the Vaccine) disease – also known as SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome).  Trying to suggest that this flood of sudden unexpected deaths has always been with us, but no-one has noticed, is gaslighting and diversion. And lies, lies, lies.

Yes, they really do think you are as stupid as they are. But we are living in the most astonishing times, so bizarre that some people retreat into denial and ‘normalcy bias’, where they interpret negative warnings in the most optimistic way.

In reality, sudden unexpected deaths in vaccine recipients, are DUE TO THE SHOTS UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. So yes, many are due to the shots, and won’t be proven otherwise. 

In normal times the experimental drug, procedure or vaccine would have been considered causal until meticulous investigation proved it was not. 

In these strange covid times, the agencies we expect to keep us safe and monitor our pharmaceuticals were moved aside, huge safety signals are being ignored, and deaths in the young are criminally uninvestigated.  See here for evidence of ineptitude (at best) in Australia. The people of NZ are being lied to, and sane, professional voices are being censored and attacked by their own regulators.

What is SADS

SADS is a fabricated, descriptive term that has no medical meaning. It’s a convenient label, under which to file people whose deaths might raise awkward questions. Like many terms in medicine, it is not supposed to convey the underlying cause. Indeed, in medical school, we were taught that a description is not a diagnosis. Trying to describe a disease rather than diagnose it, led to failing an exam. 

Sudden deaths in vaccinated people are most likely due to a sudden abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) causing the heart to stop beating (cardiac arrest).  A common pathology is focal scarring from myocarditis affecting the electrical pathways.  It appears that this scarring can occur in the absence of any symptoms suggestive of heart damage such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations or dizziness.  The first symptom may be sudden death, particularly during sleep or during exertion.

Dr Peter McCullough (heart specialist) explains this succinctly here:

Note in NZ ‘epinephrine’ and ‘norepinephrine’ are more commonly called ‘adrenaline’ and ‘noradrenaline’.

Are Increased Sudden Adults Deaths (SADS) Actually Happening?

The mainstream try to brush these sudden deaths away by stating that the person died suddenly from an “unknown cause” or “medical event”. No one is asking if more people are dying suddenly than is usual. Very few of these deaths is being investigated.

But Edward Dowd, a financier who has working on Wall street in both credit and equity markets, as well as working as a portfolio manager at BlackRock has noticed a trend. Observing trends and analysing data is what made Ed successful in finance and he can see that excess deaths are happening particularly in young adults.

In his book, “Cause Unkown”, Ed lays out the data and the human stories in an inarguable manner but asks you to make up you own mind, providing stats and news reports. In contrast with the inhumanity of officials, who cannot claim ignorance, he puts human faces to the dead young people, victims of what can only be a genocide.

“Cause Unknown”

You can purchase Ed’s book here.

Is SADS really from the Covid Injection?

Recently, the Thai and Swiss studies suggested up to 3.5% symptomatic cardiac damage, and that EVERY recipient gets at least a mild degree of hidden heart inflammation!

Other causes of sudden death could include:

  • sudden obstructing blood clots traveling from legs to heart (a pulmonary embolus or PE),
  • sudden heart attack (occlusive clots in the coronary arteries which supply the heart muscle),
  • vasculitis (inflammation and weakness of the blood vessels) causing a burst blood vessel (aneurysm) in the brain, chest or abdomen.

If one of these events occurred while driving, swimming, diving or other activity, a death might be classified conveniently as ‘accidental’ if a thorough investigation is not undertaken.

A stroke due to either a burst or blocked blood vessel in the brain can cause collapse and unconsciousness which may precede death by minutes, hours or days.

If someone you know has died suddenly, and SADS has been mentioned, or if the death is in any way unexplained, questions should be asked. Our suggestion is not to accept a “diagnosis” of SADS, and, even if you are told the cause of death was ‘blood clots’ or a ‘heart attack’ or an ‘aneurysm’, someone needs to ask how the vaccine was ruled out as a cause of that event, particularly when there are no other risk factors, such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes or older age. 

The shots have been implicated in the development of these conditions causing sudden death and many other conditions that may cause a less sudden but premature, unexpected death (autoimmune conditions and cancers).  See here for more detail. 

Autopsy studies show that at least some of the sudden deaths within 28 days of vaccination ARE due to myocarditis-induced cardiac arrest, and it is a grave crime to hide this.  Sadly, it seems many thousands of people in responsible positions are ignoring all these extra deaths, through wilful blindness, ignorance, cowardice or even corruption, aided and abetted by government spin and ‘fact checkers’.  They may be trapped in their own complicity, but we can all act to protect ourselves.

SADS & More: What You Can Do

Write a letter to your MP, donate to support our work, and also check out to join others concerned about our country’s perilous situation – and not just from health tyranny. But surely, vaccine-damaged and dead people are a bleak enough reason to stand up.

If you have concerns about unsatisfactory investigations into the death of a loved one and would like to share evidence with us, please contact us using this form. One of our doctors will be in touch. All information is treated confidentially.

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