Notice of Liability

notice of liability
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Around the world, citizens are standing up.

We understand that it is a difficult time.  Families and communities have been needlessly torn apart. Speaking out risks loss, anger and humiliation.

However, not speaking out is being complicit; complicit in tyranny, coercion, removal of choice and censorship.

The main premise is to place those complicit with supporting and/or administering the injections on notice and make them aware of the harm they are causing by continuing the vaccine roll out. The evidence supporting the dangers of the injections is overwhelming and those supporting the injection need to be made aware of these dangers and avoid causing harm by their action or inaction. The  failure to inform and warn the people of New Zealand is considered a failure to act to prevent harm. It is thus our duty to raise awareness among those complicit. 

The server of the NoL has a duty to warn the people of NZ of the harm caused to them. The recipient has a duty to comprehend the content of the NoL and either counter the warning or cease and desist from causing harm. Serving the NoL prevents the recipient from having “plausible deniability meaning the recipient cannot claim they did not know or comprehend the dangers caused by the vaccination.  A counter claim or rebuttal must be submitted in order to defend their position. A judge must recognise this as a lawful process and costs cannot be awarded if a chance to raise a counter claim and rebuttal was provided but not carried out.

Are you OK with this?

Are you OK with individuals having to choose between feeding their families and undergoing a potentially fatal experimental medical procedure which has shown to have a negative benefit.  In other words, not only are the C-19 injections harmful but they may worsen Covid-19, alter immunity and destroy herd immunity, not to speak of the adverse events. All this for a flu-like illness for which being healthy is the best defense.

Are you OK with young children being injected with an experimental intervention for a disease, no greater than the sniffles and that does not protect their families?

Notice of Liability

How to Deliver a Notice of Liability

A Notice of Liability can be served to any organisation or business that is administering the injection and / or requiring a vaccine passport.  We suggest serving school boards and principals and vaccine centres.  Small businesses, such as cafes can be served but please be polite and compassionate to your fellow human beings.

Keep notes and photos in your organisations of who has been served.  We are working with other groups to set up a database / portal and will advise via our newsletter and website at the time.  If people say they have been served but there is doubt, do it again. It has been suggested that recipients are served three times.


Here is a suggested conversation from the World Council for Health legal committee.


I’ve come in to help you avoid criminal charges. Please be advised.

I/we are here to serve a Cease and Desist legal notice on you /persons in this facility, with regards to the C19 jabs.

You are hereby informed that these jabs are dangerous experiments, which global experts are raising alarm bells about, because they can and do cause injury and death. Criminal cases have been launched overseas in this regard. Over 300 people in New Zealand have died following these jabs, including children, most without any investigations by the government.

This document also contains a personal notice of liability, should any person be injured or killed as a result of jabs being administered here/or customers/clients being discriminated against based on jab status (USE WHICHEVER IS APPROPRIATE TO VENUE) by anyone.

Please take the time to read this document, and lets do what is right to protect health and lives. Even if if you disagree that there is a problem, events may prove you wrong in retrospect.

Please sign this document as acknowledgment of receipt. If you refuse to do so, I/we will affix the legal notice to the door of this facility, and take a photograph and video as evidence of service.

Thank you for cooperating. You can find more information at the following websites: worldcouncilforhealth.org and NZDSOS.com”

You can also say (although it is written) that ignorance ie not reading the notice, is no protection.  You can reiterate that you are trying to help them avoid legal action.”


While you can video the encounter, you don’t need to.  You can just make a recording of you handing the notice to the individual(s) and emphasise you are protecting their privacy, beyond writing their name.

You can also remind them (not essential) that the employer can be held vicariously liable for actions of the employees.

In the early “field trials” in the vaccine centers and businesses in South Canterbury, about 80% of recipients have been friendly / embarrassed / shocked or curious. About 20% have refused to engage or have been stroppy.

Be prepared that vaccine centres and medical centres may be pre-prepared, saying, that this is not legal and to leave the premises.  The document can be placed on the ground a meter away from them and it is served.  Photo evidence would be helpful. The notice can be taped to the door or entrance-way with identifying features of the business included in the photo.

It is advisable to present a notice in a group of two or three, but try not to talk over each other and listen respectfully. The document does the talking, you just need to give it to them. Obviously, some chats may take place, and many business owners may confide they are trapped into cooperating with the government. However, they still make a choice that may have consequences for them. Some may feel they need to download their situations and feelings to you.

Please be prepared to don a mask if someone seems genuinely frightened of you or they ask, and you can cope with it. The victory is by the serving the notice, not through a battle of wills.

You might also ask if they personally know of any friends, family or co-workers who have been injured. You can emphasise that it is very unusual for this level of injuries to be associated with a vaccine roll-out. Be careful not to be giving inappropriate medical, political or conspiracy comment.  This is purely a legal document.

If the individual refuses to sign, just write the name of the business, and the time and date so that in court the business’s roster can be used to identify who was present. If it was a frightened underling, tell them to pass it on to the boss so their responsibility is devolved, and to record they have done so.

If placed on the floor within a meter of the person or on the door it is deemed served.

Thank them for giving you the chance to help them, even if they stroppy.  Many will read the document once you  have left.  Reports from the UK indicate that angry recipients after throwing the notice in the bin, pull it out later when they thought no-one was looking.


Describe your efforts and upload photos and / or videos to the FreeNZ Citizen’s Report Page.N

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