Missing myocarditis study results

Delayed Results on a 2022 Myocarditis Study

In 2022 the MoH undertook a study of the ‘long-term’ outcomes of people who had been diagnosed with myocarditis after receiving any dose of Pfizer vaccine. Participants had to be older than 12 years, had to have been diagnosed before 28 Feb 2022 and had an adverse event report submitted to CARM.

Dr Tim Hanlon was the principal investigator and the project was conducted by Medsafe along with the  National Immunisation Programme and CARM.  The aim was to provide more information about the safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Information about the study is on the Clinical Trails Registry website and also on the Ministry of Health website.  The title is “Long-term outcomes of myocarditis and pericarditis after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination”.

Missing myocarditis study results

Long-term outcomes of myocarditis and pericarditis after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination

The study involved a 30-minute phone survey with participants at least 3 months after diagnosis, asking about their health and functional status, medications etc. as well as the analysis of information gathered from the healthcare professionals involved in the case, such as which tests and investigations were carried out, clinical management and past medical history.

The study enrolled 323 participants and interviews took place between March and October 2022.

The primary outcomes were assessing current health, physical functioning and mental health, while the secondary outcomes were assessing hospitalisations, cardiac health and what the likely causal mechanism was.

Presumably, since myocarditis following vaccination is mild and short-lived (as we have been constantly reassured), there won’t be much data.

We have been interested in the results and anticipating their publication but now it seems we will be waiting a bit longer.

On the MoH page about the study, it used to say: “Results are expected to be published online by early 2023. Information on where you can read the results will be provided here when available.”

On 4 Apr 2023 it was changed to say: Study enrolment has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. We are in the process of analysing the extensive data that was shared with us. Information on where you can read the results will be provided here when available.”

We do hope this doesn’t mean that the results are going to disappear into the aether and never see the light of day, which seems to be what has happened with the results in the open text boxes of the PVSC.

For a complication frequently described by ‘vaccine’ cheerleaders as “vanishingly rare”, that the investigators found 323 cases of myocarditis is curious. However, a little bird tells us that they could have chosen from well over a thousand cases provided to them by MOH – so presumably they did, and we look forward to the criteria they used to select their cases. And given that a phone call assessing patient status 3 months after diagnosis does not qualify as a “long term” study at all, we are sceptical of what this work can contribute to the scientific canon. More likely, it will help Pfizer’s bottom line by favouring the jab. 

Finally, we note that the Swiss study suggested that sub-clinical heart inflammation ( ie no symptoms at the time but may present unpleasantly down the track) is a huge problem.  Along with the Thailand boys study this suggests a real world symptomatic carditis rate of 2-3%.  We say this “study” is not remotely powered to buttress the “safe” part of the narrative. We will be pleased if the study does see the light of day, and crawling all over it with the fraud detector. 

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  1. I don’t think we can trust MOH or any government department to be honest with this

  2. There are lies and deception ALL OVER the world. They are all trying to do major coverups. I don’t think we will ever get any truth out of our government – they need to be held to account, but sadly it doesn’t look like it will ever happen. Jacinda made me sick with her “be kind” attitude – she was NEVER kind to the people who refused her poisonous jabs.

  3. With what has gone on since CONVID first raised its ugly head, how is it even possible to assume that the Citizens of any Country would trust their Leaders, their Government, Health Departments, or those who control them. As we all know the “narrative” has been the same with every facet, in every Country and, as we all found out very quickly, it was lies. It has been more about “control, removing our Rights as Citizens to have control over our Health, control to either accept or decline Medical Treatment, our Rights to the TRUTH”. Every single facet of CONVID from the “cause, the Country, the Facility” have all been hotly denied along with everything else, because it wasn’t about CONVID but it had everything to do with “CHANGING HOW EVERYONE WAS ABLE TO LIVE” no longer in a free Society, with Freedom of Speech, but a World where every movement, every action was being controlled and known about and shut down.

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