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Coroner Letter
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In yet another valiant attempt to interest the guardians of our democracy in the unfolding catastrophe that is the cruel and indifferent mass vaccination program, NZDSOS has written another open letter to “our” MPs. Firm but fair in its presentation of the facts, and far politer in tone than they deserve, given their silence so far, it implores them to get their heads out of the sand and do something, or go down in history as the “team of 120” that ushered in the darkest phase of our country’s history since the massacres of early colonisation.

In a very clear sign that humanity was being prepped for this supposed Great Reset for a number of years, our parliament seemed fully ready to obey and enable Jacky’s junta from the early days, not a single MP questioning the holes in the early narrative. Safe and effective? Well, it’s not effective is it? And Rory’s family discovered it was lethal, and we’ve presented proof of need to investigate multiple other deaths over and over – and now  there are four more dead children in the last 2 weeks for someone to explain. The details will go to Police and Medsafe for action, in our next ‘regular briefing’. Crickets again, as the political machine rachets up?

Where the hell did that S&E data come from anyway? Pfizer, the serial criminals with a 10 billion dollar rap sheet? Oh, thats OK then. Moderna, part owned by Fauci’s NIH with nary a single product to market before their covid shot? Not even in business long enough to rack up a single multi-million dollar fine as befits a maturing pharmaceutical company! Fine, that’ll do nicely. Evidence to support jabbing the kids? Fergedaboudit. 

Later, when double-deckers could be driven through the escalating holes in the narrative (all extensively documented at nzdsos.com) which by then had gashed through our Kiwi community, every single institution seemed deaf to concerns and legitimate questions. Some were engaged – especially our “Medical Council” – full-steam in persecuting insurgents, many of them experienced and confident professionals following their various medical, legal and scientific oaths and obligations. Camp Freedom, a legitimate lawful protest, again saw incumbent MPs kept invisible, too scared of a “river of filthy” constituents demanding representation perhaps? 

The letter chronicles the failure of Medsafe and Police to act on abundant evidence of deaths and damage from the most injurious medical experiment ever. Referenced as usual, and referring MPs to our prior letters to them and government institutions, as well as our work on trying to quantify and draw attention to the failure to investigate possible vaccine deaths, particularly the shocking rise in deaths from all causes, especially the young, it urges immediate action. The people deserve it, and at some stage will demand they be protected even if they must do it themselves. How else can we urge MPs to take notice?

Perhaps by appealing to their self-interest. They might want to get to the bottom of this and establish liability and compensation soon, as we see signs already of a flood of cancers and unusual infections coming our way. 

We hate to say it but have been right on EVERY concern and warning so far. We just check the science, and we suggest the government ‘experts’ haven’t. They have let us all down, especially the vaccinated, which include the very MPs, officials and police officers who were all told to stand down and leave it to the experts.

And now parliament may be asked to rubber stamp a new charade, all over again.                           

Monkey pox?  Note its initials. 

Read Our Letter Here

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