Watch: On Covid Tyranny in New Zealand – Radical with Maajid Nawaz

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The most recent Radical podcast with UK political commentator Maajid Nawaz featured a group of New Zealanders speaking about the Covid tyranny which has absorbed our lives for almost three years. This is a two hour episode, featuring a range of New Zealand voices, including our own Dr Matt Shelton, given an international stage upon which to speak.

Leonie May and Jared Connon tell their personal story of segregation from society following the vaccine mandates in 2021. After losing their successful film maker careers, they started their own film production company. Their first documentary, River of Freedom, is due for release in the near future.

Lawyer Kirsten Murfitt speaks about her experiences advocating for the rights of New Zealanders suffering under covid tyranny. Kirsten works to hold government departments accountable and has written many letters, which have remained unanswered by all 120 politicians she has addressed.

Dr Matt Shelton describes the experience of covid tyranny from a medical perspective. He outlines his own personal experience, the concerns he has for the future of medicine, and how New Zealanders are being impacted by the medical tyranny being imposed on both health practitioners as well as the general population, and the mass harm being seen.

Former co-leader of the Māori Party, Marama Fox articulates an indigenous perspective on the way our government’s covid tyranny has affected an already disadvantaged community. This includes historical perspective of inequity and human rights abuses.

Whilst vaccine mandates are the main focus in the interviews, the apparent “success” of New Zealand’s lockdown policies is also discussed. It remains a contentious point amongst New Zealanders as to whether shutting society and creating a surveillance system is somehow useful for infectious disease control. The 2019 World Health Organisation document Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza, is a systematic review of evidence for control measures. It states clearly in Table 1 on page 3, that mass closures and surveillance systems are not recommended in any circumstances.

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Maajid speaks openly of the global influences determining national pandemic responses across nations, and ulterior motives at play in the covid tyranny imposed. Rather than becoming a normalised response to infectious diseases, it is important to look back in history so as to understand what the real intent behind lockdowns might be. Historian, author and political advisor Dr Naomi Wolf explains in her August 2022 interview with Jeremy Loffredo at Rebel News:

Remaining informed and responding appropriately – which may include mass refusal to comply with harmful political demands – is an imperative consideration for every New Zealander at this critical time. Further enrichment of a powerful class simultaneous to the impoverishment and extreme harm to middle and working classes, must be resisted with all our might. Together we can overcome tyranny and create a better way.

Watch: On Covid Tyranny in New Zealand

Watch On the Covid Tyranny in New Zealand:

  • Leonie May and Jared Connon, film makers: 12m25s
  • Kirsten Murfitt, lawyer from NZLSOS: 52m15s
  • Dr Matt Shelton from NZDSOS: 1h10m
  • Marama Fox, former Māori Party co-leader: 1h30m
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