The Path Against C-19 Medical Tyranny: A Glimmer of Light from Canada

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Canadian doctors Mark Trozzi, Crystal Luchkiw and Patrick Phillips are all-too-familiar with medical tyranny. Each has sacrificed everything in a crusade faced by doctors worldwide. Sharing their battle from across the seas, we can confirm that their opposition to medical tyranny is as much for protection of public health and patient rights, as it is for the rights of medical doctors to practice their skill and care for their patients, free of corporate and political interests.

Lawyer Michael Alexander is defending a number of health care professionals across Canada, in prosecutions brought about by practitioner licensing authorities engaged in the lockstep medical tyranny wantonly exposed during the Covid-19 crisis. In a half hour interview with Glen Jung of Bright Light News Alexander discusses his work, and specifically his defense of doctors Trozzi, Luchkiw and Phillips against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

Simultaneous to other medical regulatory authorities across the globe including Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), the CPSO placed restrictions on medical practice relating to Covid-19. The three explicit restrictions specified by CPSO are that doctors cannot:

  1. say anything contrary to the narrative relating to Covid-19 in relation to vaccines, masking, social distancing, lockdowns, and treatments;
  2. prescribe Ivermectin or other drugs not ‘approved’ for Covid-19;
  3. write medical exemptions for Covid-19 vaccinations (at the same link as 2).

On 23 November 2022, Alexander presented an argument to the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Disciplinary Tribunal (OPSDT) that the CPSO are prosecuting dozens of doctors across the province without legal authority to do so. He argued that the CPSO prosecutions are in contradiction to their own regulations and in subversion of the fundamental principles of law.

The pre-hearing motion was a first in CPSO history despite Alexander’s evidence that they have engaged in habitual overreach, intimidating and gagging doctors for three decades, resulting in significant and negative impact on the health care of Canadians. In discussion with Jung, Alexander described the cases of the three doctors involved in this pre-hearing motion. He suggests that regulatory authorities across Canada are equally involved in this medical tyranny. In fact, details continue to emerge of a coordinated international campaign against the medical profession.

Dr Trozzi has reported briefly on the tribunal, which was livestreamed and shared on YouTube for less than 10 hours, reaching 20,000 views before public access was blocked. A warning remains in place that anyone sharing the recording may face a fine of up to $25,000.

Layers of Medical Tyranny: Talking About Paxlovid in New Zealand

The discussion around Pfizer’s drug Paxlovid as an early treatment for Covid-19 is pertinent to the New Zealand context. Recommended by the Ministry of Health, New Zealanders can access Paxlovid via a pharmacist without prescription. We see it advertised in local newspapers and on television screens. New Zealand and the USA are the only countries allowing direct-to-consumer drug advertising.

Medical tyranny drug advertising

Is it a mere coincidence that New Zealand and the USA also take significantly more prescription drugs than our counterparts in other western nations?

Medical tyranny graph

Will the blatant advertising and relaxation of prescription laws relating to Pfizer products impact our consumption of their merchandise? What contracts have our government signed with Pfizer such that our medical doctors are being removed from the diagnostic and treatment process in our health care system?

A combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir, Paxlovid is one of the most toxic drugs available. With a Medsafe datasheet of 33 pages, it has 627 known contra-indications with other drugs, making it one of the most complicated prescription drugs requiring comprehensive medical knowledge and patient detail. Ritonavir has a black box label stating it can lead to severe and/or life threatening reactions. Why is it being so actively promoted to New Zealanders?

Whilst the cases of doctors Trozzi, Luchkiw and Philips are highlighted by independent media, thousands of doctors across the globe, including over 20 in New Zealand, face their own battles with regulatory bodies. It appears that it is not only governments in lock-step but also medical councils and licensing authorities.  We have previously discussed the role of the shadowy FSMB and its likely influence in the workings of the New Zealand Medical Council.  Do you want a private company with dubious funding dictating what New Zealand doctors can do? NZDSOS continues to fight for its objectives, including the ability of doctors to practice in line with the Hippocratic Oath, informed consent and the right to refuse medical treatment.

Watch: Michael Alexander on Fighting Canada’s Medical Tyranny

Watch the half hour interview on Bright Light News here.

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