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Water Related Deaths in New Zealand: Why Can’t the Question Be Asked?

Water related deaths FI
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​​​​​​​If Water Related Deaths Are Not Drownings, What Are They?

It has become an ‘extreme view’ to question whether some of the ‘water-related’ deaths (many were not called ‘drownings’) that have occurred in the past two years might have been medical events occurring in the water. Medical events such as fatal arrhythmia from myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack are all known to be side effects of covid vaccination.

We applaud Darren Gilchrist of ACT for wondering about all these people.  A number of the deaths occurred at calm East Coast beaches.

Water related deaths Darren Gilchrist
Well over 40 drownings this summer so far…given the jab side effects of myocarditis/heart attacks, and blood clotting, I’m thinking there is a likely link to the jabs…

Why does Darren Gilchrist now ‘totally disavow’ his comment? Is he no longer interested in these people?  Has he seen post-mortem and coronial evidence that they did not suffer a medical event in the water?

Why does David Seymour think such questions can’t be asked?

Our view is that Darren Gilchrist should continue to ask such questions and that David Seymour should applaud his candidates for asking the questions the citizens of NZ want to know the answers to.

Water Related Deaths in New Zealand

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Are These Really Extreme Views?

Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Vera Sharav’s documentary series Never Again is Now Global suggests there are very clear historic parallels between the pandemic restrictions and events of 1930s-1940s Europe.

Water related deaths
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