Divya Simon Coroner Update

Divya Simon Update: The Case For All New Zealanders to Be Asking Questions

We have written previously about Divya Simon, a 31 year old nurse who died in Jan 2022, five days following her booster vaccine.  She suffered a coronary artery dissection (internal tear) that caused sudden left ventricular (main pumping chamber of the heart) failure.  The pathologist thought perhaps she had an ‘underlying weakness’ of the coronary arteries though did not mention any of the usual conditions that would cause such a weakness.  It seems he did not consider that the coronary artery might have been weakened by inflammation due to spike protein being produced by its endothelial lining cells.

We were concerned that the coroner’s findings relating to her death did not address the elephant in the room – covid vaccination – as we thought covid vaccination could be relevant to both the cause and the circumstances of her death.

We sent a letter to the coroner involved, Louella Dunn, on 4 May 2023 asking her to reconsider several aspects of the Divya Simon case relating to both cause and circumstances.  

We received a response later in May saying that Coroner Dunn had referred our comments and questions to the pathologist involved and she was waiting for his review but that he was away.

We followed up on 25 June enquiring about the outcome of his consideration and on 4 July were advised again that the pathologist had been on leave and the outcome was still awaited.

On 14 Aug 2023 the case was still being reviewed by the pathologist.

The purpose of the coronial service is supposedly to prevent further injury and death of New Zealanders.  However, if it can’t make findings in a timely manner, it is unlikely to be useful in this role.  It is now over 19 months since Divya Simon’s death and significant questions remain in our minds about both the cause and the circumstances.

Divya Simon

Explaining Our Concern, Not Just for Divya Simon

It is increasingly understood that the mRNA and lipid nanoparticle technology that is in the Pfizer vaccine can damage blood vessels.

Below is some of the emerging science on vascular damage due to spike protein/covid vaccination:

  1. The Pfizer covid vaccination consists of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) encasing synthetic genetic material (mRNA) which codes for spike protein (SP).  It is injected into the muscle and is able to spread widely throughout the body.  This study demonstrates the distribution of LNPs in rats.  The LNPs themselves are toxic as described in section 5.3 (Lipid nanoparticle toxicity) of the publication mRNA Vaccine Toxicity.
  2. The spike protein has been demonstrated to cause damage to the vascular endothelial cells – the lining of blood vessels. 
  3. Cells lining the blood vessels take up the vaccine mRNA, produce the SP, then place it onto their surfaces to display it to the immune system.  These endothelial cells displaying this foreign protein are seen as abnormal and are destroyed by the immune system using inflammation, which can damage the structure of the vessel.
  4. German pathologist Dr Arne Burkhardt demonstrated vascular inflammation in both large and small vessels following vaccination.  In some cases, vascular inflammation has been the cause of death due to vessel dissection, aneurysm or rupture.  In this presentation he demonstrated abnormal inflammation in tissues due to spike protein production.   A number of vascular abnormalities are demonstrated.  He also had access to stains for spike protein and could demonstrate the presence of this in the abnormal vessels.
  5. mRNA Vaccine Toxicity describes the effects of the novel vaccines and discusses mechanisms of harm and tissue damage.  These sections are particularly relevant to the vascular damage seen in Divya’s case:
    • 3.1 mRNA vaccines are distributed throughout the body and prominently affect the blood vessels
    • 4.3 Vasculitis induced by mRNA vaccination
  6. Highly important research just released demonstrates that half of vaccinated patients release the spike protein into their blood for at least 3 months, and some were still releasing spike protein at the study’s 6 month end-point. The seriousness of this cannot be overstated. The likely explanation is that mRNA becomes hard-coded into the human genome in many people. The jab does NOT stay in the arm, and the resultant spike protein is NOT all gone after a few days. 

We hope the pathologist and coroner will consider our questions and evidence and get back to us.  However, we are increasingly under the impression that the systems supposedly in place to safeguard New Zealanders are not functioning.

All New Zealanders need to be asking questions.

NZDSOS Coroner Letter re Divya Simon

Divya Simon
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