The Citizen’s Database: Deaths & Injuries

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We have seen you and heard your stories.

In a spirit of compassion, in collaboration with The Health Forum New Zealand we bring you the sad numbers on what is really happening amongst those who received a C-19 injection.

About the New Zealand Citizen’s Database

The Citizen’s Database is the result of alarming lack of official response to the clear pattern of significant harm from the Pfizer injection program. Children and adults of all ages continue to die and be injured in appalling numbers around the world and here at home.

This treatment is clearly (and officially) experimental, given it’s rapid and limited clinical testing, and its official designation as a treatment with provisional consent only, issued by emergency use authorisation, under section 26 of the Medicines Act. In normal clinical trials, any and every possible adverse event is watched for, and the trial halted during investigations of any possible harm. Pfizer’s own reports from the early rollout in the US make for grim and sobering reading.

Despite this, in NZ reporting of adverse events following Comirnaty remains voluntary, and even frankly discouraged, as described by many victims, their families, health care workers and staffers within MoH.

The volunteers that are collecting these reports understand the uncertainties and unknowns in this process, of collecting details of dead and injured people following vaccination, but that the process is essential to fill the obvious information gaps, in order to help people make a more informed decision whether to take (or continue to take) the ‘vaccine’ for themselves or their children. The information comes to the team from personal reports, and from social media and news reports. Much care is taken to validate and cross check, although bad actors have attempted to discredit the group by submitting fake reports, for instance of a child’s death.

The abandonment of proper pharmacovigilance by the government is predictable in light of the appalling death and injury toll being reported here and overseas, where passive reporting systems are showing many times more more reports of death than from all previous vaccines added together, ever!

Therefore the People have stepped in, to bear witness and show the public that they are in great jeopardy, and to collect any evidence of criminal wrongdoing. The volunteers have been trained to make the information as easy as possible for Medsafe to follow up, though our medicines regulator still seems to manage to ignore it. Our own analysis has shown us that the Citizen’s database has epidemiological validity, but of course there is often uncertainty in final attribution of individual cases. The trends and scale of harm are obvious though.

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