Truth Will Be Told

Watch: The Truth Will Be Told

The Truth Will Be Told is a series of short films featuring experiences of New Zealanders throughout the Covid-19 pandemic response. Real, Not Rare is the most recent episode in the series, by filmmaker Alistair Harding.

While corporate media focused on the alleged character flaws of protesters gathered outside the High Court in Wellington on 22 January 2022, inside a judge was hearing a request for reversal of the vaccine rollout for 5 to 11 year olds. Reasons for the litigation brought by eight concerned parents were articulated by well informed demonstrators. Interviews were given by spokesperson for The Hood, Mishaela Daken; retired psychiatrist and member of NZDSOS, Dr Emmanuel E. Garcia; lawyer and Voices for Freedom cofounder, Clare Deeks; and Nancy Fulford, a grandmother and teacher mandated out of her employment and career.

On 5 February 2022 teacher Nate Weston spoke at a protest in Rotorua about his experience of developing a heart injury after receiving the first mandated dose of a Covid-19 injection. In an interview Nate and his wife describe his care experience in the New Zealand health system and their perception that the general public appear largely unaware of the risks associated with these injections. Nate subsequently lost his job for declining to take the second dose.

New Zealanders deserve to be informed of the risks associated with the Covid-19 injections. Where corporate media are failing us, independent media are stepping up to the plate. This series and other short features from the same producers can be found on Rumble at The Truth Will Be Told.

Watch: The Truth Will Be Told – Real, Not Rare

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