Read them and weep.

All this for a flu-like illness.

New Zealand Citizen’s DatabaseTBCTBCTBC
New Zealand Medsafe30 Jun17163,250
EUdra European Database18 Jun45,7524,522,307
Yellow Card UK Database29 Jun2,2071,503,321
VAERS USA15 July29,6355,667,613

Compare these adverse events to the following New Zealand numbers.

Number of Covid deaths in 22 months52
Number of recovered cases in 22 months13,800
Number of flu / pneumonia deaths in 2018 (latest data available)669
Total number of deaths in 2019 (latest data available)34,489

Does it make sense to inoculate with an experimental injection, that causes significant harm against a disease that is mild for most and that is easily treated, and where the inoculation does not prevent an individual from getting or from spreading the disease?

It has been conservatively estimated that in the most vulnerable age group of 65 years and above, the inoculation causes five times the number of deaths compared to deaths attributed to Covid, whether from Covid or with Covid.