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Nowhere to Hide from The Cataclysmic Division of The Nation

What will it take to bring our country back together? New Zealand has now changed beyond recognition and what Ardern and her enablers have achieved is not tens of thousands of lives saved but a nation divided and a hardened foe. The more the government denigrated those with differing views as filth, the more they coalesced around freedom of information and individual choice; the same concept Ardern is trying to hide behind now. There is nowhere to hide from the cataclysmic division of the nation which has ensued under the leadership of the current government.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) congratulates all those who held the line under extreme circumstances in what was undoubtedly one of the most manipulated events in our nation’s history, characterised by lack of compassion and commonsense. Those that did not succumb to the coercion, bullying and bribery have their health but sadly not everyone coerced into taking the clearly rushed and experimental injection still has. We have witnessed unprecedented collateral damage on our fellow kiwis from the Pfizer injection with adverse reactions, injuries, and deaths which Ardern and her enablers must never be allowed to forget or sweep under the carpet. We pay tribute to all those individuals who believed in the government’s safe and effective narrative but whose lives are now irreparably damaged.

It is with great honour and appreciation that New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science wish to thank all those who supported us quietly and loudly and we also thank the army of volunteers without whom we could not have reached as many New Zealanders as we have.

As we attempt to go forward and pick up the pieces of our divided nation, we remain steadfast in our desire to meet with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of New Zealand for an urgent discussion including the development of full information for those considering prevention for covid and other viral illnesses, valid treatment for those injured and dropping of all charges by the Medical Council against doctors who asked questions, prescribed safe early treatment and advised caution.

Thanks to Corona Virus Plushie for his great video work.

Read here: Nowhere to Hide from The Cataclysmic Division of The Nation

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