Professor Fukushima Addresses ‘A Tremendous Crisis’ of Vaccine Related Harm

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Professor Masanori Fukushima first reached international attention in November 2022 when he attended an extraordinary session in the House of Representatives in Tokyo to challenge the Japanese Ministry of Health on the harms their interventions were causing. As an oncologist, pharmaco-epidemiologist, clinical trials and regulatory affairs scientist Professor Fukushima joins the growing number of qualified professionals with highly relevant experience who have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of the medical products unleashed onto populations worldwide.

Most recently Professor Fukushima has been named the representative director of the Japanese Society for Vaccine Related Complications (JSVRC), launched with medical, science and legal colleagues associated with various academic and private institutions in Japan. The JSVRC held a one hour press conference at the Ministry of Health on 7 September 2023, which is available here in Japanese. Thanks go to @shortshort_news on Twitter for this two minute English transcript of Professor Fukushima addressing the media. The video and transcript are below.

NZDSOS stand with Professor Fukushima and his colleagues, in denouncing the pharmaceutical products which are causing grave harm to populations, and calling for all physicians and scientists to begin immediately collaborating to address this crisis. This must be done in a way that ensures this can never happen again.

Join NZDSOS on 16 September at our first public conference, to learn more about our work and the collaborations being formed within and beyond New Zealand. In-person attendance is sold out, but online tickets are available here. If you are joining us for the event, we look forward to seeing you there.

Professor Fukushima’s Address

My name is Fukushima and I am the President of the Study Group on Vaccine Problems. The official name of the study group is Japanese Society for Vaccine Related Complications.

As a doctor and as a scientist, I am gravely aware that we are facing a tremendous crisis right now. I could say that this crisis has just begun.

This is a crisis of democracy. The people’s right to access information is completely undermined. The government adopts a shameless attitude to keep disregarding the basic human rights such as the right to pursue happiness, and the right to live that are protected under the Japanese Constitution.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

As you can see in the materials handed to you, honest scholars have documented numerous vaccine-related harms and injuries etc, at their academic conferences. The number of vaccine harms reported at the academic conference is ‘many hundreds’.

This is not just an unusual situation. Nothing like this has ever happened before. What vaccines are causing is not drug-related harms. Totally incomplete substance called a nucleic acid medicine, which is in fact not even a medicine, was distributed to the public.

So what happened as a result?

I dare say murder. We could say that a massacre has occurred. This is more like a holocaust caused by a bioweapon.

What is happening now? Something very sloppy and half-baked has been released onto the world. Trillions of public money was wasted on that half-baked product.

Under the circumstances, I seriously believe that the raison d’être: the reason for existence, of scientists, doctors and citizens, is now being tested. So I announce that the spirit of our group, which I would say is the soul of the Vaccine Problem Study Group, is ‘patient first, facts as is is, face reality, raison d’être of physician and scientist’.

Now, I will provide the official mission statement of the Vaccine Study Group.

We will address the post-vaccination syndrome. According to the international classification, this is classified as ‘adverse drug reaction’. It is high time to deliver appropriate medical care to patients affected by post-vaccination syndrome in a truly serious manner.

It is not too late.

Immediately, all doctors, all scientists, need to face this huge problem.

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  1. The body is a complex ecosystem like a lake, or the ocean.
    Getting the unnatural, synthetic, man-made vax injected into the body is the equivalent of dumping a barrel of dioxin in a lake. Each booster is another barrel, the toxic effect cumulative.

    1. mRMA transcribes, DNA contamimants, graphene, heavy metals, LNP, wesponizing your own cells genetics to create alien toxic protiens, auto-cellular attack ie autoimmune damage of many many forms. Dumbest or most evil concept for a vaccine platform EVER.

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