Professor Masanori Fukushima Condemns Japanese Ministry of Health Covid-19 Vaccine Program, Demanding Urgent Halt and Investigation

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Professor Masanori Fukushima from Kyoto University in Japan, has a medical degree and a PhD in medicine according to his credentials here. His international standing includes recognition as an infectious diseases expert, as well as extensive experience in other specialities such as pharmacoepidemiology, oncology and biomedical research. Early in the pandemic he treated Covid-19 patients following treatment protocols accessed from China, seeing dramatic success.

Almost two years into his government’s Covid-19 “vaccine” rollout, Professor Fukushima attended an extraordinary session at the House of Representatives in Tokyo on 25 November, 2022. He has reportedly been speaking out against the government’s fraudulent public health response this whole time, and his vehement frustration is explosive.

We shared a shorter version of this video in An Accelerated Cancer Catastrophe, but the longer version (7m30s) is also worth viewing. Professor Fukushima pulls no punches as he alerts the Ministry of Health to his conclusions of fraud in the face of extreme population harms.

Watch: Professor Fukushima Addresses Ministry of Health 25 November 2022

Professor Fukushima at the extraordinary session in the House of Representatives in Tokyo, where other medical experts spoke alongside victims of vaccine harm. A Japanese medical doctor and epidemiologist has personally confirmed the accuracy of the English transcript in this video for us.

Full Script of Professor Fukushima’s Address

First, this vaccine was scientifically misconceived. So in 2020 I immediately translated the Chinese guidelines as soon as they arrived from China, to use the steroids as appropriately as possible. So I announced it. But I had no ears to hear me.

However, the Japanese doctors are excellent so I soon realised that the steroids needed to be used immediately, and I released the guidelines around June, after which the death rate dropped dramatically. Before the vaccine. So anyone inciting this vaccine without any academic acumen is to be condemned. The harm caused by vaccines is now a worldwide problem.

Here is an article recently published. Shall we read it? Given the large number of people who have received vaccinations, and given the wide range of adverse events, billions of lives could ultimately be in danger. We urge public health agencies to acknowledge or substantiate the issues raised in this document that are relevant to public health. Recognise them and act accordingly.

Also ensure that all individuals make their own decisions on the matter [of] medical assistance using this information as a contributing factor in their decision making.

We encourage you to make your own health care decisions. I have translated the full text of this document and distributed it, so please read it carefully.

And one more thing. Half of them died of cardiovascular and heart problems after vaccination. I’m sure you know this all too well. Alpha. Beta. Gamma. What idiocy. A bunch of incompetent scholars who cannot be called scholars. A total disregard for science and medicine.

This should never happen again. We are a country of science and technology, aren’t we? What the hell! By ignoring science and medicine you are somehow letting the healthcare system collapse.

In fact, look at how many sudden cardiovascular deaths there are. Everyone who has received this vaccine and whose blood pressure has risen, it’s because of the vaccine. Nearly 2,000 people died. But I think this number is much higher. Most of them fall asleep crying.

Don’t overlook written reports if anything is found on autopsy. What are you doing? You can’t help but want to hide it! This is a case of drug harm. Mr Kawada suffered greatly. Therefore we will eradicate drug harm risks at all costs.

This country has learned its lesson about drug harm, and has become a country that will never suffer drug harm again. But you forcefully ignore it, and you spend trillions of yen importing vaccines for this country and inciting the population. So it’s not good at all.

Last year I thought it would be a problem if this vaccine spread, and I decided it was delusional to think a vaccine would fix the pandemic. In professional journals the misunderstanding has finally come to light, and now it is understood how dangerous it is to wrap the mRNA into lipid nanoparticles. Every cell engulfs it and the cells transform. This what I know now. The mechanism is clear.

Immediately dissolve the evaluation committee and investigate all cases. This is the conclusion. An investigation into all cases. And all those who have fallen ill after being vaccinated should not delay informing their medical institution.

Don’t be slow. Not sure what will happen. Cardiovascular disease. Autoimmune disease. Susceptibility to infection and on coming to the brain. The nanoparticles are absorbed by the brain. A stupid scientist would say “they can’t cross the blood-brain barrier, so it’s okay”.

I mean I’m not a fool. It can suppress natural immunity. That’s why it didn’t spread in Japan at first. Because they have IgA (salivary immunoglobulin A) in their saliva, and they have this kind of resistance to the coronavirus. However, due to vaccination natural immunity has been suppressed.

This is what happened. I don’t think it will subside at all. It will spread more and more. Most people already have post-vaccine infections. The people who have the disease right now are not the ones who haven’t been vaccinated, but the ones who have been vaccinated. The data presented by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare speak for themselves.

I delivered them all.

Please answer tomorrow. Report it properly to the newspapers and the press and to all of them.

However, now the danger is being reported all over the world.

So I’m telling you: you have to conduct an investigation. No doctor can make a medical diagnosis simply by looking at such a piece of paper. I’m saying that you must look at the medical records and do a proper investigation.

There’s no question about it.

Stop the bad science and do the right science. That’s enough. Looks like you’re trying to destroy evidence. Do the right thing or you’re just going to have a criminal lawsuit.

Enough is enough. Enough!

I don’t care what you say. Noone is going to be convinced by the process or the bullshit things that you are talking about.

[Ministry of Health representative]: Well of course, we will not only evaluate the results as they are … we are trying …

[Professor Fukushima]: You can’t possibly have any way to evaluate it! What you need, clinically speaking, is that you need to look at the medical records properly, look at the data, and do it properly and carefully, one case at a time. People’s lives are at stake!

[Ministry of Health representative]: Yes sir, we will make every effort to do so.

[Professor Fukushima]: You idiot! Enough is enough!

You have so many people here but you are not getting anywhere. Lawmakers also came all the way here. You can’t repeat this kind of thing. You should have started from the beginning with a proper scientific light.

So immediately disband the ridiculous Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee. Instead, set up an investigation committee to investigate all cases. And to do so you need to get proper statisticians and some decent experts.

You understand? Then do some tests and investigations. As Dr Sano said earlier, if you have samples of tissue consider the process of spike protein. People are already doing research all over the world.

Japan’s prestige is at stake.

You have vaccinated so many people. And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare who are leading the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated! What a f***ing joke is that?!

First of all you need to clarify this. Immediately disband the Vaccine Causality Evaluation Committee and investigate all the cases. You must identify all deaths and unreported deaths in the investigation. Thousands and tens of thousands of lives are at stake.

And one more thing. We don’t have any idea of the long term side effects of this vaccine. The nanoparticles taken into the body in large quantity, unceasingly produce spike protein.

People are still sick. Still in bad physical condition. For some reason people suddenly get sick. For some reason, suddenly people’s blood pressure rises. For some reason people suddenly get eczema. When we diagnose, we find spike protein.

And the diagnosis is moving to the next phase.

We need to stop vaccinating immediately and take care of the health of all cases. That’s what this scientific paper also says.

You bring in people who don’t have a proper understanding of the cutting edge science and the media puts them on TV. The same idiots are always promoting vaccines. It’s ridiculous! I say it’s super foolish!

I didn’t come here to hear the process or bullshit things you are explaining. I am here today to correct things properly. That’s why I am here.

We agree with every word of Dr Fukushima’s meltdown. He obviously cares deeply about his patients, his country and the planet.

Give us the medical records of all the deceased vaccinated New Zealanders and all those with new medical conditions since vaccination.  We will do our own analysis of the data and determine how many Kiwis have been killed or injured by this medical procedure, since the people paid to do it are busy hiding from the truth.

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