NZ Police Shown Clearly To Let Down People of New Zealand

NZ Police
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Open Letter Sent to NZ Police

On the 5th of March 2021 Senior Police Constable Dan Picknell, an experienced frontline officer with over 19 years service, raised serious concerns formally with Police Commissioner Andrew Coster about the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 Health Response, highlighting potential criminality and harms to the New Zealand Public as a result.

Subsequently, senior Constable Dan Picknell had numerous interactions with senior police leaders up until his resignation from New Zealand Police in early June 2022 around the concerns raised, as well as the actions of Commissioner Coster and other Police staff. 

During this time NZ Police were not willing to investigate or consider any of the issues identified, in particular harms caused by COVID-19 injections, despite over 66,000 New Zealanders having reported adverse reactions to CARM from minor health issues through to serious injury and death. Any other medical product with this level of harm would have been removed in a very short time.

NZDSOS is very familiar with this pattern of obfuscation and denial from NZ Police, having reported many specific cases of sudden death shortly following COVID-19 injections to them, with a request for investigation. Our communications with Police, and all other agencies, can be found here. Emails obtained by us show that senior Police worked hard (and successfully) to shield Commissioner Coster from knowledge of or responsibility for our reports.

However, senior police staff did make disclosures and comments to Senior Constable Dan Picknell. This led him to believe that Police management had lost sight of NZ Police values and obligations to protect the public and investigate possible crimes.

In October 2023 Dan Picknell sent an email to Commissioner Andrew Coster and the other Senior Police managers he had previously been dealing with, bringing attention to new evidence of Pfizer having provided a different COVID-19 immunisation product to New Zealand than the product that was given Provisional Consent by Medsafe thereby committing fraud, and being a potential reason for the mass injury of many of the recipients of this product in New Zealand.

Dan Picknell asked Commissioner Andrew Coster to provide an answer as to whether or not he would now act in accordance with the law and investigate the concerns raised that affect the majority of Kiwis who have been injected with a misrepresented and very dangerous product.

To date no response has been forthcoming so Dan Picknell has released his email as an open letter so the New Zealand public may be privy to his efforts to prevent any further harm to the people of New Zealand, and for the people of New Zealand to ask why Police have not acted when holding knowledge of serious wrongdoing from at least the 5th of March 2021. We are very grateful to Mr. Picknell for his courage, and committment to the New Zealand people. 

Of his letter, he states

“In releasing the letter below dated October 20, 2023 as an open letter, my intention is to raise awareness to the people of New Zealand to the difficulties I have experienced communicating with Senior New Zealand Police over matters of importance and consequence to all Kiwis. To date despite me sending this letter to Police twice I have had no reply.

Because of this I have no confidence in Commissioner Coster’s ability to continue as Commissioner of New Zealand Police. I seek his resignation so that a full and thorough Police investigation and separate independent Public enquiry may be undertaken investigating the concerns I have raised around New Zealand’s COVID-19 response, the ensuing harms caused by the response and the actions or lack of, from those entrusted to protect us and ensure the interests of the New Zealand people are the first and foremost priority above all else.

It is my belief that Commissioner Coster has failed to maintain independence from any Minister of the Crown pursuant to section 16(2)(a)(b)(c) of the Policing Act 2008. This belief is strengthened by the Commissioner’s lack of response or action to legitimate concerns raised by NZDSOS and by comments Inspector Srhoj made when he visited me on behalf of Commissioner Coster and he told me that Police do not investigate Government.

For me Government is made up of Ministers representing the people, and these Ministers are people like the rest of us who like the rest of us can make poor decisions or be subject to coercion, bribery and or criminal activity. Ministers within Government are not exempt from the rule of law or from the consequences of breaking the law.

In the below letter I have made minor amendment from the original letter to protect individuals privacy around health-related comments that were made directly to me by the individuals. I have left the comments in because it highlights a lack of adherence to Police values within the highest levels of NZ Police to make these comments but still have been not prepared to speak up, investigate or take complaints of harm seriously.

There are many good people within NZ Police doing an often thankless job, I support the good work they do on behalf of us all. I do not support the poor leadership currently displayed within NZ Police.”

Read the Open Letter Sent to NZ Police Here

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  1. I understand that in an address made to EU MEP’s by a doctor he claimed that Pfizer new ten years prior that their vaccine was ineffective and caused various maladies. Wasn’t the purpose of the vaccine to stop one getting sick and/or transmitting the virus? Then I hear claims that it’s purpose was to make the virus mutate so one got less sick. That government is now privy to the plethora of harms the vaccine causes why is it still pushing it onto us?

    1. We were led to believe what was provided by Pfizer was a vaccine but it was not the usual formula and didn’t behave like a vaccine. I was immediately suspicious but television is a very powerful medium . I was fortunate that l didn’t have to earn a living to satisfy mortgage demands or keep a family as was the case for many. There clearly is a case to answer as will occur in due course.

  2. the NZ Police are now committed to protecting the Government and the
    many corporations that they are also a part of as is the justice department, so until that changes we can expect more of the same of what happened at the Freedom Village protest. Thebe are some really good, caring police personnel, and some downright thugs who have lost sight of their moral compass and what it is to be human

  3. The oath that was taken by members joining the NZ Police 50 years ago was:
    To protect life and property, to detect and apprehend criminals, and to keep the Queen’s peace (simple and effective). Lives in NZ (and elsewhere) during this covid ‘pandemic’were under direct threat from these vaxines, and serious offences were committed by the continual forcing of these vaxines onto persons who did not want them. Such deaths and serious complaints should have been investigated immediately, as protection of life is the first and formost duty of the Police. Medical personnel also have a duty of care to ensure that persons under their supervision are not subjected to anything that may cause the death of such persons. Failure to perform this duty of care is a very serious criminal offence. Police should have investigated such complaints, and the results of their (initial) enquiry should have been placed directly before the Prime Minister (by the Commissioner). That is the duty of the Police. The Prime Minister then needed to make a proper decision as to whether the vaxine useage would continue. If deaths from the vaxines continued, Police needed to prosecute those who were recklessly ordering and using vaxines that were causing the deaths of NZ citizens. Indiscriminate killing of people with untested and unsafe vaxines cannot be condoned under any circumstances, even in a pandemic (and this was a very minor pandemic). By not protecting the people of NZ in this matter, the NZ Police were in fact failing in their duty to serve and protect. Politicians and doctors who pushed vaxines that were suspected of causing death and injury were also failing in their duty to serve and protect (‘at first do no harm’ is the start of the Hippocratic Oath). This whole matter needs serious, complete, and very competent investigation, because if nothing is done it could happen all over again.

  4. Does the Nuremberg Code cover this? To my mind it must. This all must be the biggest crime against humanity ever. There no place for these people here.

  5. Thank you for this initiative.

    “the ensuing harms caused by the response and the actions or lack of, from those entrusted to protect us and ensure the interests of the New Zealand people are the first and foremost priority above all else.”

    Yes, I know something about that from bitter first hand experience.
    Please watch my interview here and bear in mind that the ‘Independent’ Police Conduct Authority deemed that my complaint to them about the way police abused me was not worthy of further investigation. For the time being that is the sad NZ we now live in.

  6. Ok So the NZ police behaved very badly
    Let’s look ahead to the 500 new police and probably a whole new police set up.
    Every thing will be reorganised with this new Coalition government .
    NZ is looking forward to changes so keep positive Negativity gets you no where.

  7. I got mandated to take it. Refused. Fired. Took a crap pay job for 13 months. My money focused wife got mandated. Took three. All kinds of turmoil in my house because I didn’t & she did. I’m selfish. She vaxed my eldest daughter behind my back with 1 dose of Pfizer because she believed the NZ government bullsh*t. She then spent 12 days in ICU after her booster (coincidence?). But it couldn’t have been the vaccine because “the government wouldn’t lie to us!” My marriage is still damaged over what was done.

    I’m back working at the port job I was mandated out of. I know of 7 people with jab injuries or after jab effects there (mostly heart problems they didn’t have before). My nephew, age 14, a very active young man, now has myocarditis. His parents insured he was jabbed because it was safe, effective and the right thing to do… He will be lucky if he makes it to age 25 now.

    I will never trust the New Zealand government ( or any government) again. They could tell me the sky is blue and I will still walk outside to check.

    It may take 20 years… We will get justice!

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