Pfizer Trials Show Catastrophic Impact on Human Fertility: Comprehensive Reports From Investigative Research-Journalist Collaboration

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Background to Findings: Pfizer Harming Sexual Development of Children, Sexual Organs and Function of Men and Women

Required to be released by a January 2022 USA court order in monthly lots, Pfizer trial data is published at Public Health Professionals for Medical Transparency. Consisting of many thousands of pages of raw data, the documents need skilled analysis and interpretation. Author, historian and political commentator Dr Naomi Wolf has coordinated via her company Daily Clout, teams of skilled data analysts consisting of 3,250 qualified volunteers including biostatisticians, physicians, nurses, laboratory scientists and medical fraud investigators.

The Daily Clout reports can be found at this link and relevant interviews at the Daily Clout Rumble channel. The Pfizer Trials Analysis Program Director Amy Kelly, writes about her teams’ findings at Behind the FDA Curtain. Dr Wolf writes at Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf and she regularly presents findings of the analysts’ reports on Bannons War Room with Steve Bannon. She describes this collaboration as unexpected given their very different political perspectives until concerns about the pandemic response gave them common ground. It seems the entirety of New Zealand’s own disparate politicians also share a common concern – to enable and defend The Narrative. What do they all know, or have in common, we wonder?

The extreme censorship that NZDSOS have become all too familiar with, a phenomenon which likely explains the otherwise inexplicable compliance of many of our colleagues, is described well by Ms Kelly.

Male Fertility Concerns in the Pfizer Trials

In this instance the catastrophic harms Kelly refers to relate specifically to male fertility, detailed in her 6 September 2022 article Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality, Testes Function, from mRNA Vaccine Ingredients. Under normal circumstances the information shared, directly from the Pfizer trials data, would be cause for an immediate halt to this inoculation program.

Evidence for shedding of vaccine ingredients via skin-to-skin contact, inhalation and sexual contact with bodily fluids is provided. Pfizer suspected this to have negative fertility impacts and required certain conditions from male trial participants, such as refraining from sperm donation and abstaining from sexual contact with women of child bearing age unless using condoms and a second effective contraceptive method. Despite this evidence, CDC continue to inform the public that the possibility of shedding is a myth.

Adverse effects on fertility in adult males were not initially evaluated in the Pfizer trials due to the claimed need for rushed “vaccine” development. When they finally did conduct fertility trials, they mated un-injected male rats with injected female rats, deliberately excluding investigation into the effects of the product on male sperm. Males worldwide who have received these products as a public health intervention, are the trial subjects for the experiment as to whether male fertility will be impacted.

Negative fertility impacts are already demonstrated across multiple populations. Kelly describes an astonishing drop of over 22% in post-inoculation male fertility showing in Pfizer trial data. At six months post-inoculation sperm concentration, motility and motile count remained in decline and sperm concentration was at it’s lowest point across the study period.

The Pfizer trial documents show that “vaccine” ingredients, transported by the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) encasing them, distribute throughout the body and accumulate in organs including the testes. This is despite constant assurances from various public health experts and agencies that the ingredients would remain in the deltoid muscle and adjacent lymph tissue. Kelly outlines details from a 2018 published study which shows potential damage to sperm amount, quality and motility from LNPs. A February 2021 Pfizer trial document shows the risk of antisperm antibodies (ASA) following injection with mRNA inoculations, an auto-immune condition and known cause of male infertility.

In a more recent report Ms Kelly details severe injuries to the penis which are listed as known adverse events following “vaccination” in the Pfizer trial data. These include:

  • Penile vein thrombosis (clot), known as Mondor’s Disease;
  • Penile neoplasm (a malignant lesion);
  • Penile squamous cell carcinoma (a type of cancer);
  • Penile infection; and
  • Penis injury.

Ms Kelly describes the ways in which researchers and public health agencies have withheld this information from men and / or continued to promote the vaccine to men and boys. Adequate informed consent has clearly not been obtained from male “vaccine” recipients.

Female Fertility Concerns in the Pfizer Trials

Despite the array of concerns for male reproductive health, the Pfizer trial documents show that in comparison to males, mRNA injections cause 2.5 times more severe adverse events to women, and three times more risk to female reproductive organs and their function, according to Report 37 at Daily Clout. Dr Wolf discussed these harms with report author, orthopaedic surgeon Dr Robert Chandler, in late August.

Pfizer Trial AEs

There is no clear answer as to why women experience many more reproductive disorders as adverse events following mRNA inoculation, than men, but Chandler reports that the signal is strong. One potential reason is that the LNP/mRNA concentrations are much higher in the ovaries (as well as the liver, adrenal glands and spleen) than other organs. The preclinical animal studies conducted on Wistar Han rats only ran for 48 hours, and no longer term studies were performed. At the time the rat studies ended, the LNP/mRNA concentrations were still steeply rising in the ovaries. It is unknown as to why the study ended prematurely.

Findings may be different between animals and humans but there have been no human studies. As with males, females receiving these products as a public health intervention, are the trial subjects. Chandler states autopsy in those dying after mRNA inoculation would be useful to provide a better understanding of what changes are occurring, including to both male and female reproductive organs, from these products. If the higher rates of reproductive system dysfunction in women are due to biological processes rather than a bias in research methodology, then he warns that the implications may be profound.

The risks from these products are dose dependent, but it is not known if each subsequent injection increases concentrations within the organ. There is no evidence to show that the LNPs/mRNA eventually leave the ovaries and therefore the potential for harm increases with each dose. By far the most common adverse events relating to female reproductive function are menstrual dysregulation and vaginal bleeding disorders. Problems with pregnancy (eg uterine contracture, abortion, placental disorder) and foetal health (eg premature birth, foetal death, foetal growth restriction) are also listed. The LNPs are known to traverse membranes which would (speculatively) explain these harms as the products move from injected mother across the placenta into foetal circulation.

Page 111 of a March 2021 Pfizer trial protocol shows that exposure during pregnancy (EDP) was defined as including contact with an injected male trial participant prior to or close to conception. Such exposure required an immediate report to the trial investigator with follow up about the pregnancy and outcome. Pfizer had obvious concerns regarding exposure to these products in pregnancy, including via shedding, yet pregnant women across the world have been told that the injections are not only “safe and effective” but also recommended. In mid-September Dr Wolf interviewed obstetrician-gynaecologist and maternal-foetal medicine specialist Dr James Thorp, on potential links between mRNA injections and miscarriages and foetal malformations.

Watch: Naomi Wolf Discusses Human Reproductive Harms Shown in Pfizer Trial Documents

Dr Wolf discussed the harms to human reproductive health seen in the Pfizer trial data, with journalist April Moss at Face the Facts four days ago.

To summarise, there are abundant real-world “safety signals” pointing to profound impacts on sexual and reproductive function in both sexes. Various mechanisms satisfy the Bradford Hill causality requirements of biological mechanisms, and lack of other obvious explanation. 

All this on “the safest vaccine ever invented”. When the scientific and legal communities are forced to accept the reality of what has occurred, it is hard to fathom what consequences will be deemed appropriate for the possible mass sterilising of hundreds of millions of kids and young adults. 

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