Plea Denied: Chief Coroner’s Reply to NZDSOS

Office of the Coroner
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Chief Coroner Anna Tutton has responded to our recent letter to her.  We expressed our grave concerns about the state of the Coronial Service, which is, in effect, being expected to provide a pharmacovigilance function for covid 19 vaccines, but without sufficient knowledge or resources to do so.  We offered to meet with her to discuss our concerns and offer suggestions.  This was not accepted.

Her reply is disappointing.  She explained that Coroners are independent judicial officers (who are appointed by the government rather than elected or chosen by the people) and that pathologists decide what to test during a post-mortem.  She suggested that if we had concerns about pathologists being threatened by the MCNZ or about improperly investigated deaths, we should speak to pathologists or the police.

However we are as concerned about the hundreds of sudden unexpected deaths where there is no post mortem, or investigation at all.  We are not privy to pathologists’ reports unless they are shared with us so can only approach individual coroners – which we do – when the completed PMs come our way. We cannot speak with most pathologists themselves. 

We have already taken our serious concerns about many deaths post-vaccination to the police through a lawyer and been ignored.

We are aware that the recently passed Coroners Amendment Act has watered down the role of the coronial service just at the time when it is needed most.

We are doing our best to get the answers you deserve but this is proving difficult.  The citizens of New Zealand need to be demanding answers too.

Unless the people of New Zealand, especially those who are bereaved, demand  full autopsies including specific staining for the spike protein, demand that the autopsies are peer-reviewed by those expert in looking for mRNA vaccine damage, and demand evidence of the actual cause of death, as well as consideration of the
circumstances including mandatory vaccination, this cover-up will continue.

Read: Coroner Tutton’s Reply to NZDSOS

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  1. Disgusting to say the least. Just adds more weight to the fact that they are covering it up.

  2. Regarding the one confirmed vax death in NZ
    What test was used to conclude vax death ?
    Is this test being repeated on other unexplained deaths ?

  3. There ya go people
    Get this.
    Coroners are independent (bwwaahahahaha) but appointed by the corrupt govt corporation.
    So obviously the coroner’s are part of the enemy.
    Aren’t we so fortunate that the mcNZ,the judiciary,the popo and all these other government institutions have such high integrity that they are trusted to investigate themselves.(just sicked up in my mouth)
    WTF is wrong with all you people.
    Still waiting for someone else to do something?
    Hoping someone else will look after you?

  4. No names & not for repeat, but after attending a funeral up BOI on wed, wife & I were talking to the minister about how much more brutal when it was young folk dying- & did it take a toll on him? Without us mentioning the jab at all he volunteered that he was very distressed as in recent times he had dealt with 6 baby & stillborn deaths, something he had never encountered.
    I wonder how much resistance to autopsies in these situations…

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