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Locking Down for a Cold

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To the seeming delight of the main-stream media, New Zealand borders are on the brink of a “major failure” with an outbreak of Coivd-19 Omicron that will “plunge the country into red”, triggering locking down. Their go-to expert, Professor Michael Baker is urging the government to take action and the people to get vaccinated to prevent community transmission.

Have we learnt nothing in the last two years? Are we not at a point where we can state that:

1. Pursuing a zero-covid strategy is fruitless
2. By the Ministry of Health’s own admission, the vaccines do not prevent either community transmission, nor disease; a position that is borne out by a number of studies.
3. Lockdowns, social distancing and masking do not work
4. Omicron is a cold?


Yes, the rate of transmission is high, but the disease is mild. This is what viruses do. They don’t want to kill their host, as that means they can’t multiple and survive. As they evolve, viruses naturally become more transmissible, and the disease caused less severe.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

While experience is limited, with the first report of this variant in appearing in November 2021, data indicates that “Omicron is associated with a two-thirds reduction in the risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation” and a 1-5% death rate when compared to Delta. Note this is not compared to Coivd-19 overall but compared to Delta. Meaning that risks are vanishingly small. This is borne out in a recent report from Ireland indicating that the Case Fatality Rate of Omicron up to 31 December 2021 was 0.00%.

Omicron seems to be less dangerous, partly because it does not attack the lungs in the same way as previous variants do, meaning it tends to stay in the upper respiratory tract – just like a cold. Listen to what Dr Angelique Coetzee, from South Africa has to say.

Vaccines and Immunity

If you get Omicron, it is likely to be mild and being vaccinated is not likely to provide much protection.

Contrary to the main-stream media, it appears that vaccines offer very limited protection against Omicron. Notably, Omicron was first discovered in Botswana and South Africa in fully vaccinated individuals. Pfizer, Moderna and Novovax state that their current vaccines do not work for Omicron.

There is a suggestion that contracting Omicron, may boost immunity against Delta. Many doctors involved in Covid-19, are suggesting that contracting Omicron may be a “natural vaccine” providing protection against other C-19 variants.

Whether or not we have been exposed to any variant of SARS-Cov-2, we all have innate immunity that our bodies employ against all threats. Further, we have all been exposed to a corona virus within our lifetimes. This too, provides immunity. And we can boost our immunity naturally.  The journal Nature states that “It’s not just about the variant, it’s also about the host and the environment”.

Adverse Events

VAERS.  As is very evident, 88% of adverse events are filed within 24 hours. This is extraordinary, especially as the work involved filing these events is significant.


However, not only are immediate adverse events being reported, but in populations with high vaccination rates, excess deaths (death over and above the average in a year based on population) are now starting to be seen.  These deaths are not due to Covid-19. They are due to a multiplicity of other causes.  It is indeed sobering that during this “pandemic” there were no excess deaths in 2020 but as soon as the roll-out began excess deaths started to be noted especially in the elderly and in young males. The jabs seem to be killing quickly and slowly.

Given the significant adverse events of the vaccines combined with the mild disease profile of Omicron, individuals need to think very carefully about boosters, even for those at higher risk.

So, Ardern is threatening her subjects with a lockdown to prevent community transmission. This in the middle of summer when the UK and Ireland, in the middle of winter are opening theirs. All for a mild disease that will inevitably spread throughout New Zealand. Are we just delaying the inevitable while causing immense harms to business, all members of society and to our country?

There is no justification for locking down to prevent a cold. Indeed the combination of lockdowns, masking and boosting are starting to look, not just a little, like crimes against humanity.

Instead of relying on big pharma as our saviour, let’s take our health into our own hands. Let’s connect with our community – dancing, singing, hugging, sharing meals and showing our smiles – boosting our immunity in the process. We will no longer comply.

We’re taking out country back.

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