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Are New Zealand’s 5 Top Health Measures Really Keeping Us Safe?

We have been told that the only reason so few are suffering serious C-19 disease is that New Zealand’s public health measures of quarantines, vaccination and mask mandates, lockdowns and social distancing are keeping us safe and healthy.

If this is so, demands from the protesters appear dangerous. If the health measures are no longer mandated, we could all die? But is this really the case?

The Health Measures Supposed to Keep Us Safe

Vaccination does not work.

We are told that there may be a short period of benefit for the individual after being injected with the C-19 injection. However, not only is this initial benefit disputed, the chances of catching Covid appear to be double and deaths and hospitalisations much higher in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

Even the government is admitting the vaccinations do not stop the spread of the virus.

So, vaccination does not help the individual and it does not help the population.

Quarantines don’t work.

If we are to believe the narrative then quarantining for two weeks while being tested multiple times will ensure the virus does not get into the country. Not so fast.

According to news reports, Kiribati closed its borders for two years. Eventually 54 missionaries were allowed home but only after they had:

  • Quarantined in Fiji for two weeks
  • Been fully vaccinated
  • Tested negative for Covid-19 three times before leaving Fiji
  • Quarantined in Kiribati on arrival and tested

Out of the 54 returnees, 36 tested positive for Covid. Let’s not forget a similar situation in Antarctica.

There are multiple explanations for what is going on here. We don’t know if any of these people were sick, just that they tested positive. We do know that PCR tests are not predictive of disease or transmission, meaning a positive or negative test in a healthy person is close to meaningless.

Sars-CoV-2 does not respect borders, and with Omicron around, it is now irrelevant.

Social distancing does not work.

One has to marvel at the myriad of mandates around social distancing. It would seem that Sars-CoV-2 is a very clever and respectful virus. Implications of consciousness aside, how is it that sitting at a restaurant table is safe but sitting at a school desk is not? Why is standing and drinking not safe while sitting and drinking is? Why is distancing of two meters between people safe but 1.75 meters is not?

It turns out that there is no difference being 2 meters apart compared to being 20 meters apart as far as virus particles are concerned.

Lockdowns don’t work

Numerous studies on the effect of this recently introduced measure have indicated that lockdowns do not stop the transmission of the virus or decreased the incidence of Covid-19.

For the first time in history, healthy people were locked down on the flimsy argument of asymptomatic spread. While isolating sick people may help in an epidemic, such as the Smallpox epidemic of the late 19th century, up until 2020 the WHO advised against isolating healthy people. Do the reason’s for this change of policy, have anything to do with funding streams?

Masking does not work.

It seems obvious, right? If the virus is spread by via the mouth and nose, then covering these will prevent spread, protecting everybody.

Laboratory studies indicate that cloth, surgical and N95 masks can trap a significant portion of viral particles. However that is only part of the story.

Are those viral particles that masks stop infectious?

In other words, if the viral particles are not stopped by a mask, would they cause disease? To answer this, comparing the incidence of Covid illness in populations that wear masks to those that do not, would need to be done. The problem with this type of study is that there are so many confounders (aspects that could be confusing) such as underlying health conditions and lifestyle factors.

While numerous studies have been done, no one has yet taken a large number of people and kept them in the exact same conditions, some with masks and some without. Even in this circumstance, underlying health status would need to be taken into account. Remember our noses have filtered many airborne particles long before masks were around.

By all accounts, the most well-done study, the Danish mask study indicated that masks did not reduce the rate of infections. The recent study quoted by the CDC as “proving” masks work has been roundly debunked by main stream doctors and researchers, including an incredulous Professor Vinay Prasad.

What about the air that goes around the mask?

Seeing is believing. This guy isn’t even sneezing.

Many groups have explored the evidence for masks. In particular Swiss Policy Research has published an updated review on this topic. Their conclusion? “Face masks are unlikely to be protective”.

The Protestors Are Going to Be Just Fine

The images coming from Camp Freedom indicate that the mandated health measures are not being followed. Is this not dangerous?

Human immunity is a complex, system whereby all beings interact with the world. No-one fully understands it. What is evident, is that the “war” against microbes (germs) is misguided.

Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue.

Antoine Bechamp

Re-enforcing the terrain of our bodies allows us to live in harmony with all beings, including microbes. Furthermore, human interaction and community are fundamental requirements for the health of our body’s terrain and a belief system is known to improve survival.

We Are Better Off Without Ardern’s “Health Measures”

So do we need the government’s health measures to keep us safe? It would appear not. They do not work and we are better off improving our own health, that of our communities and that of New Zealand.

In bringing us together, Ardern may have inadvertently improved the health of New Zealanders.

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