Red Remembrance Day 2022

NZDSOS Red Remembrance Day 2022
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Across New Zealand, we gathered in groups, some large, some small to commemorate the day our nation changed irrevocably forever. A day we called Red Remembrance in honour of the blood spilt, blood clotted and blood ties broken by the mandates; red for emergency and red for STOP!

We gathered peacefully, to remember those who have passed on, those who have been injured and those who lost livelihoods due to unnecessary mandates for a so-called vaccine which has clearly shown not to reduce transmission. Together with New Zealand Rising, members from the freedom community, Health Forum New Zealand and Visn, we made our voices heard. You can read our message here.

We remembered the division which was created and remembered the courage it took as a collective to stand unwavering in the face of great tyranny.

Thank you New Zealand for your courage, for your stand and for your support.

We look ahead with purpose, vision and passion to ensure medical freedom is once again established in our nation and harms have been redressed.

Red Remembrance – We Will Not Forget

Thank you to all the courageous speakers who told their stories and to those who turned up in support to listen. We stand together with all those who were hurt – those injected and those not – and continue to not only fight for our freedoms but to unite as humans to heal and to create a better way.

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