A Christmas Gift to the Vaccinated – Brought to You by Pfizer and Their Deadly Contract

Pfizer Christmas DNA
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Mathemetician Igor Chudov is the first we have seen to cover this absolute bombshell on DNA integration of the Pfizer mRNA product – something we have worried about since before the vaccine rollout. 

In Italy, Duhli et al have added to proof already existing that the vaccinated can be still expressing the spike protein 6 months following vaccination. However, their further finding of synthetic vaccine code integrated into host DNA of living cells of recipients is devastating, though unsurprising to those of us who understood the various pathways by which this could happen. 

Research had already shown the Pfizer mRNA process of reverse integration into human DNA in the lab but not so far in living humans.
Pfizer In Vitro Integration
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Corrupting the human genome is a forever situation if mutant additions are passed to offspring, but chronic diseases and, especially cancer, can occur in the vaccinated in this lifetime.

Whether due to bystander viral reverse transcriptase, LINE-1 integration, oncogenic SV40 code, or bacterial plasmid contamination, genome corruption shown in this Italian paper ought to bring this fatal “gene transfer product” (Pfizer’s own words) weapon to a halt. But how many times have we heard that since the debacle began? 

Our regulators have been mostly mute so far on all the safety signals galore, including effects on fertility, stillbirths and miscarriages; the spike protein as the actual agent of harm to the body; plasmidgate; frame-shifted multiple prion products; and secret MOH data showing vaccine harms. Even when we rumbled their trick of mis-classifying vaccine status to try to hide vaccine harms and uselessness, they still ploughed on recklessly. 

So far, our massive hand-wringing has come to nought, but the explanation for that is straightforward. Pfizer’s contract forbids ANY statement or action by ANYONE that might reduce vaccine sales (as discussed in this very informative interview with investigator Nadine Connock, see our review of the interview here). This includes doctors, politicians, the press, judges, and presumably too, the NZ Police, since they have refused to investigate clear evidence of post vaccine deaths. Instead they have preferred to hide behind the government, via Medsafe and the Minister of Health. 

This deal with the devil was led by a government lawyer – now on the Medical Council, in a clear conflict of interest – and signed by the last government, behind the deception of “an unprecedented global health emergency” – as marketed by the  World Health Organisation: unelected, private, unaccountable and funded by vaccine investors. The lie of this being far deadlier than the common flu was disproven very early on by the WHO’s own statistics, and as clearly laughable as the attempts to cover-up the truth of SARS CoV-2 being a man-made bioweapon. 

Presumably the new government is to be held to the Pfizer contract signed by the Ardern administration, which means the promise of a truly effective inquiry could be a pipe dream without exposing and striking out the contract first, as Crown Law will fling it’s dead body before attempts to get a proper inquiry going.

However, there are some potential pathways to demolish this deadly deal. In law, “fraud vitiates everything”, including contracts; the bait and switch product delivered to NZ was produced very differently to the one submitted for approval to regulators; consumer protections have been breached, along with GMO legislation; there have been multiple breaches of the Medicines Act; officials have lied to push the narrative; multiple human rights have been ignored (including the most prime, the right to life) and so it is easy to see pathways to serious criminal charges.

Multiple lines of evidence show that government knew that people had died and been seriously harmed very early on – in fact, before the first jab was ever given here – and more would follow. To continue in that certain knowledge of harms to come, as they are STILL doing, cannot be tolerated.

 If our laws actually prove to allow criminal acts because a drug company says so, it is surely time for the people to ask some hard questions about the country we want. This is happening already in other nations, and this latest proof of the lies and their terrible truths must surely speed the process of retaking humanity, whatever the attacks on its genome.

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  1. There clearly something nefarious at play when the NZ Government signs a contract forbidding “ANY statement or action by ANYONE that might reduce vaccine sales”. How can a Government legally enter into a contract that dictates they ignore the human rights of their own citizens (free speech, individual autonomy)? Surely not enforceable. I take back anything derogatory I may have said about anti-vaxxers in the past. Congratulations on being well ahead of the curve, although given a lot of people arrived at their point-of-view following personal tragedy, that will be of no comfort whatsoever.

  2. No current government should be beholden to a previous governments agreements – new government new rules otherwise you may as well still have the old government in and never have had an election.

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