Fit, Healthy, Young Rugby Players – Dying Suddenly.

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Why are rugby players (and other young people) collapsing and dying?

Recent Herald articles detail a number of medical ‘incidents’ relating to rugby players.  The articles are somewhat confusing and lacking in medical detail but there has been enough reported to be concerned about and for us to have questions.  At least four players have been mentioned as experiencing medical events or needing medical care in the last month.  

Piecing together the details from several articles it is possible to glean the following information.

1) Suburbs Rugby Club’s Premier Development side and Manukau Rovers Rugby Football Club. The player collapsed moments after the final whistle.  The player is believed to have suffered a seizure and stopped breathing.  Paramedics performed life-saving CPR. He was transported to Auckland Hospital to receive treatment.

2) On June 17 Adrian Lole was seen stumbling back to the try line before collapsing.  Lole was rushed into surgery, where he had a blood clot removed from his brain. Auckland Rugby Union are still unaware of the cause.

3) Bay of Plenty rugby league player Tere Livingstone suffered a critical brain injury while playing and died in hospital days after the incident.  After receiving a scan and surgery he had been putting up a fight for the past few days.

4) The events come after a Bay of Plenty rugby league player (Tere Livingstone) and a rugby union player from Ruatōria both died after on-field incidents. 

That is four incidents in a short space of time.  The reporting is ambiguous and refers to “a tragic incident”,  “a major brain injury”, “severely injured”, “on-field incidents”.  However, it is not clear whether the players were injured in the course of play or whether they suffered an injury to their brain due to a medical event. Certainly in at least two of these cases it would seem to be the latter.  The players have collapsed or had a seizure rather than experiencing a blow to the head.

Surgery has been needed – to remove blood clots in one case.  

There have been previous reports in 2021 and 2022 involving young rugby players dying suddenly from medical events.

Rugby player Taniela Moa (36) suddenly dead following a medical event in Dec 2021.

Sulamai Lavea (48) a rugby league player passed away from a heart attack on Saturday 11 Dec 2021 in Brisbane.  He had walked up the ‘death stairs’ during fitness training and collapsed on the second level.

Mike Salase (39) was a rugby league player.  He died on 10 Jul 2021 having suffered a medical event while playing league in Broadwood, Northland.

A rugby player died during an East Coast Centennial celebration match.

Rising star, Maori All Black Sean Wainui (26) died mysteriously, without the proper post-mortem needed, especially since he was reportedly unwell since his first jab. 

What is going on?  Has anyone asked the obvious question?  Were these players injected with a covid 19 ‘vaccine’ and have they experienced one of the many potential adverse effects that could cause a person to suffer a seizure, collapse, heart attack, have a brain bleed or need clot removal?

Of course, as we have stated repeatedly, it is not just rugby players who are suffering so-called sudden unexpected injuries and death. All age groups and walks of life are suffering unexplained elevated death rates.

Something is killing us off and we have to do something. 

It is becoming increasingly known that the injection of synthetic genetic material along with lipid nanoparticles and possible contaminants, as well as the subsequent production of spike protein (and perhaps other proteins) by multiple cells in the body, is associated with a number of serious medical conditions showing up in many people. 

Once injected, the mRNA ends up in the circulation where it can be taken up by any body cells.  It seems the heart muscle, brain and lining of blood vessels are common sites for production of spike protein.  When human cells produce a foreign protein they become a target of the immune system.  Inflammation occurs as the body tries to remove the foreign protein.

Inflammation in the heart muscle is known as myocarditis.  If it affects electrical pathways in the heart, heart-stopping rhythm disturbances can occur.  This can cause a sudden collapse and/or death.  Post-mRNA vaccine myocarditis affects young men particularly and seems to be exacerbated by physical exertion.

Inflammation in brain tissue can cause seizures, in addition to a multitude of other symptoms.

Inflammation in blood vessels can weaken the walls and cause them to swell (aneurysm), split (dissection) or burst.  Inflamed blood vessels may also contribute to blood clots forming inside them causing damage to tissues downstream.

The reason for bringing this up is because if possible adverse reactions from a novel injection are not considered in the possible diagnoses in these cases and then ruled out, the potential for treatment may be missed.  In addition, damage is cumulative and the more injections a person has, the more likely adverse effects are to occur. It is looking like there really are deadlier batches and placebos out there, according to published studies

We keep mentioning such situations because until there is acknowledgement that the vaccine can cause serious and significant harm in some people and open discussion and debate is allowed, there won’t be any research about how to treat people potentially affected.  Nor will there be discussion about how to prevent further damage which could affect other rugby players and other Kiwis.  

We and others have written on some of the hundreds of post-vaccine deaths by name – Divya Simon, Isabella Alexander, Rory Nairn, Louis AmosLiam O’Sullivan, Sarah Barnes, and we have referred to numerous children, suddenly dead, as a group. Using their actual names this time will hopefully help stimulate a call for a proper enquiry so we can move to protect ourselves, in the absence of any public officials acting on massive ‘safety signals’, to put it mildly. 

So here is a roll-call of some suspicious deaths in children and young people, with huge respect, compassion and sorrow for the families’ losses, whatever the cause may be:

Felix (13), Ethan (12), Max (12), Tiare (16), Isabella (17), Faith (14), Aramea (12), Ropiha (17), Layk (18), Declan (17), Celia (13), Sai (12), Te Kahui (14, another gifted rugby player), Luke (19), Louis (19), Catelyn (17), Liam (19), Hannah (15), ​​​​​​​Leila (13), Riley (14), Asher (17), Shya (17), Eliana (4 days old – mum Nishi died suddenly in pregnancy, and Eliana born by emergency Caesarean section).

Most of these children were definitely jabbed, one or two may not have been. People who report these deaths are not always 100% certain of the exact details.

Such sudden deaths DO happen very rarely in normal times but not in these numbers, nor paralleled with thousands of serious jab injuries, that could be described themselves as ‘near miss’ deaths. Remember too that acknowledged under-reporting means the actual numbers will be even higher. 

It is not our intention to distress or upset friends and family, rather to bring awareness to issues that are being censored, and to prevent further deaths and harm among New Zealanders.  

NZDSOS accept the possibility of errors, apologises for any distress caused, and are always open to correction if these deaths are not related.  

Over to the government to disprove everything we have said above. 

We must stop the jabs, and have an enquiry to let the full facts emerge. 

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    1. Ardern and Co need to be held accountable. Who in their right mind force’s/coerce people to take provincial medication or lose their livelihood. Then turn there backs on those families who lost loved one’s., and those who live with adverse reactions. It’s disgusting!

  1. no suprises there the information is everywhere now for those whom wish to look?

    It appears some that have been jabbed dont want to know or are scared themselves

    1. 100% agree theyre scared .met a young man who served me in a shop yesterday .Told me he has mild myocarditis from jab injury and confirmed by his dr so thats interesting in itself the dr agreed.This young man very scared i have advised him on what i think he needs to do he got v emotional abd said “you are the 1st person whos actually given a shit about me” .Its very sad .and yes Ard ern has much to be made to answer for

  2. Vaccines!! All ought to be banned! A lying subterfuge for those with an agenda to depopulate earth, for their own selfish gain.
    God sees!
    “Vengeance is mine! says the Lord, “I will repay!” (Deuteronomy:32:35)
    This is so awfu!!

    1. Thank you for this article on sudden deaths in NZ. I know quite a few people who have injuries after being jabbed. People are staying quiet due to the fear of being called a conspiracy theorist from family, friends, co-worker’s, and employer’s. I know of one person who has been trying for ACC but is being refused, they have had help from a lawyer. I am sure some ex-ambulance workers have some interesting stories.

    2. People only need to read Agenda 21/30 to see that WHO has made it very clear that in their view, population control is at the forefront of the world’s biggest problem?
      They are committing genocide and once people grasp the scope of their evil plan, everything else falls in to place, this is fact and absolutely, NOT CONSPIRACY!

  3. NZR mandated all players be vaccinated … telling young players if they wanted to be an ALL BLACK they HAD to have the ‘safe and effective’ vaccination. I DEMAND NZR BE HELD TO ACCOUNT.

    1. Yes, my great nephew, a representative player, was admitted to hospital with myocarditis after his first jab.

    2. It is disgusting they are all murderers and should all be made accountable that’s why we need Democracy NZ Matt King in Parliament he’s the only one going to squash all mandates

  4. We need to keep questioning why children and young fit players are experiencing serious medical conditions or dying unexpectantly.
    There needs to be acknowledgement that the vaccine with synthetic genetic material along with lipid nanoparticles and possible contaminants as well the subsequent production of the spike protein is associated with a number of serious medical conditions effecting the health of people in our community post mRNA vaccine.

  5. Hi , it’ll be the jab, no questions asked! One of my brothers died on the rugby field over 30 years ago, the autopsy revealed a large blood clot to his main aorta, probably an old chest injury he was on blood thinners, they worked on him for an hour, but he was gone. He was 35. That was unusual, but this jab is another story… Bad news

  6. These deaths are of huge concern,
    The fact that the vaccine is still being peddled under emergency powers is of huge concern particularly as the vaccine has never been proven to be safe should be of even greater concern
    As an experimental vaccine is mandated is actually illegal, under the Neuremberg code and laws.

  7. Oh it’s so terrible for these people and their families…oh and the babies! The poor little babies lost or born damaged…adern and her cronies need to be stopped!!

  8. I’m not jabbed, but if I were I’d be suffering pretty severe anxiety with all these ‘excess mortalities’ that few seem to question …………….. probably better to live in ignorance.

    Which is what many seem to be doing …………..

  9. I believe the influenza vax has had a part to play in deaths & debilitation also, particularly the one issued in 2021, you know that one that was so vital for over 65s!

  10. Autopsies seem to have dropped out of favour in the health system. Also when they are performed, what sort of investigation is even being performed? Do they even look for the factors of tissue damage and cell death being a result of the synthetic genetic material, lipid nanoparticles, contaminants, the production of spike protein? My guess is they are not using the tools and dyes we have heard about in other countries where they are not quite so under the evil eye of the corrupt and paid for health authorities of western nations. Still many of those people who have spoken out with the qualifications on this topic are still even now trying to be ‘cancelled’. As far as I’m concerned its the jab until proven otherwise. We have excess deaths in NZ across all ages, circa 20% above the average across 2021/22 and YTD.

  11. I have several videos of players dropping dead on the play fields . All had the death killing jab.

  12. Vaccines have been public health numbers game for close to 200 years.

    Smallpox infected a substantial fraction of the population. It killed about 1/3 of those it infected and left many horribly scared. The first vaccines killed around 1%. In terms of reducing deaths, they made sense.

    It is hard to say if people dropping dead is due to Covid-19 vaccinations or not. People do that all the time. But even assuming they all are an effect of vaccination, the numbers question is the ratio of lives saved from Covid vs these deaths.

    I have not seen this analysis yet.

  13. my 42 yr old beighbour also died on the 16th June of a heart attack at a rugby club in whangarei , after a game

  14. It is disgusting they are all murderers and should all be made accountable that’s why we need Democracy NZ Matt King in Parliament he’s the only one going to squash all mandates

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