Covid-19 Vaccine Injury: 5 New Zealanders Share Their Personal Experiences

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Emily doubled over in excruciating pain.

A day of Christmas shopping cut short by chest pain so intense she needed to be rushed to a doctor.

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion was the start of a nightmare. 

The extent of vaccine injury is, at this time, unknown. Medsafe stopped reporting adverse reactions in 2022, essentially sweeping it under the carpet and pretending it doesn’t exist.

Stories of vaccine injury have been kept silent, deleted from social media and the data unpublished.

But no more.

Real people are being hurt and their stories need to be heard.

Isaac’s story

“I took two doses of it in 2021, not really understanding what I was doing.”

“I took two doses of it in 2021, not really understanding what I was doing.”

Isaac felt conflicted about getting the vax. Caught in the middle of two families with complete opposite views on the situation but wanting to protect his diabetic younger brother who he thought was at risk, he chose to get two injections hoping to get on with representative rugby at school and life as an 18-year old with his entire future ahead.

After receiving the first dose, he took to bed for three days with swollen glands under his arms and a raging temperature. 

Then after his second dose, blood blisters appeared on the top of his feet. His passion for rugby started to wane as after each game his feet became infected. Mosquito bites became infected and wouldn’t heal, and a lumpy rash appeared all over his chest. The excruciating itching he felt all over over his body prevented him from getting any proper sleep. 

But when he presented to his family doctor, he was told he had eczema and that his shoes were too tight.

A bad chest infection and pneumonia sent him to the Health Helpline, where he received ivermectin. His rash disappeared and he was able to return to rugby, the gym, and work.

However, Isaac still deals with immune system damage, a consequence that may follow him for the rest of his life.

“I’ve decided that I’ll never take another vaccine in my life ever again.”

Emily’s story

“Like others my age, I feel very let down by the government who mandated my job and then did not care when I was injured.”

Three days after her second injection, a Christmas shopping trip with her mother was abruptly halted when she felt intense chest pain, dizziness and she nearly blacked out. She was rushed to the GP, as it was closer than the hospital, where she underwent an ECG and then sent home without medication. 

Her blood test results were abnormal, and even the slightest stress would trigger heart palpitations, chest pain and shortness of breath. Her heart still races for no reason, at times surging to a staggering 172 bpm in an instant. 

Emily received a diagnosis of myocarditis, but her GP would not definitively link it to the vaccine. In fact, she felt gas-lit by many GPs and health services, telling her it couldn’t be the injection that was causing these issues.

More diagnoses followed, including pericarditis and autoimmune disease. She was referred to a cardiologist but she had to wait 14 months before her appointment.

Throughout her ordeal, Emily tried to get help from the government but no MPs were willing to step up.

“Like others my age, I feel very let down by the government who mandated my job and then did not care when I was injured.”

Since December 2021, Emily’s list of symptoms continues to grow: arrhythmia, shortness of breath, racing heart, severe fatigue, brain fog, high blood pressure, elevated troponins, elevated d-dimer, and swelling in her hands, feet and face.

She still can’t exert herself much, or go to the gym like she previously did. She even lost friends who accused her of being anti-vax when she wasn’t. The repercussions on her young life are incalculable.

“It’s been very hard to have no money and no life.”

A Facebook group directed her to NZDSOS, which started her on the path to regaining her health.

“I believe the care from NZDSOS’s team and the medical treatments they prescribed and their ability to think outside the square is what has helped me make progress.”

Charlotte’s story

“There were days when I thought I was going to die, and there were days when I wanted to die because I didn’t feel like living.”

Unfortunately, it can be a single shot that can damage a life as seen in Charlotte’s story.

Charlotte took the covid jab because she felt coerced into it. As part of the interview process for a new job as a recovery facilitator in mental health and addiction, one requirement included being vaccinated. Despite her intuition alerting her that it would not have a good outcome, she complied for the sake of her livelihood.

Unfortunately, she reacted very badly to the shot.

With unbearable pain down her left arm, she went to her GP and ED several times, not knowing if her symptoms meant she was going to have a heart attack, stroke, or both. She was transferred from Hawera Hospital to New Plymouth Hospital with no resolution or answers, leaving her feeling at wits’ end.

The doctors did not do anything to help Charlotte and her condition worsened.  With her symptoms becoming increasingly unbearable, she went from a vibrant, healthy individual to questioning whether she could live.

“There were days when I thought I was going to die, and there were days when I wanted to die because I didn’t feel like living.”

Further diagnoses included POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), anxiety, chronic fatigue, low blood pressure, dehydration and migraine. 

She also received a diagnosis of myocarditis from NZDSOS clinic, where she feels the treatment she received have saved her life.

“If it wasn’t for NZDSOS, I don’t [know] where I would be. NZDSOS have been a lifesaver for me.”

Mariya’s story

There was no support from my doctor, the government or any specialist.”

Mariya took full advantage of lockdown and increased her exercise regime. Self-described as reasonably healthy at 46, she followed the government’s advice and took the injection.

Pressure headaches, brain fog, and unclear vision started one week after the second jab. 

“I was very scared not knowing what was going [on] with me as I had never experienced these symptoms before. There was no support from my doctor, the government or any specialist.”

Feeling alone and suffering both mentally and physically, she took a friend’s advice to contact the Health Helpline where she saw Dr Emma Sandford. 

“She was the first person who understood what I was going through and she made a plan [on] how to get better. She had a conventional medicine and holistic approach combined which was the best treatment I could ever [have]. My symptoms improved.”

Ruth’s story

“I now have to live with the consequences of the jabs.”

With family concerns guiding her decision, Ruth got two injections three weeks apart so she could travel. With terrible irony, the travel was to visit her daughter in the UK who had suffered a small stroke two weeks after her own jab. 

Within weeks, intense and debilitating pain and inflammation appeared in her right knee. Over the next six months, the pain and inflammation progressed down into her ankle, then foot. It took 16 acupuncture treatments to clear it up and be able to walk again. In addition, she felt breathless walking the shortest of distances and put it down to being unfit from the inactivity of the last half year.

While waiting for spirometry to address shortness of breath, she contacted NZDSOS’s Health Helpline. 

“From my first consultation with [Dr. Emma Sandford], she was so professional, knowledgeable and eager to help with this and my other health problems. I found the fact that she is a qualified doctor, naturopath and herbalist put her in the perfect position to give me the help I had failed to receive from my GP.”

Ruth’s diagnosis of bronchiectasis was an unexpected blow since she’d previously never had respiratory problems in her life. 

“I now have to live with the consequences of the jabs, which is shortness of breath on even the slightest exertion, which has had a major impact on just about every aspect of my life.”

A common thread that we have constantly heard from the injured is that they felt alone in what they were going through. Unacknowledged by mainstream medicine, gas-lit by authority figures to doubt their own experiences, and dismissed out of hand.

No one should be alone in this journey, and that’s why every vaccine injury story needs to be heard. The stories are a testament to the challenges faced by individuals who experience adverse reactions, and the uphill battle they often face in seeking recognition, support, and healing. 

NZDSOS will not allow the vaccine injured to be swept under the carpet. We need to hear their stories because lives can be improved when we stop the silence.

If you would like to speak out about your vaccine injury, or injuries suffered from the mandates in general (whether or not you’re vaccinated), we welcome your story. At RedRemembrance.co.nz you can submit your video or written story so that the population is never harmed to this extent ever again.

As Charlotte asserts, “If it wasn’t for you [NZDSOS], many of us who are vaccine injured would be in serious trouble or not even be here.”

Share Your Story.

Sharing our stories can lend strength to others and is an important step towards healing. If you would like to share your experience navigating covid vaccine mandates (whether you took the vax or not), visit RedRemembrance.co.nz and submit your story in either written or video format. Your story can heal, inspire, and empower. 

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  1. Those are very sad stories, to say the least.
    I would like to see ALL culprits ( medics and members of parliament ) calling to account.
    Preferably jailed for a LONG time.
    Shame or professor ( what is his name??) And mr Bloemfield for NOT reacting positive.
    Also the ( anti ) social media for sensoring the stories. They also should be accountable for the suffering of so many .

  2. I too have an ocular injury after second vax. ACC and general medicine is dismissive of my concerns … what do I do to get my vivion back.. it’s so wrong.

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