Navigating Fear: Dr. Cindy de Villiers’ Rational Response to the Covid Crisis

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This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

“We’re never going to comply our way out of tyranny…You can only speak up.” 

Dr. Cindy de Villiers, GP

During the Covid pandemic, New Zealand was ushered into a front-row seat where the feature presentation starred fear and uncertainty. Amid the most restrictive pandemic rules in the world, doctors like Dr. Cindy de Villiers, refused to let the fear agenda dominate her response. 

A Practice That Puts Patients First

Dr. Cindy de Villiers speaking in October 2021
Dr. Cindy de Villiers became the target of several conditions imposed on her by the Medical Council of New Zealand when she criticized the New Zealand government’s pandemic response in 2021

Dr. de Villiers, a founding member of NZDSOS and a South African-trained doctor with a rational approach to life and medicine, bases her medical practice on integrative and functional medicine. 

She’d left behind the constraints of 15-minute pharmaceutical medicine to embrace a private holistic practice. Her consultations are now often an hour in length where she can focus on piecing together the patient’s healthcare puzzle. That detective work includes taking an inventory of lifestyle, exercise, supplements, stress reduction, nutrition, while allowing the patient to tell the story around their issue.

“Allowing the patient to speak and allowing them to tell their story, that again, is quite a healing process.”

Instead of making pharmaceutical prescriptions the default treatment, she prefers to collaborate with patients on prevention and improving the terrain of their body. She’s cautious to not unduly influence their decisions, preferring to allow them to make treatment choices based on being fully informed.

The Pandemic Response

So when Covid started, she was alarmed that the response from the NZ Ministry of Health was increasingly fear-based. 

While she tried to maintain a sense of rationality, knowing it was a common coronavirus, fear permeated a portion of her patient population. But not necessarily a fear of the virus itself.

“…there was a fear that there would be forced treatment. I think that fear was greater than the fear of Covid.”

She saw fear increasing for both doctors and the public, and neither the Ministry of Health nor the Royal New Zealand College of GPs (RNZCGP) provided clear guidance for treating covid infection. Many were feeling lost and vulnerable.

Even so, Dr. de Villiers expected common sense to take hold. As the response continued unchecked, NZDSOS was formed so that doctors could discuss the science, and approach the authorities with questions and scientific evidence.

The doctors of NZDSOS realised they were playing an important role in empowering the population by providing information, knowledge and reassurance, which was based on their decades of clinical experience.

“And really, what we tried to do in the early days, we thought we just need to point out a few concerns and there would be a pause. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. It just kept going. No matter how many letters we wrote, no matter how many scientific articles we quoted, we almost shifted initially from that, to putting out content that we felt was really scientific-based, and so that people could make up their own minds.”

She expected that raising valid concerns would lead to a pause and re-evaluation from The Ministry of Health and MCNZ. However, that was not the case. 

When the Medical Council issued its Guidance Statement, it only led to more questions.

“We got the guidance statement from the medical council stating that the only thing we were allowed to do was talk about the benefits of the vaccine.”

So she, along with NZDSOS, took the next reasonable action and requested clarification.

“We actually wrote back to the Medical Council asked them to clarify that point, which they did not do. And as far as I can recall now, it’s about two years ago, they didn’t actually write back.”

In Dr. de Villiers assessment, the authorities were not acting in the best interest of the citizens. Her drive to do the right thing became her anchor. 

She started to speak out publicly, basing her talks on the ethical practice of medicine, respect for humanity, the up-to-date science, and her professional knowledge and experience. She promoted the coming together of communities despite their beliefs, prevention of infection, immune support, and the use of ivermectin. 

But those measured rational views led to penalties.

The Price for Unmasking the Truth

Despite no patient complaints or evidence of harm caused, Dr. de Villiers was sanctioned and investigated by the MCNZ. Their tactic of early action against doctors opposing the irrational policies prevented some of the leading concerned voices from being heard.

Ultimately, seven conditions were unjustly imposed on her annual practicing certificate restricting how she could practice medicine and what she could say – inside the consultation room and out.

“There were seven conditions [placed on her practicing certificate], and basically said that in treating a patient with Covid, or in talking to a patient about Covid, I was only allowed to say what the guidelines were. I wasn’t allowed to offer any other treatment or any other suggestions at all. I wasn’t allowed to display anything in the practice that went counter to the guidelines either. I wasn’t allowed to put anything on social media at all about anything that was counter to the guidelines. I basically had to say exactly what… I don’t know whether it’s the government or the Ministry of Health, probably. Exactly what the Ministry of Health has said, that was all I was allowed to say. And if I departed from that, then they could send me to the Tribunal, of course.”

Dr. de Villiers was threatened, silenced and prevented from offering her professional medical opinion for 18 months. She was prohibited from speaking or posting on the subject whatsoever. Her freedom of speech was effectively erased. 

Given the uncertainty during this time she felt she had no choice but to close her clinic, only recently reopening in mid-2023.

“We did apply for a district court review or appeal, rather, against the conditions. And then without any drama or reason, the medical council dropped them. So I’m now free to talk about it, anything I want to.”

So when called out, the MCNZ scuttled into the corner and dropped the charges, presumably so they didn’t have to appear in court–a common theme that other doctors in a similar situation have experienced as well.

The MCNZ is however, pursuing Dr de Villiers, into undertaking a “re-education” program. Dr de Villiers is considering her options against the actions by MCNZ.

An Awakening Is Taking Hold

The tide of fear is shifting now as Kiwis become more aware of what’s going on. And Dr. de Villiers firmly believes it’s crucial that New Zealand forges ahead with a new vision. 

“There is an awakening, and the more people that know [about the silencing of doctors], the better. There certainly is a movement towards, I would say, freedom and humanity and away from the darker side of humanity, which seems to be a very controlling circumstance of a few over a lot. I think we’re moving away from that. We just know it now. Before, we didn’t know we were controlled. Now we do. Now we can do something about it.”

With momentum building, it’s time to reform the Medical Council of New Zealand and question why they are acting in unison with the rest of the world’s medical regulatory bodies and where they are getting their instructions from.

“In the past, there may have been a few outliers who didn’t like pharmaceuticals. But now there’s…a much greater questioning of what’s going on, not just with pharmaceuticals, but with everything. We can only build on that. Now is not the time for backing off.”

If you’d like to listen to the entire one-hour interview between Dr. Cindy de Villiers and Dr. Emanuel E. Garcia, please visit Substack.

The Medical Council of New Zealand needs to be overhauled for condemning common sense during the Covid era. Share this article using the hashtag #stopthesilence so we can expose the Medical Council of New Zealand for their failure of patients, doctors, and the public. 


This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

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  1. Re Education programs ?
    Who do these people think they are ?and where do they think they are living ?
    This is the most Authoritarian thing I have ever heard , the sort of thing you would expect in Mau’s China or Pol Pots Cambodia!
    Something completely out of 1984 that Orwell warned us of ?

  2. Surely now, we should sue the NZMC for damages and overturn their authority, based on scientific and research data proving their actions have caused or facilitate harm to the NZ public.

    1. I would heartily agree with this, Bruce.
      I myself have have suffered unjust persecution from the MedCo before corona – indeed, fully half of all NZ doctors had already fallen foul of their micro-managing, interfering control freakery. Right now, the consultant who succeeded me (I´m now retired, thank goodness!) had to leave his post because he refused the jab. The good news is that the health authority has recently (this week) invited him back because all hospitals are now so short staffed! But the MedCo doesn´t let go and remains threatening and hostile.
      I would fully support a class action against Medco for their tyrannical, pompous attitude to what are supposed to be their esteemed colleagues. MedCo´s misbehaviour long antedates the corona fascism. If he´s still there, Henry Stubbs of the ASMS would be a good place to start.

  3. Total overhaul of board members including those involved in decision making during the pandemic fear driven years.

  4. I have studied the Third Reich, I’ve been sceptical about the official Covid narrative for over three years, and yet with all this experience and time to grow accustomed to what appears to be happening, there are still times when I really can’t quite believe it.

    So I have sympathy for those who get all this dumped on them at once and recoil into denial. Even Hollywood couldn’t make all this up. I mean, who could have imagined three years ago that here in remote, innocent little New Zealand we’d have authorities both medical and political who are corrupt and/or incompetent? Or that doctors saying reasonable things would be made pariahs? Or that madness would rule? Or that the greatest catastrophe in New Zealand history outside of the Great War would be hushed up?

    (Actually World War II remains just ahead of the combined Covid response and Covid jab disaster, but in a couple of months, if the excess deaths continue at this rate, you’ll be able to say that our government – our government – has been responsible for the deaths of more New Zealanders than Nazi Germany.)


  5. Re: “The MCNZ is however, pursuing Dr de Villiers, into undertaking a “re-education” program.”
    I consider it is the MCNZ that needs to be re-educated! Even a dig bat must now understand their stance over the past 3 years has been wrong and they need to stop taking orders from their “pay masters”!

  6. Good on you and your colleagues for having the courage to stand up to these tyrants or fools which ever,I applaud all of you just keep going and see it through to the end ,the end meaning holding all accountable for their involvement in this charade
    You have the support of all who are awake and aware

  7. Your efforts are a spark of light in the black corruption enfolding this nation. The battle to save ourselves will not be short or easy. But it will be successful. Your organisation is the inspiration for us all.

  8. I am one of the people in 2019 who actually had already seen the signs of what was coming, what I couldn’t believe was the dictatorship that the government laid down. I never masked, tracked, tested, or had the vax. I watched in horror to see people accepting the shots willingly and the reason was the Drs seemed to agree with the government. I know many didn’t agree but they are paid by the system so had no choice but to agree or suffer, but the reason people don’t trust Drs now – is that not enough stood up. I can’t face going to a dr and knowing they approved and injected people with a toxin for money.

    1. Exactly how I feel. I know of one semi-trustworthy doctor who I would see in an emergency, so family are under orders that should something happen, they take me there, rather than to any local doctor, where I am aware huge money has been exchanged for compliance with pseudoscientific rules and interventions. For anything chronic, I’ll be asking for help from the Health-Helpline (NZDSOS).

  9. I remember the story of a man who suffered a bullet to the brain, his Death Certificate stating he died of Covid.
    And that story painted the way for casualty figures across the world, good ol’ NZ being no exception.
    The ‘writing on the wall’ became quite plain to a lot of people early on, hence the extreme measures taken to dissuade others reinforcing our beliefs. Those who did were labelled ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ and were effectively shut up – the Government of New Zealand decreed it to be so. We became dissemblers of mis and disinformation and those who labelled us so will suffer no consequences as those who have currently suffered no ill effects from the ‘jab’ do not want to hear they might have made a wrong decision.

  10. I agree with all these comments totally. In June 2020 I commented about masks and the stupidity of it all plus how can a vaccine appear on the market so quickly. I was immediately shamed by my doctor and nursing colleagues for being so “stupid” and out spoken. Knowing a couple of members of the Medco I believe they are the stupid ones who do as they’re told. Freedom of thought and speech has gone in this country now. We need to stand up rise up and hold these unelected members of the Medco responsible for ALL their stupidity which is ongoing

  11. I heard Mr jacinta Arden made million of dollars for promoting the vaccine. True or not I’m glad he has gone. Also read he did work for bill gates prior to becoming elected in a fixed election

  12. The best way to confront what NZ has gone through may be to vote New Nation Party NNP
    under the banner of Freedoms New Zealand.

    Note. Luxon said at the time to the effect Labour did not go hard enough nor fast enough.

    David Palmer
    Quote. “I have studied the Third Reich ….” Why bring Germany into it.?
    Why refer to National Socialist Germany by the slur term Nazi.
    Germany did not start WWII. Why blame them for the deaths?
    WWII was a trade war.

  13. am wondering if the NZMC has ever dared to read the science.
    I mean the REAL science.
    I just read the book Breaking the Spell written by Dr Tom Cowen.
    Very interesting to say the least.
    He and his fellow researches come to the conclusion that viruses don’t even exist.
    The Covid test is utterly useless.
    And another true thing is that all deaths, motorcar accidents and old age deaths
    had to be marked as Covid deaths.
    Of course the whole lot of the NZMC had been bought by Big Pharma.
    a few billion $$ doesn’t hurt BP.
    All 7 points mentioned are as false as possible and RE-EDUCATION.
    What the H… does that mean?? Learn a bit BS??
    All followers of BP should be jailed for the rest of their life.
    Starting with Mr Baker ( who dares to call himself Professor)
    Ashly Gloomfield and the whole lot of the ?? knowledgeable?? people.

  14. Love all the comment’s. So pleased there is thinking brave people still in this God forsaken land!

  15. I love you guys. It has to get a lot worse than this for the Establishment ot buckle and submit, it will happen, we just have to start bursting these multiple bubble layers of the uninformed sleepwalkers, and watch the malevolent ones that are covert in their agendas to mislead the people.
    Hang in there, folks.

  16. Brilliant presentations. As a NZ registered nurse with over 40 years experience, I had to leave my profession hospital senior role on the stroke unit in October 2021 .I said No due to the highly experimental nature of the vaccines and side effects witnessed,
    The mandates.
    In reality are still in place even now when applying for employment in hospital settings or in the community .
    I agree with Dr Goodwin statements .On point .I want to thank all NZ DRS SOS for their dedication integrity and bravery .Lighting the way forward to new medicine and wellness The right to informed consent is fundamental. Accountability is paramount also Thankyou .

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