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The Aftermath of the Epic Disaster of Government Covid Policies

Government Covid Policies Disaster
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The Con is Finally Laid Bare – The Aftermath Grinds into Gear

It seems we are at the end of the beginning, to borrow from Winston Churchill. 

We know the government’s Covid-19 response has been an epic disaster, a reckless game of Russian roulette with the nation’s health – bang! –  but this headshot will bleed inexorably. Four years on and the true toll of the covid response is becoming clear. Essentially, nothing went well, as this cogent article from Brownstone Institute’s Jeffrey Tucker discusses, looking at research from Stanford and Harvard which finds ZERO benefits from ANY of the measures for 2020 and 2021. Tucker notes the start of the unravelling of the epic spin from Fauci et al, and anticipates the spectacle about to unfold. The researchers themselves comment here, summing up their findings:

Every policy, Covid-19 outcome, time period, and modeling approach yielded a similar level of uncertainty: about half the time it looked like things got better, and half the time like things got worse.

Were there clearer impacts when we focused only on policies and responses that were deployed in early 2020, rather than all the way through the end of 2021? Or when looking at pandemic outcomes four weeks ahead rather than just two weeks? We examined policy effects in all these ways. No matter how we examined the data and changed the perspective on this question, the answer was uncertainty.

Yet scientists used these data to make definitive conclusions.

Are we surprised by this result?

The hallmark of a valid scientific result is consistency, that the observations match the hypothesis. This study shows coin-flip results, reflecting poorly on all the so-called experts. Just looking around NZ and the whole vaccinated world, as we have complained ad nauseum, there has been a dramatic upsurge in all-cause mortality, sudden deaths, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks are through the roof, a rise in previously rare and late presenting cancers, livelihoods left in ruins from the restrictive covid policies, and the injured sidelined and abandoned by governments.

Is any corner of our country left unscathed, and are any public servants serving us?

The Police are revealed as serving corporate interests (and absolutely not public servants, except by the Greek meaning of public: government) and the courts, the lower ones at least, seem partial to the State and immune to our Bill of Rights – inalienable or so we thought. The fit-up of freedom leader and veteran journalist Liz Gunn and an alarming High Court decision to damage children’s brains (we kid you not) are two of many recent examples of how far we have slipped down the slope. 

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has been calling for an end to the novel, dangerous, contaminated gene modifying injections and for a proper investigation – we say criminal – to be held into this debacle. Sure, there is an ‘official inquiry’ underway but many of the critical issues that New Zealanders need to have exposed are not being investigated. No surprises there. It seems from the outside that the people’s voice may be ignored as politics gets stuck in to protecting itself. If the ruling coalition had the remotest sympathy with our views they could chuck us the bone of dumping Ardern’s chosen commissioners whilst they squabble about the final terms of reference in cabinet. 

The NZ Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19 Lessons Learned, accompanied by their catchphrase “Our purpose is to learn from the experience of the pandemic to prepare for the future”, is quite a mouthful for the official title of Wellington’s investigation into itself.

Delving into the wording we can unpack the meaning to read “essentially, we want to learn how to do it all again better, harder, faster and more strictly. There is another panic-demic just around the corner and we want to have everything in place to control the population”. Perhaps they might read the above study at least. Perhaps not…

(Remember, we will be subjected to more power and control, if we let Dictator-General Tedros have his way, as he gaslights again at the World Health Assembly (WHA) on 1 June 2024, saying “the next pandemic is a matter of when, not if”.) 

Government Covid Policies Disaster
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We can bet that, as it stands right now, the inquiry won’t be investigating the white clots filling the veins and arteries of the jabbed. This ardent writer has many crucial questions (graphic picture warning), mostly to the deaf, blind and dumb officials currently attempting plausible deniability of this knowledge. How will they cope when they do actually look? For what they have done to their loved ones if not the rest of us?

It is not the will to win that counts, but the will to work to win.

So, we are all trying to do our bit. Yes, we could be even more visible, but it’s a dangerous game. There is safety in numbers, so everyone flex your activist muscles. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The following note from our Dr Bruce Dooley exemplifies one approach.  His letter to educate a local weekly paper covers the above study and we should all barrage our local and national editors, councillors, police, school boards and MPs. None of this will stop until we make it stop. 

A letter I am submitting to our local weekly newspaper. It remains to be seen if the owner/editor will publish it. He collects significant monies from the 1-2 full-page government “health” ads every week.

“A very interesting study (Science Advances, Volume 10, Issue 23 Jun 2024) was published last week by two researchers looking into the pandemic policy response around the world.

Drs. Eran Bendavid and Chirag Patel of Stanford and Harvard, wanted to examine the effects of government policy on the virus. Said policies destroyed countless millions of small businesses, ruined a generation in learning losses, spread ill health with substance abuse, wrecked churches that could not hold holiday services, decimated arts and cultural institutions, broke trade, unleashed inflation that is nowhere near done with us yet, provoked new forms of online censorship, built government power in a way without precedent, led to new levels of surveillance, spread vaccine injury and death, and otherwise shattered liberties and laws the world over, not to mention leading to frightening levels of political instability.

So, Bendavid and Patel assembled and reassembled all existing data in every conceivable way, running fully 100,000 possible combinations of tests. After vast data manipulation and looking at every conceivable policy and outcome, the researchers reluctantly come to an incredible conclusion. They conclude that nothing that governments did had any effect. There was only immeasurable cost with no benefit. Everywhere in the world.

Please just let that sink in.”

Read Science Advances Research Article on Government Covid Policies

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