NZLSOS’s Open letter to the Governor-General and the Rear-Admiral of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

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New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out with Science (NZLSOS) have written an open letter to the New Zealand Governor-General and the Rear-Admiral of the New Zealand Navy.

“We realise they are unlikely to meet with us, given that the Ministry of Health, Medsafe and the Police have ignored our previous letters.

Regardless, we want to ensure that the data is on record for the future. We encourage you to share with friends and family and send the link to politicians, your local council, teachers, your local DHB and police. It is a numbers game.

People in the Government, hospitals, councils, etc. know what is going on, but they are scared to speak out publicly.

You can read through the document or share it. This is a long read but you are able to share all or parts of this document with your local MP’s and your social media networks.”

The NZLSOS Open Letter

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