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Informed Consent or Uninformed Coercion? Who Is Accountable For This Epic Failing?

The statistics for adverse reactions and deaths after the covid-19 vaccination are enough to weep and even one death is one too many which raises the glaringly obvious question, was the death of the young man in November 2021 a case of informed consent or uninformed coercion? Was the vaccine induced myocarditis death, just 12 days after vaccination avoidable? Was informed consent replaced by the nationwide mantra of ‘safe and effective’ that we all came to hear, read and see in every corner of our lives with no escape? Are the health professionals who are either directly or indirectly involved in the vaccination rollout through choice, expectation or by force accountable for getting in behind the Single Source of Truth? NZDSOS New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science questions if the Ministry of Health (MOH) has been too haphazard with their process of informed consent.

Numerous New Zealanders from all walks of life have been harmed by the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ and a common thread which these individuals convey is the silencing and lack of recognition given to them when seeking assisting for their injuries. NZDSOS has been fighting back to not only give a voice to these individuals by initiating the Truth Project but also fighting back to uphold patients’ right to informed consent. One of the fundamental ethical principles of the practice of medicine is first, Do No Harm and given the sad statistics and the current case under inquest at Dunedin High Court, it is clear, the ‘vaccine’ is causing harm, and it has claimed lives.

The alarming lack of official response to these individuals who have suffered harm and irreparable damage to their lives not only goes against the government’s own narrative of ‘be kind’ but it does not sit well with most Kiwi’s to see our fellow brothers and sisters treated in this shameful manner. Based on the stories that are now finding a voice or a platform to share their truth, it appears a significant number of New Zealanders would have grounds for a complaint to the Health and Disability Commission.

Read here: Informed Consent or Uninformed Coercion? Who Is Accountable For This Epic Failing?

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