Annihilation of Informed Consent with Invasion into the Doctor Patient Relationship

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Dr Anne O’Reilly, an experienced GP and respected NZDSOS member, has openly expressed her concerns regarding patient rights to informed consent in relation to novel covid ‘vaccinations’. In 2021, Dr O’Reilly released a thought-provoking series on YouTube: ‘The teen and the GP’ which takes the position of a consultation between a GP and a teenager.

This short series delves into complex dilemmas regarding informed consent, particularly in relation to minors. Dr O’Reilly explains the differences between vaccinations and the relation to herd immunity. She explores the key principle of making an informed decision by weighing up the risks and benefits. This is fundamental to any doctor-patient relationship and any medical procedure, medication or intervention. Historically this is an individualised decision between a patient and their healthcare provider based on personal situations. The series explores the coercion and IMMENSE societal pressure (schools, employment, travel restrictions) placed on our young generation for those who deviate from the widespread narrative.

You can view the series linked below, followed by information regarding the NZ code of patient rights.

The Teen and the GP – Dr Anne O’Reilly – Informed Consent

YouTube video
Part 1
YouTube video
Part 2
YouTube video
Part 3
YouTube video
Part 4

Code of Patient Rights

The Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC) promotes the ten rights you have as a consumer when accessing health and disability services in New Zealand, one of which is informed consent. You may have seen them floating on the walls of your local hospital or community health practice.

The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights provides the following 10 rights:
Right 1 – The right to be treated with respect.
Right 2 – The right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation.
Right 3 – The right to dignity and independence.
Right 4 – The right to services of an appropriate standard.
Right 5 – The right to effective communication.
Right 6 – The right to be fully informed
Right 7 – The right to make an informed choice and give informed consent.
Right 8 – The right to support.
Right 9 – Rights in respect of teaching and research.
Right 10 – The right to complain.

The HDC Code of Rights is expected from your healthcare provider and are relatively self-explanatory in nature. Despite this, we can see these fundamental rights have been cast aside for the purpose of the national covid vaccination roll out.

Have a read through the rights and see if there are any others, besides informed consent, that you think have been violated…

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