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NZDSOS Reply to The Ombudsman About Our Official Complaint of 9 July ’21

We replied to the New Zealand Ombudsman’s office providing information that they had requested regarding the ignoring of our concerns with about the Pfizer Comirnaty covid vaccines by the Ministry of Health and Medsafe.

We highlight that Dr Bloomfield failed to answer our questions and concerns and refers to his scientific advisors instead, without providing their evidence. We link to our well-researched and valid concerns that Dr Bloomfield simply ignored. We also advise that Medsafe’s advisors, Professor McIntyre and Dr Ian Town, went silent after we agreed to meet with them.

Were all these scientific advisers convinced by their evidence? Or were they too afraid to have us look at it and enter into a open discussion about interventions forced on the public of New Zealand?

We also forward an email to the Ombudsman that we had sent to the Prime Minister, the Ministers for Health and the Covid resonse, as well as to their advisors.

Read: Our Reply and Clarification to the New Zealand Ombudsman

1 September 20221


Peter Boshier  | NZ Ombudsman

Richard Hazelwood | Assistant Investigator

Office of the Ombudsman | Tari o te Kaitiaki Mana Tangata

Please find attached below a copy of our recent email to the main individuals responsible for the current drastic measures.


Dear Prime Minister, Ministers Hipkins and Little, Mr Chris James and Dr Michael Tatley & Bloomfield..

We wrote on 13th August to report evidence of severe adverse events shortly after injections with Pfizer Comirnaty. As we have not received any reply, we are contacting you again to update the information.  Since our last letter we have received additional reports of serious problems with the government adverse event reporting system, including evidence of possible tampering and under reporting.

Attached is our updated letter and an updated database of post Pfizer injection deaths that has been collated by concerned New Zealanders.

Requested Information and Response

Please could you urgently confirm receipt of this important “people’s database” and advise what resources will be allocated to investigating the listed deaths and who will be responsible for this?

Your urgent and constructive response would be appreciated. In the meantime, we will continue to gather evidence, and support the heroic Kiwis who are bearing witness to this experimental ‘vaccine’. We will forward this to CARM, to forewarn Dr Tatley that several hundred more possible vaccine-related deaths and many injuries are being assessed for reporting.  

Document attached: 

Updated letter deaths post Pfizer injections as of 19 August 2021.pdf | Dated 30th August 2021

Database: Death Post Pfizer Injections as of 19 August 2021.pdf

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