Taxpayers’ Union ‘Brief the PM’ Initiative: It’s Time to Torch the Government’s Failed Policies

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The Taxpayers’ Union ‘Brief the PM‘ initiative is a proactive step towards looking at the challenges that New Zealand is currently facing. The cost of living in our country is at exorbitant levels, house prices have pushed average kiwis out of the market, the health system is broken, inflation continues to rise, and a chasm continues to divide society from the governments covid response. At its very core everyday New Zealanders are deeply concerned and disillusioned with the state of our nation and the failure of leadership during the last five years to address these problems. No wonder it’s high time to torch the government’s failed policies.

Chris Hipkins, newly elected Prime Minister recently announced that an “immediate reprioritisation” of governmental policies was called for and with an election looming around the corner, many wonder whether this is an administrative clean-up or a bonfire to appease the public and help to refresh Labour’s identity and popularity which has reached an all-time low.

New Zealand Doctor’s Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) acknowledge The Taxpayers’ Union’s initiative to foster awareness and to encourage public thought and participation in issues of national concern and what we want our society to look like, through use of their email template and clever policy picks allowing individuals to attach their messages. In addition to the listed policies and projects which require immediate attention and/or torching, we also recommend the following critical issues which affect all New Zealanders’ and which we feel are not prominent in public consciousness, due to the climate of severe censorship.

Read here: Taxpayer’s Union ‘Brief the PM’ Initiative: It’s Time to Torch the Governments Failed Policies

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