Will The 1st Royal Commission Of Inquiry Be A Whopping Whitewash?

Royal Commission Whitewash FI
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The Royal Commission of Inquiry into all things covid has visited Tairāwhiti according to an article in The Gisborne Herald.

The title of the article Investigating ‘everything to do with the pandemic’ is a little misleading when the details are considered.

The purpose of the inquiry is “to strengthen Aotearoa New Zealand’s preparedness for, and response to, any future pandemic by identifying those lessons learned from New Zealand’s response to COVID-19 that should be applied in preparation for any future pandemic.” ( Our italics).

This worrying statement is in line with the current amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations that NZ has signed up to by default, unless we opt out by the 1st of November. These allow the imposition of further heinous restrictions and compulsions even for the mere planning, or suspicion of, the “next pandemic”.

The Royal Commission got underway earlier this year and is due to present its report in Sept 2024.

Royal Commission of Inquiry
Royal Commission of Inquiry NZ Commissioners

The three commissioners are (L to R):

  • John Whitehead – economist 
  • Hekia Parata – former National Cabinet Minister
  • Prof Tony Blakely – epidemiologist and public health specialist

You can learn more about each of them here.

In Gisborne, the inquiry met with iwi health providers, Gisborne District Council emergency response units, small businesses and education providers. 

It is not the turn of ordinary New Zealanders yet.  According to the Royal Commission of Inquiry website, the public submissions process will open in November 2023.  More information will be provided on how to have your say in due course.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that there will be in-person meetings for members of the public.

We’ll be conducting the Inquiry in a non-adversarial way that supports identifying key lessons, by making it easy for people to share their experience. This means the way we seek information and gather evidence will be less formal than holding public hearings, for example. Our focus is on what we can learn to ensure New Zealand is prepared for the future, not on assigning blame or finding fault.

Neither will there be any accountability for harms and deaths caused by the covid response.

Although it says in large letters in Prof Blakely’s June 2023 Op-Ed –

Everyone will have the opportunity to have their say or share their story

– we are not convinced that the Inquiry is going to listen to, or take notice of, the many bereaved, hurting, damaged and disenfranchised New Zealanders who are still waiting to be heard and acknowledged.

In the Gisborne Herald article, Prof Blakely said the terms of reference were very broad to cover health, economy, social cohesion, borders and “basically everything to do with the Covid pandemic”.

That is not our interpretation of the Terms of Reference (ToR) which specifically exclude the things we, and many other Kiwis, are interested in.

Vaccine safety does not feature at all in the ToR and vaccine efficacy is only mentioned once in the list of exclusions.  So, there’ll be no one looking at the harms the vaccine caused and continues to cause, and no consideration of the fact that the vaccine was never studied for, or shown to be capable of, preventing transmission which was the basis for the mandates.

We have to ask what is the point of spending millions of dollars on a Royal Commission if it is not going to be able to answer the questions of the people?

Read our related article: How To Do It All Again and Better! A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the NZ Covid-19 Response, 21 April 2023.

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m so appreciative of all you do standing up for our health freedoms.
    I listened to this yesterday


    With the WHO flagrantly ignoring its own rules and being immune from prosecution feel the need to expose the corruption more wildly. Are you able to do this? We need some momentum here in NZ. I asked Dr Shane Reti at a candidates meeting in Waipu if he would be signing over our sovereignty to the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty to which he replied that it was was still to be debated and is non binding??!! I checked in with James Roguski about this… James R said it is binding in international law. In a private conversation afterwards Shane Reti denied vaccines had any links to excess deaths citing he’d written an article about it… I can find no such article….And this is our future health minister?? Keep up the pressure please!! Thanks Alice

  2. Royal Commissions are not intended to find ‘truth’ and definitely not to expose criminal activity of the crooks of the corporation trading as NZ Govt.
    If you actually want a commission then you will need to do your own. There is no lack of people in this country willing and able to help with this.
    Conclusions can lead to prosecutions in a Peoples Court.

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