Dr Sharma – A Brave GP and MP With Integrity Is Stonewalled By The Government

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We empathise with our medical colleague Dr. Sharma, a brave man with integrity who is now suffering the wrath of the government and its leader. This week Dr. Gaurav Sharma, GP and Labour MP was expelled from the caucus after exhausting all avenues to have his claims of bullying investigated, instead he has been stonewalled at attempts to be heard or acknowledged and believes the Prime Minister is creating a coverup culture.

Dr. Sharma’s increasing frustration and concerns for the past 18 months and his request for an investigation into bullying claims have clearly placed him at the epicentre of the problem. In reality, what has now happened is that he has been turned into the problem and not the issues in which he was attempting to raise awareness and request dialogue for.

Sound familiar?! Remember, we are continually told there is no problem, only the person, individuals, or groups who raise issues and dare suggest there is a problem who become the problem. This is a typical situation of turning the tables upside down, in an attempt to reverse the situation and gain the upper hand. In other words, these perceived trouble makers who rock the boat, ask awkward questions, embarrass their leader, and heaven forbid dare speak out on things that should remain unspoken regardless if they have legitimate claims, are labelled troublemakers simply because they deviate from the ‘team’ narrative.

It’s a bit like all the New Zealanders wo have suffered injuries or died post vaccination, the government simply does not want to acknowledge or investigate them, it is just too inconvenient. Goodness, can we just stop bringing this up, it’s time to move on and look at the positives and remember the vaccine is “safe and effective” that is all we need to know, all we need to remember, and the only thing to discuss. Stick to the narrative people and hopefully all this negativity and talk of injuries and deaths will simply go away. Or so they hope.

Fortunately, there are individuals with integrity and mana who stand up and speak out, and Dr. Sharma has shown he is such a man who will expose the lies told by those in government. NZDSOS have been speaking out for last two years, covering the ‘other side’ to the covid situation offering a true and more balanced account of what is actually taking place in New Zealand and to which mainstream media seem incapable of reporting on – the real Truth.

Read here: Dr Sharma – A Brave GP and MP With Integrity Is Stonewalled By The Government

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