Letter to Australian Authorities Calling for Immediate Withdrawal of Gene-Based Vaccines to Children

Around the world concerned doctors and scientists are calling on governments for the withdrawal of the C-19 injections. Our Australian colleagues, the Covid Medical Network have presented a well-referenced letter calling for the immediate cessation of injecting children and requesting answers in relation to the safety of the Pfizer injection.

Here is one graph from this document, using New Zealand data, that all doctors and authorities should take note of.

This is a long read. Here are the main points, not just pertinent to Australia, but to New Zealand and the rest of the world.

  1. The data from Pfizer is too limited to assess safety and efficacy.
  2. Laboratory research indicating that spike protein from the Pfizer injection can enter the nucleus of the cell where it:
    • disrupts DNA repair
    • can be integrated into human DNA.
  3. A high level of adverse events is indicated in Pfizer’s own data that was released to the FDA.
  4. A high level of adverse events is noted in the Australian Adverse Events Notifications and by Australian clinicians. (This parallels what we are seeing in New Zealand).
  5. A high number of Australians are likely to have died following the injections; possibly as high as 6501.
  6. Across the UK, EU and US, more people died that was expected in line with the Covid-19 vaccine roll-outs.
  7. US military documents indicate a ten-fold increase in the number of diagnosed illnesses since the vaccinations were given to military personnel.
  8. German pathologists have seen spike protein and associated inflammation in organs in autopsies of deaths following C-19 vaccination.
  9. Reports of fraud in the Pfizer trials.
  10. The lack of adequate safety analysis for vaccinating children.
  11. Omicron variant is milder than the average seasonal flu.
  12. The vaccines do not prevent transmission of Sars-Cov-2
  13. The possibility that frequent vaccination may lead to “hypo-immunity” and worse illness.
  14. Inconsistencies seen in vaccine vials and blood samples that have not been explained (see our own research).
  15. The suppression of treatment for Covid-19 has deprived Australians of safe and effective treatments.
  16. The role of natural immunity and traditional vaccines has been under-recognised.
  17. Allegations that data collection and presentation has been manipulated for political reasons.

It is now undeniable that not only do the C-19 injections cause more harm than good for the individual and the population, but that significant irregular and possibly fraudulent practices by Pfizer and government authorities has occurred.

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