Law vs Legal

Watch: Law vs Legal – We Have Been Deceived

Why The Legal System Is Not Lawful

NZDSOS is acknowledging we were blind to what has been going on in our legal systems for centuries. Slowly we are learning the extent of the deception that has kept us subjugated. What reassurance to know that we are free living men and women under Natural Law vs Legal Statute.

The following summary is taken from Tess Lawrie’s interview with Dolores Cahill linked below.

Law vs Legal: How It Is

Natural law is the highest law, followed by Common Law, including Tikanga, Government and finally public servants and politicians.

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Law vs Legal: What They Have Done, Unlawfully

Governments around the world have tried to deceive living men and women by “switching” the order of law.

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Abiding by Natural Law vs Legal Statute – It is Simple

The laws of life are to:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Act in honour
Our inalienable rights and freedoms are:
  1. Right to life
  2. Innocent until proven guilty
  3. Right to bodily integrity
  4. Freedom of speech
  5. Freedom of assembly
  6. Freedom of Travel

What is Harm

Harm includes wilful blindness, deception, misrepresentation, fraud, malfeasance, misfeasance, misconduct in public office, criminal misconduct.

The man and woman (not the corporates they hide behind) is liable under the Law if they cause harm. This liability is held criminally, financially, professionally and personally.

Is there any wonder this has been deliberately kept from us?

Maxim of Law – Established Principles

  • Do not harm
  • No one is above the law
  • Frauds unravels all – there is no time limit on fraud
  • Innocent until proven guilty
  • Trial by jury of peers (this does not have to be in a court room)

We do not regret our legal action as this has uncovered the dishonesty of the legal system and that of the New Zealand government, which is in fact a financial corporation.

Watch this video for an easy to understand, toe-in-the-water explanation of Natural Law and why the legal system is not lawful.

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