Until Proven Otherwise

Until Proven Otherwise
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NZDSOS has released a short video ‘Until Proven Otherwise’ which documents headlines in NZ newspapers related to people dying or collapsing suddenly and unexpectedly.  Many are young fit athletes, and some have died after a short battle with aggressive cancer.

The purpose of the video is to bring to light important questions every member of the public should have about loved ones who are experiencing unexpected collapses, death, new autoimmune conditions, unusual cancer diagnoses or other odd medical events.

Could the covid injection be related?  How would we know?

NZDSOS has no knowledge of the medical histories of most people documented, but, if they have received any covid-19 injection, the possibility that this contributed to their death or medical event MUST be considered until proven otherwise.

The original clinical trials for the Pfizer injection have not yet finished and there are allegations of fraud occurring in the trials. There is effectively no useful control group as they were all offered vaccination. Our government expected 1.1% of vaccinees to have a serious or severe adverse reaction and previous alarm levels of harm have been well surpassed without action. Post-mortems are being discouraged or declined. No-one appears to be looking for mRNA, LNP (lipid nanoparticles) or spike-protein damage and the authorities will not respond to our letters of concern, or discuss how much harm is too much.

NZDSOS does not have any confidence that our regulatory agencies are functioning as we expect and is concerned that many vaccine-related deaths and medical events are not being investigated and are being brushed aside or covered up.

The public and health professionals have been advised that adverse effects are mild and short-lived and consist of things like pain at the injection site, fever, headache, aches and pains.  However, as part of world-wide post marketing surveillance, the Global Vaccine Data Network (based in New Zealand) is actually monitoring the whole population of NZ for adverse effects of special interest (AESIs).  This is a long list of serious life-threatening conditions that were not mentioned at all to the public as possibly related to the vaccine.

Pfizer and other manufacturers knew to look out for them as early as Oct 2020.

Until Proven Otherwise Pfizer

Sudden deaths due to cardiac arrest, blood clots, heart attack, stroke, aneurysm could all be induced by the Pfizer injection and this must be considered a possibility until proven otherwise.  Less-sudden deaths due to auto-immune conditions or rapidly progressive cancer or dementia are also plausibly due to the injection.  Families may accept these diagnoses at face value without asking “What caused it?”.  If a person has no pre-existing risk factors, the injection should be considered causal or at least contributory.

Our concern is that until the harm and death caused by the vaccines is acknowledged and investigated, it is very difficult to know how to treat those affected properly, and how to prevent further sudden, or drawn out, deaths from occurring.

We are doing our best to bring attention to this matter, but we need your help. Ask questions and demand answers – of your GPs, specialists, politicians, police, medical regulators, coroner and other representatives.  If you are not satisfied with the answers, trust your instincts and ask more questions.

Watch: Until Proven Otherwise

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