Engaging With the NZ Covid-19 Inquiry: Make Your Voice Count

covid-19 inquiry

Engaging with the NZ Covid-19 inquiry is important – for our healing and for our futures. As we continue to navigate the brave new world post covid, it is crucial for us as citizens to take a critical look at the past so that its lessons can be learnt, the most important of which we posit, is the power of the people. We can do this by providing feedback to the covid-19 inquiry, particularly regarding the expanded Terms of Reference (ToR).

The Covid-19 Inquiry

The New Zealand Royal Commission Covid-19 Lessons Learned is asking for feedback. The process can appear confusing. This is our understanding:

  1. Feedback about the expanded TOR. The coalition agreement of the new government included expanded terms of reference. Citizens are asked to provide feedback on the inclusion of these expanded terms.
  2. Stories about our covid experiences and what can be learnt from them. This part of the feedback seems to relate to the original TORs which relates to lockdowns, masks, distancing and economic impacts but not to covid injections.
Looking back, fear, anger and disbelief might resurface and we may want to look away. However, it is important that we face what we went through and make our voices heard.

When doing so, we need to keep the end goal in mind, that of medical freedom. Angry, hateful comments will undermine our message. Honest, respectful and concise messages are more likely to be considered by the commission.

New Zealanders have demonstrated the power of collective action. We’ve seen how our united efforts have influenced policy decisions, such as the halting of mandates and we are starting to see discussion about the harmful effects of the covid injections.

We have experienced the power of the people. Join us and make your voice count.

Providing Feedback on the Terms of Reference for the Covid-19 Inquiry

Feedback can be provided on the expanded terms listed. These terms can be interpreted broadly to include injection harms, the division of New Zealand, the breakdown and loss of trust in health care and the lawfulness or otherwise of the covid response. There is unfortunately a limit of 3500 characters. Here is the feedback that NZDSOS has provided.  This can be used as an example or the basis for your own feedback. For the biggest impact, please keep feedback respectful.

Our Feedback To the Covid-19 Inquiry Terms of Reference

Conduct a thorough investigation, ensuring transparency by broadcasting proceedings openly in an adversarial-style commission with essential witnesses compelled to testify under oath in public. It is imperative for the PM to direct the Gov Gen to amend the current RCI and include the People’s Terms. The ToRs should include analysis of:

-effectivity in the healthy, previously discredited
-societal cohesion
-physical & mental health
-MIQ efficacy & harms

-Medsafe & MAAC evidence to approve them, marketing vs lack of evidence
-Pfizer contract, fraudulent approval trial, harms obvious even before NZ rollout
-scientific literature, besides modelling studies, of the efficacy to prevent transmission & serious outcomes
-likelihood of herd immunity

-division of society
-exclusion of the unvaccinated from daily life
-impacts on the health work force of mandates & regulatory investigation
-economic & health costs, suicides, small & medium businesses

-scientific basis for pursing zero covid
-futility of lockdowns, distancing, masking, mandates
-abandoning the pre-existing MOH Influenza Pandemic Plan
-basis for not seeking independent advice from academic, ethics groups & GPs
-use of select experts with conflicts of interest
-ignoring & squashing early treatment
-criteria for diagnosis of a c19 case
-the use of non-medical vaccinators, mass vaccination events, incentives & payments to deliver vaccines
-ethics of rewarding with cash & treats
-moral basis for mandating injections esp. in young people
-not accepting naturally acquired immunity, nor previous jab injury, for vaccine exemption by DGOH
-refusal of exemptions from doctors which had in prior circumstances been considered valid
-delay and downplaying of the risk of myocarditis
-continuing the vaccines, despite the large signals of harm in CARM & Medsafe
-basis for limiting autopsies & failing to undertake spike protein staining in those who have died unexpectedly
-methods used by CARM & Medsafe to investigate causality in reports of adverse events following vaccination
-refusal to investigate deaths with a temporal association to the vaccines & diluting coronial oversight
-legality of medical advice being given by non-medical persons including politicians, influencers & journalists
-use of instilling fear in the population & encouraging the ostracism of unvaccinated family & friends
-refusal of HNZ to analyse all-cause mortality and health outcomes in the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated
-scientific basis for the ongoing promotion of the vaccines and others in the pipeline
-refusal to provide unvaccinated blood products

-prevention of c19 vs the cost of other health outcomes such as chronic disease, alcohol & drugs, mental health & domestic abuse

-large numbers of reported vaccine harms vs any benefit to those who were vaccinated
-criteria ACC use to assess vaccine harm
-behaviour of medical practitioners to vaccine injured & unvaccinated
-poor accessibility to investigation & treatment of vaccine harm
-reduced ability to access healthcare due to lockdowns and fear

-over-riding of the NZ BORA in squashing of discussion & in mandating the vaccines
-deferral by judiciary to govt experts
-accuracy of vaccination advertisements
-fully informed consent
-guidance statement by health regulators & prosecution of objecting HCW

-low vaccinated vs high vaccinated country outcomes
-outcomes where ivermectin was provided
-countries no longer vaccinating under 50 yo

Lets come together again, New Zealand – for our country, ourselves and our children.

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