NZ Covid Inquiry Deadline: A Simplified Guide to Submit Your Feedback

NZDSOS stresses the critical need for public engagement in the NZ covid-19 inquiry, so that we can promote healing and a path to a future where medical freedom is never in doubt. We urge the government to recognize the adverse effects of covid injections and mandates on citizens, doctors and healthcare practitioners and workers and commit to reclaiming control of our national health strategy. We advocate for a more comprehensive inquiry and encourage respectful, honest feedback.


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Submission deadline: March 24, 2024. It’s vital to voice your thoughts. Let’s ensure our experiences are acknowledged until real justice prevails for the silenced and injured.

Our own submission outlines concerns over lockdowns, vaccine efficacy and harms, societal impacts, and calls for a thorough investigation into the pandemic response, including public transparency and accountability. NZDSOS urges New Zealanders to support broader inquiry terms and share their covid experiences.

The deadline for providing feedback to the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) is next week. Whether you stand by the original Terms of Reference (ToR) or have insights on the expanded ToR, your input is crucial. Here’s a straightforward guide on effectively making your voice heard.

First, Understand What The Call For Feedback Is About

Before diving into submitting your feedback, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of the RCI and the ToR (again, that’s short for Royal Commission Inquiry and Terms of Reference). The RCI aims to review actions and decisions made between February 2020 and October 2022 concerning the government response to the covid pandemic.

The original Terms of Reference define this review’s scope, focus, and limits—which are too narrow and determinate to allow for a real investigation. The inquiry urgently seeks feedback on expanded terms of reference to address public concerns. Yet, crucial topics like vaccine safety remain unmentioned. However, vaccine safety can be noted under the expanded terms of “vaccine procurement”, “whether the decisions made were justified”, “whether the rules set by the government appropriately balanced covid-19 elimination with other goals (e.g. health)”, and “the extent of disruption to New Zealanders’ health.”

Your input on these matters is vital.

How to Submit Your Feedback on the Terms of Reference

covid-19 inquiry

Feedback is accepted electronically, allowing everyone to contribute their insights and experiences. However, it’s not as straightforward as we hoped. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Time Required: 10 minutes to 1 hour

1. Provide a Written Answer with your thoughts about the expanded Terms of Reference:

Do you have specific feedback on the inclusion of these topics?

  • use of multiple lockdowns;
  • vaccine procurement and efficacy;
  • the social and economic impacts on both regional and national levels;
  • whether the decisions made, and steps taken, were justified;
  • the cost-effectiveness of the Government’s policies, and whether the rules set by the Government appropriately balanced COVID-19 elimination with other goals;
  • the Government’s utilisation of partnerships with business and professional groups;
  • the extent of disruption to New Zealanders’ health, education and business as a result of the Government’s policies;
  • if the Government’s response was consistent with the rule of law;
  • how New Zealand’s pandemic preparedness compared to other countries

Prepare Your Feedback: Before visiting the Royal Commission website to give your feedback, open a separate Word document (or grab a pen and paper) and start writing. Start by outlining your key points. Consider your personal experiences, what you believe worked well, what didn’t, and how future responses could be improved. Limit your submission to3,500 characters (approximately 580 words). Remember that if a point you want to make is not specifically mentioned, such as vaccine harms, you can add this under “disruption to New Zealanders’ Health”.

Remember, on Page 1, scroll to the bottom and click/tap Continue to enter your written answer about the terms of reference.

2. Go to the Royal Commission Website: We highly recommend opting for a Desktop or laptop over your mobile device if feasible. On Page 1, head all the way to the bottom and click or tap on continue. Below, we’ve condensed the Supporting Information if you’re short on time.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19 Lessons Learned (Te Tira Ārai Urutā) in New Zealand, led by Professor Tony Blakely and John Whitehead CNZM KStJ, was established to examine and improve New Zealand’s preparedness for future pandemics by learning from the COVID-19 response. This Inquiry, independent yet operating within government-set terms of reference, is tasked with reviewing various aspects of New Zealand’s response to COVID-19, including public health measures, the provision of goods and services, economic responses, and government communication and decision-making. It emphasizes the importance of considering the interests of Māori and supporting the wellbeing of essential workers and communities most impacted by a pandemic. However, certain topics like vaccine efficacy, specific clinical decisions, and the operation of the private sector, among others, are outside its scope. Feedback provided to the Inquiry will be analyzed by the Department of Internal Affairs to inform potential changes to the Inquiry’s terms of reference, with the possibility of contributors being contacted for further information. Personal information will be kept confidential, but responses to the consultation may be released under the Official Information Act and Privacy Act, highlighting the transparent and participative approach of this Inquiry.

Use the Feedback Template: To streamline the process, consider using the following template for your submission:   

Dear Commissioners,


Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you are submitting feedback. Mention if your feedback focuses on the original ToR, the expanded ToR, or both.

[Suggestions about the Terms of Reference]

Offer constructive suggestions on how the ToR could be refined. Be specific about areas needing attention and why. Emphasize the need for a holistic approach to investigation.

– The Terms of Reference are not broad enough; in addition to the expanded ToR considered by the RCI, please consider:

[Add/extrapolate on these talking points if you feel they matter to you:]

– Lockdown Effects: Include a thorough analysis of the social, economic, and mental health impacts of lockdowns to understand the full scope of consequences.

– Vaccine Efficacy and Harms: Advocate for a comprehensive investigation into the effectiveness and therefore the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in the process.

– Decisions made: Suggest integrating feedback from a broad range of stakeholders, including healthcare professionals and the public, to ensure diverse perspectives were considered in decision making.

– Government’s policies: Call for an examination of the effectiveness and harms of Covid-19 policies including how decisions were made and how future preparedness can be improved.


Summarise your key points and reiterate the importance of considering your feedback in the ongoing inquiry.    


[Your Name]

For even more ideas on how to write your submission about the ToR scope, see our post here
An alternative template from the Free Speech Union can be viewed here.

3. Complete Demographic Questions 2-12 (optional)

We recommend answering as many demographic questions as possible to ensure your submission is considered verifiable and valid for the purposes of this inquiry.

After you submit your written feedback, you are invited to answer demographic questions about your background. Without this information, your feedback may be viewed as spam and excluded.

4. Submit Your Feedback: In the final step, the website asks for your email address if you have not already submitted it. If you do provide an email address, you will be sent a receipt and a link to a PDF copy of your response. You may continue to submit a response with or without adding your email address.

Click or tap Submit Response to file your electronic response with the Royal Commission. Then, if you like, you can leave your submission in this post’s comments.

Sharing Your Story

Time Required: 10 minutes to 1 hour

While not mandatory, sharing personal stories within the scope of the original ToR can significantly impact the commission’s understanding and perspectives. If comfortable, include a brief account of how the events under review affected you or your community. Authentic stories can illustrate the real-world implications of decisions and policies.

Downloadable Instructions

For ease of access and to encourage widespread participation, consider creating downloadable instructions based on this guide. This can help those less familiar with digital platforms or who prefer to prepare their feedback offline before submitting it.

The People’s Terms

Additionally, NZDSOS supports The People’s Terms, an urgent, passionate call to redefine how the inquiry operates and what it will review.

Did your health suffer after the covid shot? Join tens of thousands of Kiwis demanding an independent, full-scale, wide-ranging, public inquiry into NZ Covid's response. Add your name to The People's Terms today!

This comprehensive set of terms demands a thorough investigation into critical issues:

  • Removal and replacement of Commissioners Blakely and Whitehead; and
  • Disbanding and replacement of all other staff currently engaged for the Commission of Inquiry; or
  • Alternatively, the termination of the current Inquiry.

In addition, it will be sought that:

  • Three new suitable Commissioners be appointed;
  • Key decision makers be compelled to appear and answer questions under oath;
  • All evidence be given in public with proceedings being live-streamed; and
  • All evidence be made publicly available.

1. The Preliminary Response

  • Emergency powers
  • Masking, social distancing, gathering restrictions
  • Modelling
  • Essential vs non-essential businesses
  • Government & media messaging

2. The Government Response

  • Alert levels & border closures
  • Coordination with global agencies (passport systems, etc.)
  • Planning & cost-benefit analyses
  • Overseas experience and statistical results
  • Conflicts of interest

3. The Vaccine Response

  • Contracts, approval processes
  • Surveillance & assessment of safety and efficacy
  • Mandates, incentive schemes, exemptions
  • Monitoring systems & ACC Advertising

4. The Social & Economic Impacts

  • Bill of Rights implications
  • Excess deaths
  • Budgetary effects & Inflation
  • Judicial approaches
  • Systems impacts: health, education, emergency services, and defence
  • Economic and commercial impacts

For more detailed information, you can visit The People’s Terms website directly.

Free Speech Union – Terms of Reference Template

The Free Speech Union has also created a template to send in your feedback for the Inquiry. They have highlighted feedback for the Inquiry and you can select one
 or more of them, and the submission builder will generate
 the text for you.

You can also add a personal touch to ensure your submission is valid, 
if you think there is anything else the Royal Commission should investigate, you can add that too. For further information you can visit the Free Speech Union Inquiry site.

Final Thoughts

Even if this public process doesn’t result in the immediate outcomes we want, our voices matter. By providing thoughtful, concise, and constructive feedback, you could play a crucial role in shaping the inquiry’s direction and outcomes. Let your voice be heard and be a part of this vital conversation.


Have Your Say in the NZ Covid Inquiry.

Submission deadline: March 24, 2024. Submitting feedback on the Terms of Reference goes beyond a bureaucratic process; it presents an opportunity to drive significant change and voice our concerns.

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  1. Fabulous intiative this reminder from the magnificent NZDSOS! We’ve all complained. And complained… Now its time to step up and pen to paper to help make this a serious audit! If we are not noisy enough then the right side of history will never get to exist. Lets do this 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your support Bruce, we encourage all New Zealanders who have an opinion on the covid response to have their voice heard now while the opportunity is open.

  2. Thanks for the regular updates and information which has helped me to make a submission.

  3. No matter what the outcome of covid vaccine injuries or deaths, the Govt will never be held accountable as murderers, nor the cause of shortened diseased lives of its citizens who’ve been attacked by a bioweapon. Who will hold the Govt & medical establishment in collusion responsible for the depopulation?…The Military? WHERE are they? No one trusts the Military will protect them against Govt mandated bioweapon attacks.

    We’re never going to see / hear the news Media giving daily vaxx injury & death reports… like they did the faked fearmongered daily PCR tests & covid death counts. Where are the daily covid bioweapon death counts?

    Seems like a colluded govt / medical / military coverup of Crimes Against Humanity. Whose bringing the Nuremberg 2.0 trials if Military don’t/ won’t?

  4. I am shocked/disappointed you have aligned with Winston Peters, shocking! the king rat, lets make no mistake blood is on his hands

  5. I agree with Tuily and Izaac, this enquiry will be a white wash of the real truth. The real killers will go free, and Winston will fling the gates open for them. I have never trusted him after the Owen Glenn saga where Peters shafted his once friend Owen over party donations. Peters is a lawyer, or in correct terms ‘lier’.

  6. The way in which I was treated and targeted by the Covid 19 Agenda (Healthcare NZ) was Not only totally unethical. But absolutely disgusting !!!!!!… Making appointments for Me to be jabbed With Pfizer Vacine. With a reference number. Is darn right ETHICALLY WRONG AND IMMORAL. I Just Ignored them!!!. I was beyond being Upset!!!!! Even though I felt hunted and Very well Harrashed!!!!!!!!!..Especially from a Profession that Should Know Very Much Better. (A huge Question Mark With ❓️ This.)
    But It does Show Very Much There Agenda!!!!!!!!….. And Also having My Rights & Sovereignty taken, by being limited to enter Alot of Shops???. Toilets ???. And some discrimination from people’s attitudes?????…. GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. How can this be even Allowed to Happen????????….

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