Why Don’t the Anti-Vaxxers Just Move On Now It’s 2023?

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The anti-vaxxers know what’s at stake:

They know this was never about health.

They know there is a bigger agenda playing out.

They know their history, their psychology and can read journal articles. 

They know that all the tools which enabled this are still in place and are being strengthened as others move on.

They know Dr Bloomfield has been representing NZ at WHO meetings to contribute to this strengthening.

They know people are still dying and being harmed by what has been done.

They know that until the harm is acknowledged, treatments can’t be considered, nor justice sought, and the world can’t “move on”.

They know that there will be ongoing ramifications for years, if not for decades or generations to come.

They know that worldwide all-cause mortality is rising, birth rates are falling and something is killing us off. 

They know that the people who have colluded to cause this damage and death are still in positions of authority and knew what they were doing.

They know there is more to come, and it is only a matter of time before the next ‘pandemic’ is declared.

  • The anti-vaxxers can see the surveillance cameras being installed.
  • They can see the 5G towers being erected.
  • They can see the AI taking our jobs.
  • They can see the moves to impose digital currency and digital IDs.
  • They can see the censors doubling down.
  • They can see the ‘managed retreat’ shepherding us all into SMART 15-minute cities.
  • They can see the geoengineering in the skies.
  • They can see the food supply being restricted.
  • They can see race relations being set back a hundred years.
  • They can see down microscopes.
  • They can see biological absolutes like gender and natural immunity being disappeared.

The anti-vaxxers have come to realise (Real Eyes, Real Lies)

  • Medicine is controlled by pharma

  • The judiciary works for the government
  • Media is state propaganda
  • Education is brainwashing
  • The financial system is designed to keep us poor
  • The police aren’t protecting the people

They know we are at war.

They understand that only when all of us collectively say NO, can they start to move on.

Until you connect the dots and join them, they are fighting for YOU.

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  1. Sorry saved at a 1 however was trying to save as a 5. Loved the simplicity of this write. You hit it in a nutshell.

  2. Good description of overall situation.
    Major change is required.
    A different paradigm is going to happen.
    Think all knowledge in the universe belongs to everyone. Hence no Kingship(no hierarchy).
    eg The Keshe Foundation is working on Energy, shelter, food, travel being provided by the individual through the knowledge of how the universe works.
    Hence no control by big pharma etc. eg I learned like thousands Jan 2021 how to make solutions to neutralise the covid thing by making a solution based on plasmatic science. My plea would be not to waste too much time on highlighting the mess we’re in and build the new.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Absolutely spot on with all of that. ALL of the people in positions of responsibility that have pushed this heinous jab on to the population need to be held accountable in every respect. They have ruined the lives of thousands, not just in health but in many aspects of life, lost jobs, businesses and much more. They must be bought to justice so that this can never happen again.

  4. Wonderful, punchy piece of writing displaying all the facts. Articles like this make it easy to share and raise awareness amongst those sitting on the fence. Giving them a wee nudge to think a bit deeper and go do some research of their own, or ask more questions. Thank you 🙂

  5. we sure do know and i for one will never accede to any of their agenda demands – i value who i am and no other person or privately owned corporation etc, has the right to my life and soul without my consent

  6. Extremely good article , very impressive , it says it how it is , as it needs to be said , VFF are great in their work but they stop short of calling out the true dangers.
    These shots are a bio weapon , and the US DOD has classified it as a Bio Weapon system , they have also classified the vaccinated as Homo Borg Genisis , a new species , as their DNA is no longer human it is modified , and can continue to be modified.
    Patents available , all documented dated and patented like the Covid 19 vaccines were in 2015 before it existed , like the Covid 19 PCR test kits shipped globally in 2017 to 2018 , I have those documents.
    The Pfizer document governments tried to hide for 75 years from public , that says it all , 1290 severe adverse effects , of interest there are more , most of these are fatal , all humans that have received these shots will die early , most within 3 to 5 years , 10 maximum.
    The government adverse effects on their site list just 6 minor effects , none of the Auto immune diseases or any other fatal effects the shots are specifically designed for.
    5G , it blows my mind people can not hear it , they are using low frequency modulation, and it’s audible to % 4 of people , it is effortless to measure and prove , why is this not done and made public
    Low frequency modulation destroys cells and DNA , see ex Vodapone CEO UK for details.
    It’s a weapon system.

    Food I have tested , tampons ,make up removal pads , sanitary pads , toilet paper , dental floss , paper and cloth masks , Q tips , PCR and RAT test swabs , food , breakfast serials.
    All without exception have graphene oxide fibers present , no other fiber , all are sealed in plastic from the factory , it is put in the products in the manufacture process , all these big corporate businesses are complicit in crimes against humanity.
    Testing done at 600X magnification and with magnets , GO can be pulled out of food via magnet.
    GO is a vital building block and electro conductor for the vaccine which is % 98 Graphene oxide in itself , connectivity to 5G signal and building blocks for the nano tech seen self forming in all the lab results of vaccines and the vaccinated blood.
    I have also tested a rash on my skin , no surprise , Graphene oxide fibers coming out of my skin causing a rash , we are all pre loaded with GO for decades prior to these fake vaccines , it’s part of the system.

    The scale of these crimes is incomprehensible to most people who think government are legitimate , lawful and accountable , they are not even remotely any of these things , they are a global mafia of highly organized criminal family lines going back right through history.

    Police are one of two things , completely incompetent and and ignorant , incapable of even the most basic primary school level investigative skills , or complicit criminals.
    These crimes are so massive , so clear , so overwhelming irrefutable and effortlessly provable , that I lean toward the later , police are extreme criminals and need to be bought to justice along side all politicians , corporate business owners , judges , doctors and main stream media propagandist miss-information spreading criminals they are , with which none of these crimes would be possible , MSM and police need to be first to be prosecuted and bought to justice in a court run by citizens not criminal government with legalese word salad law made specifically to protect them , law of the land not corporate fraud law they use
    It needs to be recognized government and their court system are extremely corrupt , genocidal psychopaths, and must not be used under any circumstances.
    Justice needs to come , and fast , the death sentence needs to be reinstated for these politicians etc..

  7. Accidentally clicked 3 star rating it was supposed to be 5 stars thank you , the article covers the entire agenda , when will the masses wake up , the evidence is extremely clear and well documented , completely irrefutable and obvious , the only reasons there is no justice already is because government control the media propaganda , censorship of all truth , they control the courts and police , all by fear , the base line problem is people actually think government is accountable and lawful and legitimate , and they are not even remotely any of these things , in fact the worse the crimes the more severe like pre meditated genocide , the less accountability there is.
    These criminal politicians etc have pulled the trigger on the worst crimes against humanity ever committed , now they can not stop and will pull out ever scam and lie in the book to cover their crimes and to punish those exposing their crimes.
    Of course the most obvious next move is to call all vaccine deaths a new strain of the fake covid never isolated or proven to exist , they have no choice now , accelerated agenda is completely necessary , food shortages , increased censorship , new strains more control and of course give power to the WHO and UN and bring in martial law, government cyber attacks , crash the global economy and bring in digital ID and complete control

  8. As an anti vaxxer of C19, I’m still vilified by my family but have to stick to my principles and science. Ardern did a great job dividing families. I have Zero trust in our government. Thank you for standing up for the oppression we are under.
    Cheers Greg Sharpe.

  9. Hi
    Thanks for the updates. Was smack on target. I just wanna say that I knew about this agenda back in 2019-20. I was heading out on the fishing boat just before the lockdown. Telling the guys on the boat that it’s part of the NWO agenda. We were out fishing at Macquarie Island for 6months during the lockdown. I told them whats coming they didn’t believe me & made me a tinfoil hat that sat up in the bridge..haha I wore it with pride.
    This agenda won’t stop but can be slowed down. We are in too deep now & the pheeple aren’t gonna wake up, well the majority of them won’t. But infowars is great for showing the people the tyranny & genocide the elite & governments are doing to the people. The things happening around the world with influx of refugees in many countries are raping women & beating up people, also the elite pushing the LGTBQ+++ agenda on 4yr old kids & having dance performances for children is discusting ya can’t even get into a strip preformance until ya 18, yet these trannies are preforming for kids & the books in schools wow not good. The Irish are starting to stand up for their kids & the women in their home towns as they had enough as the police which have bowled to the elites agenda aren’t there for the people any more. I can see things getting worse around the world, this isn’t going to end. The push of antifa will cause riots in the streets. The digital currency will be a big part of the NWO agenda & the 15minute ghettos. Surveillance will be everywhere & won’t need barware as the credit system will bring in the passports of vaccinations so that will change everything…..well the digital currency is being pushed in many places…I pray that the people wake up to the tyranny & genocide that the government,WHO,WEF are putting on the people.
    Anyway many are awake but the deep state goes soooo deep they tell the sheeple that everything is ok & they believe it. Well thank you fir you information, I don’t normally reply but I thought that I should.
    God Bless

  10. Don’t you mean SIR Ashley Bloomfield? How much more evidence is needed of a convoluted world?

  11. thats symbiosis with my brain, iv been following the Plandemic since (before) its day dot. …, since 911


  12. Thanks, keep the info coming please. Some know the truth. each day more get the real picture – never to remain dumb about what is real. never to go back to believing the BS. keep it up thanks.

  13. The latest amendments to the draft WHO International Health Regulations is simply scary! As I can’t paste a link, Look on YouTube Dr John Campbell “International Health Regulations”
    Keep up the voice of reason!

  14. Can this comment thread be viewed or is it not public or even viewable if you are signed up , no way to view others comments once you post ?

    Also on another note , it there something that can be done via petition or court order to force government to publicly screen info they are hiding , doctors speaking out etc..

    I know petitions are a waste of time as they are government controlled , I have witnessed the petition on the UN migration pact have signatures removed by government every hour to keep it under the threshold to be activated in parliament.

    Knowing this I still started a petition pre vaccine roll out , to have Jacinda Ardern take the vaccine under controlled observation by a team of 5 people , to inspect the syringe is not a fake one , to observe the needle going in , and for the team to select a random vaccine from any stock in the country , and to have samples taken and tested at 7 independent labs of our choosing , to both confirm it is infact the vaccine , and to examine its contents under various powerful microscopes , black field etc different types.

    Of course I knew she would not and government would avoid this at all costs as Ardern knows it is a deadly bio weapon system , nano technology.

    Of course I was right , government did not respond for 10 months , and stated Ardern had already taken her vaccines , of course we all know this was deliberate avoidance as she does not want to kill herself , or maim herself , and waited until she had faked the procedure on TV with a placebo or who knows maybe she requested methamphetamine instead or adrenochrome.
    Anyway , you see if it can be made possible for Mainstream media to be forced to air facts and public listen to the likes of Dr Mike Yeadon or many other extremely well qualified people and have the Pfizer document they are hiding for 75 years from public , shown on TV , then their whole world collapses , I know this is extremely unlikely and practically impossible to achieve , because government will use every available resource to make absolutely sure this must not happen or they may hang for crimes against humanity.
    But I still feel it is worth serious discussion and planning how to achieve it , because it’s brutally potent , none of these crimes are possible without the criminal main stream media lies propaganda miss information and censorship and slander.

    Even in the highly likely failure , it is still a feather in the cap , because it’s another thing to show people of how we tried to warn them , how we tried to expose governments extreme crimes , and I call it what it irrefutably is , genocide , deliberate and extremely well planned and documented highly organized crime.
    In my view not enough is being done to pressure media and government , yes I know exactly what we are dealing with , they do not care , their arrogance and control is as extreme as their crimes , they will stop at nothing.

  15. All so correct – but few seem to look deep enough to see the larger picture. Why might Henry Kissinger in 2009 invite investors to fund vaccine manufacture – He spelled it all out. To date, the outcomes are only half done – while all the time Bill Gates is the star attraction.
    HK said (NYT report as far as I can confirm) ‘Once the herd accept mandadtory vaccination its game over. They will accept anything -Forceable blood donations – and organ donations- ‘for the common good!” We can genetically modify children and sterilise them (Israel paper) ‘For the common good” Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine-makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a big win-win. We can thin out the herd and the herd pays us for Extermination Vaccines… (2009)
    Given in 1912-13 the Carnegie inspired private (unaccountable) company ensured that all USA medical schools were no longer using natural products, but pharma – primarily derived from petrochemicals.
    Then you can take this back to real control and 1533 where the birth certificate became a promissory note – where the parent signing gives (unwittingly – but if you understand the text) gives power of attorney to the hospitial/health center/church to take both the promissory note and the value of the baby (you are worth your weight in gold). This birth certificate is then held in a three-layered trust system – guess who holds it ? Look it up – the largest private bank – owned by the smallest country in the world.
    This then gives the benefits that should have gone to the parents and child to the local government who use it to access the funds (birth-weight in gold) There is an identifying system (code number – heel-prick of blood (since 1933 in NZ) and foot print. You as a ‘child’ do get the crumbs.
    This is far bigger than covid – even the elite.
    So dont pull back and live in a state of aroha – the dark side will eventually dominate – for a while – but briefly.
    Ask yourself what in the first lock down were 14 helicopters doing late at night low-flying on Auckland’s North Shore?
    These doors are closing and most of the heirachy will think they will win… of dear, blind and myopic.

  16. I have been called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for decades, the problem is I keep getting proven correct.

  17. I am part of the “unvaxxed” lower class of person in NZ. I am vaccinated with my normal childhood vaccines and have never needed a booster. We know that we have been fighting a losing battle but fight on. I have a family member outside NZ, vaxxed (twice)boosted (twice) and he has “caught” Covid FOUR(4) times in the hospital. He called me and said, if they try to talk you into getting the vaxx say no don’t get it. He now has a tube permanently 1 in each kidney and they will remain for the balance of what may predictably be a short life.He is 66 not likely to see 67. So someone should be held accountable for the damage in the name of the “New
    World Order”.

  18. Wow what a great rundown of what the Freedom movement is all about – thank you – can we share this ? Best I have seen for ages –

  19. So well said, sadly I have my suspicions about Elections and whether they are elections or selections.

  20. To me the WHO acronym really stands as being the World Homicide Organisation. The worrying thing is it was formed from day one as an intelligence gathering organisation, part of the military complex. It has really been put to use in the last decade, unfortunately more to come.

  21. Thank you and God Bless you all for all you are doing.
    Many of us are aware exactly what is going on especially those of us ex medical people in older age group

  22. Yes the sad thing is us antivaxers knew what the agenda was to kull as off then they the cabal could control us easyer.
    it didn,t what we told the unbeleavers they didn’t want to know and the sad part is there is so many people who’s lives have changed forever with bad health issues.
    we all need to stand up to our government and say no more lies and charge the ones who helped make this happen
    Peace and Love

  23. Agree all brave people
    Yes we do indeed know ‘they know’. Most MPs arnt vaccinated if not all of them!! Yes we are indeed at war. And we know their next steps ( see Celeste Solon video Synthetic Biology ) and they do indeed want the population reduced from 7billion to 500,000. ( Georgia Guide stones) This video explains in graphic detail how they indeed doing that!

    SO what now? Well A Council Of War is a suggested next step. They are well planned. SO must we!

  24. The govt needs to lead by example rather than just bullying people into compliance. However if its depopulation theyre after, theyre winning.

  25. I wanted to give a 5 star rating but couldn’t get past 1 for some reason.
    Thank you sooo much for being here.You stop me from feeling crazy and alone.

  26. I agree 100%, I can’t move on while present criminals are controlling and manipulating us and while there are so many people asleep!

  27. Bless u all.
    With a Grateful Heart for all your efforts & insight.
    Where energy flows, Power Grows
    In Spirit

  28. Our tiny wee voice has been saying these thoughts for 3 years.
    We have left the room and are now looking at the ‘still constant shills’ on MSM parroting ‘Covid and Flu shots’ – ‘Do it for you Whanau…’

    I hope you get it now?

  29. Thank you NZ Doctors Speaking Out!
    Unfortunately, although you are keeping us aware encouraged, it’s really not going to get easier is it?
    This plan has been coming for a long time now..to gain control over the people..which they have almost done! The majority are fear bound & will not hear anything against the old Labour’s Leader let alone the new. It is so frustrating.
    Jesus Christ knew this type of persons..the ones who were still bound by the law!

    Actually..THIS PLAN is satanic..it’s about him rising up to rule the world..to set himself up as God..(this is why there has been so much trouble for the Jews all these years because he knows they are a part of God’s end time plans, so if he was able to rid the land of them, then he could change prophecy and therefore save his eventual prophecied doom! AI is his creation..being as God..& the one world leader who will be ushered in on center stage wilth ‘all lying signs &,wonders’ will be his son..known as the beast in Revelation! He satan, which is the dragon in Revelation (of old), gives power to the beast.

    So..also, the universal church (who is waiting now in the wings, under the popes fraternity which acknowledges God but not Jesus Christ who is God-why His name has been taken from schools & Govt prayers. And He said that if He was lifted on high HE WOULD draw all men unto Himself. But satan has done everything in his power to discredit His name & the power & victory of the work He accomplished at the cross!)..ushers in the beast also known as the anti-christ. They are the False prophet of Revelation.
    So here satan is..finally, as God. Here he is with his unholy trinity.
    So..this iscultimately all about him being victorious and have ‘all the world’ follow him..(i believe that’s what these injections are doing…dimming them for this big delusion coming on the world’)..& be mesmerized by him. And all these global elites are pawns in his hand.
    So..we are nearing these times..with half the church asleep or caught up in his schemes! HOWEVER & thankfully God is on the throne still & He will have His way & have a people, who will choose Him & worship Him.

    Do not be as those of Rev 13 who will take the mark of the beast..which I believe all these injections are preparing people for.
    Things are happening faster & faster. As the Bible says: ‘that which is good will be called evil, & that which is bad will be called good’..is now & all Matthew 24 talks about. Things can only be held back because God is allowing while He waits for more to come into His Kingdom through Jesus. John 14:6.

    To control the people will make them easier for any man, be he devil or God to lead them..unfortunately it’s not true of God..no one’s cries out for Him. The one taking over will beguile & speak peace & safety why? The world will be in turmoil because there is to come a sudden disappearing of many people all young & old ..the true church of believers of Christ..as per 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18. They are going to be caught away to meet Him..they will not go through the Tribulation of Revelation that will come when the church is gone & anti-christ rises & will sign a 7 year peace treaty with Jews which is broken half way through when their eyes are open to who he is..not Messiah as they are first believe. .then comes the wrath of God poured out for remains period of 3 & half years.

    There’s so much to it..listen to DTBM; Jan Markel of Olive tree ministries with Jack Hibbs & many others. And Billy Crone who knows all about AI & the so called Aliens.
    In fact that’s an important part to the story,
    ..Anti-christ will blame Aliens for taking the believers away to stop them further harming them..these a big b.ame game going on in USA now attacking Christians for: asking for Jesus to come & destroy this world! This is not true..God has it already written that He is coming back. When Jesus rose from the tomb, His veil was folded signifying his return..like the kings of old at a meal..if he got up to go places he’d fold his napkin letting wait staff know he was returning, but if he’d finished, he would just throw it down. By the way..movies have been made showing alien craft suckinb people up..preparing the minds like they have done & are still.
    We’ve been lied to from young..not taught about a Creator who left us a keepsake of instructions..& one who wants relationship with His highest creation..man. But..that’s another long story!
    If you got this far..you should realize that it’s not too far fetched to believe..people didn’t know way back we could ever travel by flying craft, but here we are. Also the Bible has Enoch & Elijah who were actually taken without seeing death.

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