Are You Ready For Another Tailspin Towards Vaccine Passport Control?

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The world’s 20 largest economies, known as G20, held their annual summit in Bali this week. Vaccine passports, connected to the planned World Health Organisation framework, are a feature of the agenda.

These people aren’t just the WEF crazies who tell us we are hackable animals, that implants using fifth and sixth generation wireless technology will replace our souls etc. They are politicians who make and change our laws, increasingly without our buy-in or even knowledge.

Paragraph 23 of the meeting’s summary declaration spells out their proposal for our future, with us soaking up the Brave New World mRNA technology, interlinked to all other digitised control mechanisms, for anything and everything at their behest. Or we don’t eat, travel, thrive – maybe even survive. 

G20 Declaration vaccine passport

Although New Zealand sits outside the G20, there is evidence that our government are on board with the plan to impose vaccine passports again. This should come as no surprise given that PM Ardern, in announcing the removal of vaccine passports from the Covid-19 “protection framework”, ensured we understood that it would be maintained and updated for future use. All of this, in fact all of everything, is laid out by our colleague lawyer Kirsten Murfitt in a definitive and forensic dissection of the abuses and failures by our public servants, and their control by private self-serving institutions. 

In Jodie Bruning’s latest article for The Brownstone Institute, New Zealand’s International Travel Vaccination Certificate: A Ponzi Scheme?, she shares what she has learned via research into the government’s actions and records including freedom of information requests. We share her misgivings.

She begins by laying out the lie used to justify the many egregious impostions and mandates forced on us, offering perhaps a gentler perspective than this government deserves:

I’m aware there is a certain kind of moral and legal jeopardy – imbued perhaps with a touch of tyranny, if the New Zealand government were to lock in a requirement for an International Travel Vaccination Certificate (ITVC). You see, the state has known for quite some time that the vaccine couldn’t prevent transmission of infection.” (Our emphasis).

What purpose does a digital travel vaccination certificate serve when the vaccines do not stop transmission or disease severity? Why does the focus remain on vaccine passports instead of reducing hospitalisation and death using early treatment? When our own government are unable to offer transparent information on what plans are being put in place to remove not only our medical freedoms, but our rights to travel, then who is directing these plans? Enough with the the rhetorical questions already, the answers are in plain sight, as deeply frightening though this may be.

How Can We Stop the Tailspin Towards Vaccine Passport Control?

  1. Refuse to comply. Whether you are vaccinated or not, there is no need for government to control your movements and freedoms based on whether you have documented proof of having obeyed their commands.
  2. Put pressure on your local MP. Write emails. Turn up at their offices. Call them. Let them know what the end-game of vaccine passport control could mean for us all if we allow this tyranny to take hold.
  3. Demand that the NZ government exit from all ties with the World Economic Forum.
  4. Demand that the NZ government exit from all contracts involving the World Health Organisation’s planned pandemic preparedness treaty and health regulations.
  5. Support and amplify calls for accountabily into all the dead and injured, so far, from the covid-19 shots. The same dangerous vaccine platform is to be used on us ad infinitum. Our views must be heard.
  6. Hurry up and join the dots! Water, food, fuel, money, health, the law – all of it is under attack at once. Dare your friends and family to take the risk that everything is just fine.

Thankfully, we have started to see some brave politicians demanding enquiries and accountability. We join them and call attention to a wealthy self-appointed elite’s attempts to seize control with a series of fake doomsday scenarios.

Are we still in the jungle, and struggling for survival against the most cunning, callous and narcissistic? On a basic survival-programming level, as humans we never really left our​​​ primitive origins, and psychopaths lack any higher perspective. Have the ‘beyond wealthy’  accumulated so much, with so many of us to keep it from, that they see no choice but to wage war against us to hold onto what they have? Their over-confidence and derogatory dismissal of the human spirit – which they clearly lack themselves – requires us to elevate each other, push back and step into self-determination.  

We hope to see many more such headlines as this one:

Vaccine passports exit WEF
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